221.3 miles
9,367 ft
-9,360 ft
584 ft
High Point

This is the official Hiking route of the Bay Circuit Trail. Some segments are marked as "unofficial" but are included to show continuity.

Detailed Description
Bay Circuit Trail - Official Hiking Route is a 221 mile popular easy route located near Newbury (Essex County) Massachusetts. This hike only route. This route includes 293 trails. This route climbs 9,367 ft with a max elevation of 584 ft then descends -9,360 ft.
Route Supporters
Local Trail Association
Local trail association
Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway (AMC) (www.baycircuit.org)
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Trails in Route

BCT - Eliza Little Trail1,411 ft
BCT - Hay Rd1,686 ft
BCT - Green Road302 ft
BCT - Boston Road400 ft
BCT - Little's Trail3,527 ft
BCT - Hay Street869 ft
Parking Access Trail515 ft
BCT - Ridge Trail2,431 ft
BCT - Old Town Hill Switchback Trail587 ft
BCT - Linebrook Woods Conservation Area1 mile
BCT - Linebrook Connector955 ft
BCT - Fiene Weenie b272 ft
BCT Road1,519 ft
BCT - Randall's Crossing1,430 ft
BCT - Root Canal Link472 ft
BCT - Willowdale West Road 21,175 ft
BCT - Willowdale Section3,271 ft
BCT - Willowdale West Road 41,020 ft
BCT - Hennigar's Pass a1,076 ft
BCT - Beaver Bridge1,614 ft
BCT - Hood Pond to Georgetown Rowley1 mile
BCT - Georgetown Rowley3,458 ft
Pinegree Farm Road West3,268 ft
Access Road1,713 ft
GR0021,211 ft
GR0052,756 ft
BCT - GR Connector387 ft
BCT - GR0071,972 ft
BCT - King George Drive1,696 ft
BCT - Kelsey Road659 ft
BCT - Boxford233 ft
BCT/ECG - Hemlock Rd738 ft
BCT - Round Top Road482 ft
Round Top Park Trail279 ft
Campground Rd220 ft
BCT - Old Chapman Way (North)361 ft
BCT - Old Chapman Lane (South)3,301 ft
BCT - Topsfield Rd1,191 ft
BCT - Boy Scout Park Road512 ft
BCT - Boy Scout Park Trail397 ft
BCT - Dana Road223 ft
BCT - Dam Trail2,792 ft
BCT - Lockwood Ln220 ft
BCT - Lockwood Main Trail3,314 ft
Bald Hill Rd (BCT)945 ft
John C Phillips Trail (BCT)2,293 ft
East Loop Trail South (BCT)650 ft
100 (BCT)433 ft
Track 020 (BCT)843 ft
Fern Gully (BCT)814 ft
Connector Trail (BCT)669 ft
Bald Hill Rd1,591 ft
Thomas Road1 mile
Track 0232,379 ft
Track 024a2,402 ft
Watkins Way1,834 ft
BCT - HPSF Farnum Parcel2 miles
Bay Circuit Trail (BCT)2 miles
Bay Circuit Trail / Jerry Lewis4,334 ft
Bay Circuit Trail (North)1 mile
BCT - Hammond Reservation2,146 ft
BCT - Korinthian Way659 ft
Prospect to Rachel's1,824 ft
Bay Circuit Trail 12,365 ft
Trail 46184 ft
BCT - Phelps Stadium814 ft
BCT - Main Street217 ft
BCT - Purdon Reservation725 ft
BCT - Reservation Rd407 ft
BCT - Indian Ridge Trail1 mile
BCT - West Parish Cemetry1,919 ft
Lowell Street (BCT)335 ft
BCT - Doyle Link1 mile
Long Way Down (BCT)272 ft
Merrimac Drive1,847 ft
River Road (Tewksbury)2,802 ft
Saint Mary Cemetery981 ft
Merrimack River Interceptor Trail (Tewksbury)2,188 ft
Raven Road3,471 ft
Concord River Greenway and Extension1,568 ft
Carlisle Road to BFRT686 ft
Robins Mill Pond Trail3,438 ft
Robins Mill/Nashoba Brook Connector318 ft
