Monday December 9, 2019 - 7:59 pm
Tomorrow is the day for fatbike greatness in Piedmont
Activity: Hike
Location: Piedmont & Brewer
Trailforks has detected that this ride contains secret or sensitive trails, so the map is hidden.


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12 miles
Moving Time
1,093 ft


Total Time: 01:56:21
Singletrack: 100%
Avg Speed: 3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 6 mph
Elev Max: 1,307 ft
Climb: 1,093 ft
Climb Dist: 5 miles
Descent: 1,085 ft
Descent Dist: 4 miles
Flat Dist: 3 miles

Badges Awarded

Trails (25)

Red Dress781 ft7 mph
Dr. Rockso 8 miles6 mph
Red Dress1,234 ft6 mph02:29
Lower Burner of Stovetop384 ft3 mph
Dr. Diablo1,549 ft5 mph
DM1,122 ft5 mph
Medropolis1,765 ft4 mph04:30
NIMBY 2 miles6 mph
Lower Burner of Stovetop (Duluth Traverse)1 miles7 mph
Medropolis 1,083 ft8 mph01:35
Medropolis1,089 ft6 mph02:07
Foxx Rocks b-line528 ft6 mph
Stovetop - Upper Burner4,751 ft6 mph
Red Dress 1,158 ft7 mph02:02
Deerslayer3,317 ft7 mph
Scarface2,749 ft7 mph04:23
Dr. Rockso 223 ft12 mph00:23
Foxx Rocks
Overlook Trail
Rock Skipper
Alt line
Average ride difficulty: Double Black Diamond

Local Weather During Ride

  • Partly Cloudy
  • Temperature
  • Precip Intensity
    0 mm/h
  • Wind
    4.65 km/h
  • Cloud Cover
  • Humidity


Snow GroomedRed Dress is hard packed and corduroy view
Snow Packedview
WetGroomed to the DT crossingview
Snow Groomedview
Snow Groomedview
Snow Groomedview
Snow Groomedview
Snow Groomedview
Snow Groomedview
Snow Groomedview
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