2,989.4 miles
430,276 ft
-430,315 ft
3 miles
High Point

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Detailed Description
Continental Divide Trail (CDT) Complete is a 2,989 mile moderately popular expert route located near Montana. This hike primary route can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical rating. This route includes 225 trails. This route climbs 430,276 ft with a max elevation of 14,256 ft then descends -430,315 ft.
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International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) (www.imba.com)
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Outside Logo Articles

Through Hiker to Ultra Winner: Jack Jones and the CDT
Dec 8, 2021 from trailrunnermag.com
Jack Jones hiked the Continental Divide Trail in 2021. Just days after finishing, he lined up for - and won - his first ultra.
Opinion: Blaze the Continental Divide Trail
Jul 19, 2019 from backpacker.com
Some hikers grouse that blazing the CDT will ruin it—but that’s exactly the problem with doing nothing.

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Trails in Route

CDT - Hwy 81 to Granite Pass3 miles
CDT - Silver City (Sec 7)20 miles
CDT - Black Peak (NM Sec 8)21 miles
CDT (Wagontongue NM 15.1)16 miles
CDT (Wagontongue NM 15.2)3 miles
CDT (Mangas Mtns NM 16.1)8 miles
CDT (Cassidera NM 16.2)20 miles
CDT (Chain of Craters 1)11 miles
CDT (El Malpais)2 miles
CDT - El Malpais NM5 miles
CDT (NM Sec 21.1)10 miles
CDT (NM Sec 21.1)10 miles
CDT (Mt Taylor NM)2 miles
CDT Connector1,014 ft
CDT (Ignacio Chavez 23)12 miles
CDT (Mesa San Luis 23.1)13 miles
CDT (Mesa San Luis 23.2)2 miles
CDT (Deadman Peaks 24.2)4 miles
CDT (La Ventana Mesa NM 24.3)9 miles
CDT - Las Vacas7 miles
CDT (NM - Sec 26.1)5 miles
CDT (NM - Sec 26.2)7 miles
Joaquin Canyon (CDT)8 miles
CDT (NM - Echo Amphitheater)3 miles
Salazar Trail2 miles
CDT (NM-Sec 28)5 miles
CDT (NM Sec 29)20 miles
CDT (Hopewell Lake - Vallecito Mtn Ranch)7 miles
Hopewell Camp Connector1,503 ft
CDT (NM-Sec)18 miles
CDT (NM-Sec)5,138 ft
CDT - North Cumbres Pass11 miles
CDT - South San Juan Wilderness16 miles
CDT - Summit Peak24 miles
CDT - Bonito Pass17 miles
CDT - Wolf Creek Pass2 miles
CDT - Mount Hope17 miles
CDT - Squaw Lake12 miles
CDT - Hunchback Pass10 miles
CDT CT - Stoney Pass8 miles
CDT CT - Maggie Gulch1 mile
CDT CT - La Garita Stock Driveway4 miles
CDT CT - Jarosa Mesa16 miles
CDT CT - Snow Mesa6 miles
CDT CT - Quemedo Spur4 miles
CDT CT - Saguache Park Br 12 miles
CDT CT - Los Creek3,179 ft
CDT CT - Archuleta2 miles
CDT CT - Pine Creek7 miles
CT - Marshall Pass3 miles
Marshall Rd Connector531 ft
CDT CT - Monarch Crest Trail10 miles
CDT - Basin View1 mile
CDT - North Monarch Crest7 miles
CDT - Hunt Lake1 mile
CDT - Boss Lake5,276 ft
Boss Lake Cutoff315 ft
Hancock Road1 mile
Alpine Tunnel 4WD1,834 ft
CT - Alpine Tunnel2 miles
CDT - Tunnel Lake5 miles
CDT - Cottonwood South15 miles
CDT - South Texas4 miles
CDT - Sheep Gulch9 miles
CDT - Twin Lakes Alternate1 mile
CDT CT - Twin Lakes North11 miles
CDT CT - Mount Massive Wilderness13 miles
CDT CT - Holy Cross Wilderness10 miles
CDT CT - Tennessee Pass3 miles
CDT CT - Mitchell Creek4 miles
COT Connector1,050 ft
CT - Camp Hale3,015 ft
CDT CT - Searle Pass15 miles
CDT CT - Copper Mountain2 miles
CDT CT - Wheeler NRT2 miles
CDT CT - Miners Creek7 miles
