Saturday May 18, 2019 - 1:00 pm
The writings on the wall, it won’t go away
Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Mt. Penn
Type: All-Mountain
Trailforks has detected that this ride contains secret or sensitive trails, so the map is hidden.
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20 miles
Moving Time
3,595 ft


Total Time: 05:09:46
Singletrack: 100%
Avg Speed: 2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 4 mph
Elev Max: 1,096 ft
Climb: 3,595 ft
Climb Dist: 7 miles
Descent: 3,599 ft
Descent Dist: 6 miles
Flat Dist: 7 miles

Trails (99)

Antietam section gravel walking trail. 272 ft19 mph00:40
Antietam section gravel walking trail. 184 ft5 mph00:28
Rotary Park to List Rd561 ft4 mph01:28
Stone Hedge 331 ft3 mph01:41
Too Fast Kids1,125 ft17 mph00:46
Hill Road Entrance623 ft5 mph01:45
List Rd. trailhead connector709 ft5 mph01:36
Corkscrew / S-Turns 15 miles4 mph
Fingerflage 587 ft10 mph02:49
Camp Connector203 ft11 mph00:15
Cub1,604 ft13 mph
Climb from The Bowl to the Ferndale Trail177 ft1 mph
Jib Jab Jump 1 miles4 mph
Climb from The Bowl to the Ferndale Trail285 ft5 mph00:43
Air Field to C-Line594 ft8 mph01:09
The Network Top705 ft2 mph
Red Trail853 ft2 mph
Air Field to C-Line 620 ft7 mph01:08
Drop to Egelmans 1 miles3 mph
Climb from The Bowl to the Ferndale Trail472 ft1 mph04:32
Large Farva 2,041 ft3 mph
Spuhler to the Ferndale Trail1,795 ft3 mph
A-Line to Green Connector (Gravity Railroad)449 ft1 mph
Stage 32,064 ft2 mph
Large Farva1,109 ft4 mph02:55
Climb from The Bowl to the Ferndale Trail 630 ft3 mph02:27
Stone Road (The Bowl to Angora)180 ft2 mph01:21
Climb from The Bowl to the Ferndale Trail358 ft3 mph01:41
A-B Line Cross to Ferndale 4 miles4 mph
Jib Jab Jump 843 ft6 mph01:42
Lullaby 1,647 ft8 mph02:24
La BAMBA 7 miles4 mph
Quiet Meow361 ft2 mph
Rip It906 ft7 mph
The Tower Trail 2,320 ft3 mph09:14
A-Line Duece 1,250 ft12 mph01:14
Ferndale Trail - A-line section2,208 ft7 mph
Vanwyc2 197 ft3 mph00:52
Air Line223 ft1 mph
C-Line1,883 ft4 mph06:23
C-line at Angora to the Bowl1,076 ft3 mph03:45
Jib Jab Jump 1,152 ft4 mph03:17
Jib Jab Jump 978 ft4 mph02:54
La BAMBA610 ft11 mph00:41
Lullaby to The Bunker 1,283 ft4 mph03:53
Lullaby to The Bunker 1,033 ft4 mph02:53
Corkscrew / S-Turns636 ft22 mph00:21
Prelude2,375 ft6 mph04:22
Sweetness1,798 ft12 mph01:40
Wizard of Oz 1,250 ft12 mph01:11
Wizard of Oz 1,742 ft8 mph02:42
Wizard of Oz 846 ft8 mph01:27
Race Run '17
I Love Lamp
Network Rock Over!
Under Pagoda to Gate
Peace Rock
Cub (Mama Bear)
Walking Trail to Hill Road Connector
The Old Race Run
Rock & Log - B
Rock & Log - B
Antietam section gravel walking trail.
Wizard of Oz connector
Lullaby intersection bypass
The Bowl perimeter trail
Stonehenge Rock Connector
Bobble Head to Stonehenge Connector
Stonehenge Rock Trail
Rock & Log - A
Egelman Park Walking Path
Ferndale Trail branch to Angora Trailhead
List Rd. Connector
Climb from the farm to Figure 8.
List Rd Parallel
I Love Lamp
Average ride difficulty: Blue
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