Sunday July 14, 2019 - 6:18 pm
Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Don Valley
Trailforks has detected that this ride contains secret or sensitive trails, so the map is hidden.


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15 miles
Moving Time
2,073 ft


Total Time: 02:14:10
Singletrack: 100%
Avg Speed: 3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 7 mph
Elev Max: 455 ft
Climb: 2,073 ft
Climb Dist: 4 miles
Descent: 2,063 ft
Descent Dist: 5 miles
Flat Dist: 5 miles

Trails (49)

3 Rocks to Sun Valley 1,588 ft4 mph
3 Rocks to Redway Road Downhill1,690 ft17 mph01:08
Redway Road to 3 Rocks Climb 14 miles7 mph
Sanitation Plant "Hard Line"1,470 ft9 mph01:53
The Ridge1 miles10 mph06:16
Don Trail869 ft10 mph
Big Ol' Titties 653 ft5 mph01:29
Big Ol' Titties833 ft6 mph01:58
Vanderhoof Hill 6 miles8 mph
Swamp1,959 ft8 mph
Woods Gundy1,572 ft9 mph02:13
Gundy DH262 ft22 mph
Gundy DH230 ft31 mph00:06
Gundy DH243 ft27 mph00:08
Secret Hidden Trail1,752 ft5 mph
Cinder Block Road 876 ft10 mph01:17
G-Spot548 ft9 mph00:45
G-Spot 1,017 ft10 mph01:19
G-Spot597 ft16 mph00:27
Lower Rehab889 ft9 mph01:09
Roller Flowster3,957 ft9 mph05:12
Foreplay3,130 ft9 mph03:50
River's Edge840 ft12 mph
West Don River Trail210 ft16 mph00:21
Gundy DH 305 ft5 mph00:45
Gundy DH 374 ft4 mph01:02
Woods Gundy 1,545 ft13 mph01:22
Jump The Gundy817 ft15 mph00:39
Swamp 1,975 ft11 mph02:08
Climbmax3,294 ft6 mph06:05
Bunny Run3,455 ft7 mph06:01
Dirt Farm 1,040 ft7 mph01:46
Dirt Farm 748 ft8 mph01:13
Bunny Poop1,621 ft8 mph02:23
The Ridge 1 miles7 mph08:37
Sanitation Plant to Ridge 1,289 ft8 mph01:56
Sanitation Plant "Hard Line" 1,427 ft7 mph02:22
Redway Road to 3 Rocks Climb732 ft7 mph01:12
Burke Brook Ravine Boardwalk
Asylum Climb
Hydro Train Crossing
Ridge Connection
Ridge Tumble
Catalyst Climb
Average ride difficulty: Blue
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