CDT CT - Gold Hill3 miles
CT Connector1,089 ft
CDT CT - Horseshoe Gulch3 miles
CDT CT - Muggins Gulch6 miles
CDT - Glacier Peak2 miles
CDT - Glacier Peak Scramble2 miles
CDT - Webster Pass2 miles
CDT - Warden Gulch Road2 miles
CDT - Argentine Pass2 miles
CDT - Mount Edwards3 miles
Grays Peak4 miles
CDT - Jones Pass5 miles
High Lonesome6 miles
CDT - High Lonesome7 miles
CDT - High Lonesome5 miles
CDT - Arapaho Pass1 mile
CDT - East Shore Trail7 miles
CDT - North Inlet12 miles
Tonahutu Creek Trail9 miles
Tonahutu Creek Trail2,595 ft
CDT - Green Mountain2 miles
CDT - Wyoming Trail (Muddy Creek)3 miles
CDT - Wyoming Trail4 miles
CDT - Wyoming Trail (Lost Ranger)15 miles
CDT - Three Island Spur1 mile
CDT - Wyoming Trail4 miles
CDT- Sweetwater Section17 miles
Duch Joe - Larson Creek5 miles
Continental Divide Trail4 miles
Fremont (Halls Butte to Marms Lake)16 miles
Fremont (North Fork Lake)13 miles
Fremont (Cook Lake Cutoff)2,060 ft
Highline (Lester Pass) CDT4 miles
Highline (Green - Seneca)29 miles
Rainbow Lake Trail1 mile
Continental Divide Trail42 miles
(CDT) South Boundary-Harebell-Fox Creek3,136 ft
(CDT) Fox Creek11 miles
(CDT) Heart River3 miles
Trail Creek4,882 ft
Trail Creek1 mile
(CDT) Heart Lake7 miles
(CDT) Shoshone Lake Trail7 miles
(CDT) Howard Easton - Lone Star3 miles
Old Highway trail (CDT)4,039 ft
(CDT) Biscuit Basin Trail682 ft
(CDT) Mystic Falls Trail1,476 ft
(CDT) Summit Lake15 miles
Two Top CDT - West Cream Creek to Reas Pass8 miles
CDT Targhee Pass15 miles
Mile Creek (CDT)5 miles
Mile Creek Face3 miles
Raynolds Pass Connect3,451 ft
CDT (Raynolds Pass)2 miles
Divide Road8 miles
CDT (Blair Lake to Red Rock Pass)9 miles
CDT-Eastern Centennial Mtns13 miles
CDT Alternate1 mile
CDT-Western Centennial Mtns24 miles
Long Creek Rd7 miles
Modoc Road8 miles
CDT (Modoc Ridge)4 miles
CDT (Shineberger-Sawmill)3 miles
CDT (Garfield Mountain)10 miles
CDT (Buffalo Spring)2 miles
CDT (Road 8275)3 miles
CDT (Bannack Pass-Deadman Lake)4 miles
CDT (Henderson Gulch)4 miles
CDT (Tendoy Creek)1 mile
CDT (Harkness Lakes)4 miles
CDT (Tex-Coyote)4 miles
CDT (Morrison Lake-Tex Cr.)5 miles
CDT (Tepee Mtn-Morrison Lake)11 miles
CDT (Elk Mountain)7 miles
CDT (Deadman Pass)6 miles
Road 0121,063 ft
CDT (Bannock Pass-Grizzly Hill)13 miles
CDT (Flume Creek)9 miles
Westward View Interpretive Trail758 ft
CDT (Jahnke)10 miles
CDT (Berry Creek Meadows)7 miles
CDT (Berry Creek Meadows - Miner Creek)6 miles
CDT (Miner Creek - Big Swamp Creek)8 miles
CDT (Swamp Cr - Carmen Cr)8 miles
CDT (Twin Lakes)5 miles
CDT (4th Of July)3 miles
CDT (South Fork Sheep)5 miles
CDT (Bradley Gulch)4 miles
Bradley Gulch3,205 ft
Lick Creek (078)4,327 ft
CDT (Big Hole Pass)6 miles
CDT (Three Mile Ridge)4 miles
CDT (Anderson Mtn Road)6 miles
Chief Joseph Pass371 ft
CDT (Chief Joseph)7 miles
CDT (Gibbons Pass)7 miles
CDT (Hogan to Schultz Saddle)4 miles
CDT (Schultz Saddle to RWA)6 miles
CDT (Hell Roaring Creek-Johnson Lake)23 miles
Mule Ranch Wildlife Viewing Rd4 miles
CDT - American Creek Non-Motorized4 miles
CDT - American Creek Link2,523 ft
CDT - Singletrack Detour3 miles
CDT - Burnt Mountain Trail3 miles
CDT - Burnt Mountain to Divide Creek3 miles
CDT - Divide Creek Ridge7 miles
I-15 Frontage Rd (connector)3,415 ft
CDT - Highland Rd6 miles
CDT - Bear Gulch to Highlands TH7 miles
CDT - 8 Miles of Hell11 miles
CDT - Pipestone-Homestake