Tuesday September 1, 2020 - 9:39 am
Chatel - Morzine
Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Avoriaz MTB
Trailforks has detected that this ride contains secret or sensitive trails, so the map is hidden.
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30 miles
Moving Time
2,940 ft


Total Time: 06:39:39
Total Distance: 41 miles
Singletrack: 50%
Avg Speed: 3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 8 mph
Elev Max: 1 mile
Climb: 14,223 ft
Climb Adj: 2,940 ft
Climb Dist: 12 miles
Descent: 16,232 ft
Descent Dist: 25 miles
Flat Dist: 3 miles

Trails (33)

Chésery2 miles14 mph10:49
Lindaret Red (Lower) 1,030 ft4 mph02:53
Séraussaig chairlift w3,527 ft7 mph05:51
Stand High Patrol1,946 ft11 mph
Alpage2 miles13 mph
SuperMorzine chairlift4,016 ft7 mph06:56
Cap Canaveral4,419 ft10 mph05:05
SuperMorzine chairlift4,091 ft7 mph06:40
Tutti Frutti4,134 ft9 mph
SuperMorzine chairlift4,104 ft7 mph07:06
DA Trail2,073 ft7 mph
SuperMorzine chairlift4,042 ft7 mph06:58
Cap Canaveral4,478 ft9 mph05:28
Cap Canaveral4,849 ft8 mph06:53
SuperMorzine chairlift3,990 ft6 mph07:06
Soylent Green1 mile14 mph04:24
Séraussaig chairlift w3,366 ft5 mph07:49
Stand High Patrol3,924 ft4 mph11:54
Séraussaig chairlift w3,586 ft7 mph06:10
Stand High Patrol2,674 ft6 mph05:10
Séraussaig chairlift w3,596 ft7 mph06:04
Retour Lindarets1 mile9 mph08:57
Avoriaz Access1,539 ft4 mph04:21
Vinkline - Upper4,551 ft10 mph05:02
Serpentine2 miles9 mph11:54
People2,451 ft7 mph
Vinkline - Lower4,442 ft16 mph03:07
Vink Line (Middle)1,791 ft17 mph01:16
Fluid3,169 ft10 mph03:47
Average ride difficulty: Blue


Lifts taken: 15
Lift Time: 01:52:26
Lift Dist: 11 miles
Lift Climb: 2 miles
Express des Lindarets899 ft3,120 ft08:50
Télésiège de Serraussaix331 ft3,346 ft05:44
Télésiège de Zore814 ft3,816 ft08:04
Télésiège de Zore856 ft3,898 ft07:42
Télésiège de Zore807 ft3,763 ft08:00
Télésiège de Zore837 ft3,907 ft08:04
Télésiège de Zore784 ft3,789 ft08:38
Télésiège de Zore794 ft3,688 ft07:59
Télésiège de Serraussaix341 ft3,209 ft07:58
Télésiège de Serraussaix331 ft3,307 ft05:56
Télésiège de Serraussaix377 ft3,301 ft05:50
Express des Lindarets919 ft3,310 ft07:23
Express de la Chaux Fleurie1,181 ft3,182 ft06:25
Pierre Longue994 ft5,066 ft08:46
Pierre Longue1,017 ft4,911 ft07:07

Local Weather During Ride

  • Clear
  • Temperature
  • Precip Intensity
    0.01 mm/h
  • Wind
    0.7 km/h
  • Cloud Cover
  • Humidity
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  • Timezone: Europe/Helsinki