Spring Hill Yellow Loop (BCT)4,577 ft
Red Trail3,724 ft
Jay Lane266 ft
Stoneymeade Way630 ft
Stoneymeade Yellow Trail1,220 ft
Yellow Trail (BCT)2,661 ft
Strawberry Hill Road South436 ft
Finigan Way Trail1,529 ft
Old North Bridge1,788 ft
Mill Brook Trail1,539 ft
Walden Pond Connector (BCT)233 ft
Thoreau Cabin Site (BCT)249 ft
Pond Path (BCT)2,943 ft
Pine Hill Trail2,946 ft
Granville Road/Woods End Road1,565 ft
Codman East Trail (BCT)2,484 ft
Codman West Trail (BCT)2,241 ft
BCT - Kettle Trail (red)4,495 ft
Parking Lot Trail (CT)174 ft
Launch Trail167 ft
Farrar Pond Trail (BCT)1,283 ft
Birchwood Lane Trail2,648 ft
Oxbow Meadow Trail2,100 ft
Oxbow Road to Campbell Road1,759 ft
Trout Brook Trail3,812 ft
Sedge Meadow Trail1 mile
Cow Common Trail4,331 ft
Bow Road2,185 ft
Wayland Town Center (BCT)1,542 ft
Pelham Island Road (East)4,390 ft
Pelham Island Road1,762 ft
Boston Post Road (BCT)2 miles
BCT - Tippling Rock2 miles
BCT - Willard Trail322 ft
BCT - DH3,015 ft
T Ford's2,913 ft
Sparrow Trail1,417 ft
Wren Trail1,171 ft
Woodchuck Trail558 ft
Bear Paw Trail3,553 ft
Link Trail Trail1,014 ft
Parmenter Street Trail682 ft
BCT Connector Trail1,125 ft
BCT - Southborough 12 miles
Clemmons Street997 ft
Oak to Oregon Road4,491 ft
White (Bay Circuit Trail)2 miles
Ponderosa Trail384 ft
Mill Pond Trail2,441 ft
Concord Court Trail (BCT)617 ft
Wildwood Cemetery1,322 ft
Wenzell Road646 ft
Pumping Station Trail358 ft
Tri Street709 ft
Curve Street1,519 ft
CB1 Bay Circuit Trail1 mile
STF N12,822 ft
STF N71,312 ft
STF N18492 ft
STF C11,181 ft
STF C10787 ft
STF C15233 ft
STF C121,627 ft
STF C14 (BCT)892 ft
STF C28289 ft
STF S191,099 ft
STF S1 BCT3,681 ft
RN1 Red3,084 ft
RN1 Red 21,109 ft
RN91,220 ft
RN3 Blue1,978 ft
RN15 King Phillip's Overlook705 ft
RN3 Blue East (BCT)515 ft
RN1 Red 52,369 ft
RN26472 ft
Forest Street to Snow Street2,776 ft
MA 273,363 ft
BCT - Old Route 27 trail545 ft
N Meadows to Hospital Road1,503 ft
McCarthy Park Trail1 mile
Ice House Extension400 ft
The Center Trail676 ft
North Meadows Trail2,421 ft
BCT - N Meadows Rd397 ft
BCT - Dale St764 ft
BCT - Vine Lake Cemetery1,634 ft
BCT - Causeway Street1 mile
Doucette Causeway2,828 ft
Shattuck Res1 mile
Bay Circuit Gateway1,398 ft
Holt Slope Link174 ft
Holt Pond (BCT)459 ft
To the Hill2,667 ft
Noon Hill Trail (BCT)850 ft
Diamond Access Ridge (BCT)315 ft
Easiest Way Down312 ft
Red Summit Technical Loop1,286 ft
Cheryl's Climb (BCT)1,152 ft
BCT - Noon Hill Road732 ft
BCT - Rocky Lane2,579 ft
BCT - High Street548 ft
BCT - Medfield Conservation1 mile
BCT - High Street223 ft
BCT - Powerline Access Road1,427 ft
BCT - Leonard Rd to High St2 miles
BCT - Leonard Rd299 ft
BCT - Robbins Rd to Leonard Rd4,009 ft
BCT - Robbins Rd620 ft
BCT - Elm Street679 ft
BCT - Blackburn Memorial Trail509 ft
BCT - Memorial Park Trail1,572 ft
BCT - Stone Street1,572 ft
BCT - Clarks Pond Trail741 ft
BCT - Lake Ave643 ft
BCT - Walpole High School367 ft
Rebel Yell266 ft
BCT - Town Forest Road771 ft
BCT - Walpole Town Forest Connector407 ft
