Saturday June 9, 2018 - 12:09 pm
Kasina i Śnieżnica Ride
Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Bike Park Kasina
Trailforks has detected that this ride contains secret or sensitive trails, so the map is hidden.


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18 miles
Moving Time
2,403 ft


Total Time: 05:42:03
Total Distance: 26 miles
Singletrack: 76%
Avg Speed: 2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 9 mph
Elev Max: 3,290 ft
Climb: 13,988 ft
Climb Adj: 2,403 ft
Climb Dist: 8 miles
Descent: 14,102 ft
Descent Dist: 13 miles
Flat Dist: 5 miles

Trails (25)

Famili5,180 ft9 mph
DH Mix2,500 ft6 mph
Dzika3,881 ft10 mph
DH+2,605 ft6 mph
DH Chilli3,248 ft12 mph
B-line1,535 ft7 mph
B-line1,473 ft4 mph03:59
Snake502 ft2 mph
Snake689 ft9 mph00:51
Average ride difficulty: Blue


Lifts taken: 13
Lift Time: 02:21:19
Lift Dist: 8 miles
Lift Climb: 2 miles
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka886 ft3,104 ft08:54
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka883 ft3,100 ft08:35
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka883 ft2,995 ft08:28
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka896 ft3,232 ft10:11
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka883 ft3,009 ft09:22
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka896 ft3,005 ft09:37
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka892 ft3,054 ft11:39
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka896 ft3,081 ft08:18
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka896 ft3,179 ft08:38
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka889 ft3,123 ft25:03
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka896 ft3,038 ft09:37
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka892 ft2,999 ft13:23
Śnieżnica Kasina Wielka899 ft3,143 ft09:34


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Very Dryview
Very Dryview
Very Dryview
Very Dryview
Very Dryview
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