Friday November 29, 2019 - 11:39 am
Nam Turkey afterburner
+ Bob
Activity: Mountain Bike
Location: Vietnam Trail Network
Trailforks has detected that this ride contains secret or sensitive trails, so the map is hidden.


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12 miles
Moving Time
1,164 ft


Total Time: 02:39:55
Singletrack: 37%
Avg Speed: 2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 5 mph
Elev Max: 476 ft
Climb: 1,164 ft
Climb Dist: 3 miles
Descent: 1,175 ft
Descent Dist: 3 miles
Flat Dist: 6 miles

Trails (24)

Adams Lot Trail896 ft7 mph01:29
Right Turn Clyde715 ft7 mph
Burial By-pass4,485 ft6 mph08:13
Milford Byway2,897 ft8 mph
Highway Connector 1,496 ft6 mph03:01
Connector 256 ft10 mph00:24
Sneaky Quickie364 ft7 mph00:39
Optional Rocks246 ft6 mph00:29
Chattering Rock1,017 ft5 mph02:12
Quarry Loop 1531 ft5 mph
Quarry Loop 2203 ft4 mph
"BB"276 ft2 mph01:27
Firewall266 ft4 mph00:47
Firewall 243 ft4 mph00:40
No Name 2600 ft4 mph
F16479 ft3 mph01:47
The Gigg1,325 ft6 mph
Giggidy1,795 ft6 mph03:40
Tonto1,381 ft4 mph03:57
Sudden Impact 574 ft5 mph01:26
Sudden Impact 377 ft8 mph00:55
Adams Lot Trail 912 ft12 mph00:52
Average ride difficulty: Blue
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