Saturday October 9, 2021 - 1:58 pm
Monte San Vito eMTB
Activity: E-Bike
Location: Monte San Vito Trail Area
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14.6 miles
Moving Time
3,767 ft
Total Time: 02:44:31
Singletrack: 49%
Avg Speed: 3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 8 mph
Elev Max: 2,188 ft
Climb: 3,767 ft
Climb Dist: 5 miles
Descent: 3,779 ft
Descent Dist: 5 miles
Flat Dist: 4 miles

Trails Ridden Details

  • 9
    5 miles
  • 4
    2 miles
  • 2
    1 mile
  • 1
    5,030 ft
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Average ride difficulty: Green
Risalita al Monte San Vito2,608 ft3 mph09:32
San Vito New North Face Trail3,488 ft8 mph05:09
Totem Lungo1,506 ft6 mph
Totem Trail return2,090 ft7 mph03:36
Trippi Return938 ft6 mph01:40
Sterrata Sarizzola-pendici Monte Campo Grande1 mile6 mph
San Andreas4,767 ft8 mph06:31
San Andreas Return1 mile4 mph20:55
Trippi Long4,977 ft6 mph08:55
Trippi Return948 ft7 mph01:40
Traliccio Trail5,030 ft4 mph12:49
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