Sunday June 16, 2019 - 10:52 am
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Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Silver Mountain Resort
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19 miles
Moving Time
2,978 ft


Total Time: 03:47:39
Total Distance: 23 miles
Singletrack: 53%
Avg Speed: 3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 6 mph
Elev Max: 1 miles
Climb: 7,506 ft
Climb Adj: 2,978 ft
Climb Dist: 7 miles
Descent: 10,869 ft
Descent Dist: 12 miles
Flat Dist: 5 miles

Trails (35)

Hot Beans909 ft18 mph00:35
Franknbeans3,248 ft3 mph10:41
Baby Swiss850 ft1 mph07:40
Hot Beans1,102 ft10 mph01:14
Franknbeans2,556 ft8 mph03:33
Baby Swiss164 ft11 mph00:16
Hammer3,921 ft11 mph04:03
Lower Hammer2,346 ft8 mph03:13
Old School4,239 ft5 mph
Low Life1,644 ft18 mph01:02
Afternoon Delight4,993 ft6 mph09:16
Mom Jeans2,589 ft12 mph02:31
Wildcat2 miles10 mph12:15
Morning Woods781 ft10 mph00:52
El Burro Loco1,795 ft12 mph
Jackass3,645 ft5 mph09:12
Upper Log Jammin312 ft9 mph00:25
Lower Log Jammin886 ft2 mph06:01
Lower Hammer2,497 ft17 mph01:39
High Life2,080 ft10 mph02:28
Low Life1,716 ft20 mph01:05
Soup Kitchen4,291 ft10 mph05:09
Mom Jeans3,179 ft7 mph04:56
Pirate Trail292 ft29 mph00:08
WideOpen2,162 ft15 mph
Tinkerbell292 ft17 mph
Frog Trees2,730 ft15 mph02:02
Secret Squirrel
Chris Kelly Mememorial Skills Park
Spooky Woods to Afternoon Delight
Average ride difficulty: Black Diamond


Lifts taken: 3
Lift Time: 00:48:54
Lift Dist: 4 miles
Lift Climb: 4,528 ft
Chair 3768 ft2,159 ft10:40
Chair 3735 ft2,333 ft12:16
Gondola3,025 ft3 miles25:58
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