BCT - Walpole Town Forest East4,642 ft
BCT - Walpole Park South1,365 ft
BCT - Pine Street1,594 ft
Pine Street - BCT Bike Route1,066 ft
BCT - Pine Street430 ft
BCT - Old Post Rd249 ft
BCT - Pierce Hill1,325 ft
Bay Circuit Trail Connector to Walpole St1,155 ft
Bluff Trail (BCT)3,255 ft
Bay Circuit Trail in Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary2,297 ft
BCT Connector to Moose Hill Parkway279 ft
BCT - Hobbs Hill2,782 ft
BCT - Moose Hill Pkwy853 ft
BCT - Beaver Brook Trail (Train Station - Farnham Rd)4,265 ft
BCT- Connector to Farnham Rd289 ft
BCT - Farnham Rd797 ft
BCT - MainFox Connector194 ft
BCT-Deborah Sampson2,260 ft
BCT - Memorial Beach1,079 ft
BCT - Gorwin Drive804 ft
Bay Circuit Trail1,991 ft
Morse Loop Trail (BCT)2,644 ft
Morse Loop Connector (To HQ)466 ft
Quarry Loop Trail (BCT)682 ft
Ridge (black)2,546 ft
Northwest (green) - BCT1,181 ft
Northwest (blue)413 ft
French Trail1,434 ft
West Side Trail (BCT)1,030 ft
Pond Walk (BCT-South)1,844 ft
BCT - Mill Pond to Fox Mountain4,449 ft
BCT - Fox Mountain to Beaver Brook4,462 ft
BCT - Poquanticut Ave1,903 ft
BCT - Old Pond Trail1,122 ft
BCT - Wheaton Farm1 mile
BCT - Wheaton Farm Parking253 ft
BCT - Prospect Street1 mile
BCT - Hockomock Swamp1 mile
BCT - Scotland Street3,048 ft
BCT - Forest Street1 mile
BCT - River Street1,037 ft
BCT - Ash Street1 mile
BCT - Plymouth Street2,562 ft
BCT - Satucket River Frontage4,396 ft
BCT - Susans Place328 ft
BCT - Rolling Hills Drive1,385 ft
BCT - Crescent Street1 mile
BCT - Burrage Pond Wildlife2,001 ft
BCT - The Burrage801 ft
Indian Crossway4,534 ft
BCT - Hanson Town Hall Trail413 ft
BCT - Liberty Street1,266 ft
BCT - Indian Head Street259 ft
BCT - Hanson Town Forest3,412 ft
Kiwanee Road Connector338 ft
Indian Head Road North (BCT)2,260 ft
Matakeesett Trail Hanson (BCT)879 ft
Don't Fall In (BCT)820 ft
Little Loop (BCT)630 ft
Field Connector Trail (BCT)282 ft
BCT - Bryantville Trail2,671 ft
BCT - Pembroke Town Forest1 mile
BCT - Lake Street515 ft
BCT - Plain Street600 ft
Secret Singletrack (BCT)1 mile
BCT - Silver Lake1,457 ft
BCT - Silver Lake Sanctuary1,778 ft
BCT - Sheridan Drive285 ft
BCT - Pembroke St.610 ft
BCT - Lake Street1,240 ft
South Pond Trail (BCT)285 ft
West Bog Loop (BCT)935 ft
West Bog Loop South (BCT)659 ft
Grove Street Connector (BCT)1,155 ft
Powerline Run (BCT)243 ft
Swamp Leg476 ft
Hathaway Preserve Main Trail East (BCT)883 ft
BCT - South Street794 ft
BCT - Sampson Forest1 mile
BCT - Elm Street1,043 ft
BCT - Green Street1,247 ft
BCT - Bailey Memorial Playfield417 ft
BCT - Bailey Memorial Rd282 ft
BCT - Bay Farm Road374 ft
BCT - Bayside Lane223 ft
BCT - Bay Circuit Trail761 ft


More Stats for Bay Circuit Trail - Official Hiking Route mountain bike route
  • Avg time
    118 hr 16 min
  • Altitude change
    6 ft
  • Altitude min
    5 ft
  • Altitude start
    10 ft
  • Altitude end
    16 ft
  • Grade max
  • Grade min
  • Distance climb
    87 miles
  • Distance down
    86 miles
  • Distance flat
    48 miles
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