Wednesday November 20, 2019 - 12:02 pm
6x big laps, 2x little ones, 8x Alligator Alleys. My legs are screaming, my hands have zero grip, I’m going to hurl, but I’ve never felt better!!!!! YAHOO!
Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Fort Pierce Trails
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35 miles
Moving Time
308 ft


Total Time: 05:15:32
Singletrack: 100%
Avg Speed: 3 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 7 mph
Elev Max: 14 ft
Climb: 308 ft
Climb Dist: 2 miles
Descent: 309 ft
Descent Dist: 2 miles
Flat Dist: 31 miles

Trails (117)

Big and Little Dipper358 ft11 mph00:23
Alligator Alley1,791 ft8 mph02:36
Palm Swamp1,572 ft6 mph02:49
The Dance4,026 ft8 mph05:40
Billboard758 ft8 mph
Billboard 479 ft9 mph00:39
Tornado Alley784 ft11 mph00:55
Four Bridges1,608 ft8 mph
Bobcat1,316 ft5 mph02:56
Big and Little Dipper 1,204 ft1 mph11:57
Big and Little Dipper1,194 ft1 mph11:56
Alligator Alley2,142 ft9 mph02:50
Palm Swamp1,345 ft6 mph02:23
The Dance3,514 ft7 mph05:30
Tornado Alley584 ft9 mph00:45
Bobcat1,234 ft7 mph01:59
Big and Little Dipper 942 ft1 mph11:01
Big and Little Dipper1,004 ft1 mph11:05
Palm Swamp1,299 ft7 mph02:04
The Dance3,760 ft8 mph05:36
Billboard 505 ft11 mph00:43
Tornado Alley791 ft10 mph00:57
Bobcat1,227 ft7 mph02:00
Big and Little Dipper 1,017 ft1 mph08:17
Big and Little Dipper430 ft11 mph00:28
Alligator Alley1,900 ft9 mph02:24
Palm Swamp1,457 ft7 mph02:26
Tornado Alley715 ft9 mph00:54
Bobcat1,312 ft7 mph02:04
Big and Little Dipper 1,089 ft4 mph03:02
Big and Little Dipper1,096 ft4 mph03:00
Alligator Alley4,505 ft10 mph05:08
Palm Swamp1,434 ft7 mph02:20
Billboard 505 ft9 mph00:42
Tornado Alley689 ft8 mph00:59
Bobcat1,434 ft7 mph02:25
Big and Little Dipper1,201 ft3 mph05:17
Alligator Alley2,005 ft10 mph02:26
Palm Swamp1,601 ft7 mph02:38
Palm Swamp 1,611 ft7 mph02:42
Billboard 456 ft9 mph00:41
Tornado Alley709 ft9 mph00:54
Bobcat1,499 ft7 mph02:26
Big and Little Dipper 1,119 ft2 mph06:51
Big and Little Dipper430 ft11 mph00:27
Alligator Alley1,913 ft9 mph02:29
Palm Swamp1,296 ft6 mph02:24
6The Dance3,560 ft8 mph05:25
Tornado Alley643 ft9 mph00:50
Bobcat1,240 ft7 mph02:04
Big and Little Dipper 981 ft6 mph01:59
Big and Little Dipper715 ft6 mph01:23
Alligator Alley1,946 ft10 mph02:21
Palm Swamp1,024 ft6 mph01:58
Palm Swamp 1,224 ft6 mph02:33
The Dance3,894 ft7 mph06:02
Billboard 394 ft9 mph00:34
Black Forest1,352 ft8 mph
Tornado Alley709 ft9 mph00:52
Bobcat1,289 ft7 mph02:06
Big and Little Dipper 768 ft9 mph01:06
Average ride difficulty: Blue
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