123.1 miles
18,870 ft
-18,822 ft
3,256 ft
High Point
This route is archived

This event route is a fundraiser for Nanaimo Loaves and Fishes. Robin Dutton and Peter Sinclair will see how much of this route can be covered in a 24 hour period.

This route is Unsanctioned, Ride at your own Risk!

Detailed Description
Loaves and Fishes - Hurt Ride is a 123 mile intermediate unsanctioned race route located near Nanaimo British Columbia. This mountain bike primary route can be used both directions and has a extreme overall physical rating. This route includes 510 trails. This route climbs 18,870 ft with a max elevation of 3,256 ft then descends -18,822 ft.

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Trails in Route

Potsticker1,634 ft
Out N About994 ft
Inside Out617 ft
Oogie Dooger295 ft
Rusty Nail157 ft
Cheater98 ft
Out N About1,043 ft
Potsticker515 ft
Like Butter1,955 ft
Rusty Nail2,300 ft
Pipedream1 mile
Diggler1,919 ft
MCR11-14505 ft
Nookie125 ft
Sticks and Stones1,079 ft
MCR11-8512 ft
Honey Brown1,335 ft
MCR11-8-1656 ft
Never Stop1,860 ft
Jurassic Park1 mile
Keiths3,583 ft
Humble Ninja2,365 ft
Secret Ninja856 ft
MCR11778 ft
Boy Next Door1,316 ft
Hydro R/W456 ft
Fu Manchu2,808 ft
Secret Ninja108 ft
Humility135 ft
Easy Peasy1 mile
Humility453 ft
Hootenanny925 ft
Water Pipeline Spur 11,004 ft
Cinderalley807 ft
EXT281,581 ft
NLR45548 ft
Extension Spur road453 ft
Extension Spur Road A646 ft
Hootenanny1,063 ft
Humility1 mile
Connector2,073 ft
The Abyss4,167 ft
NLR45541 ft
Creeper1 mile
Chicken Dinner1 mile
NLR451,181 ft
NLR45-2223 ft
Coming Home1,198 ft
Hack N Slash2,031 ft
NLR45-2-3820 ft
Voodoo Too1,096 ft
NLR45-2-3148 ft
NLR45-2308 ft
Flat Lined1,181 ft
Voodoo Child1,243 ft
Voodoo2,510 ft
Bombs Away1,201 ft
Bushwacker1 mile
Fireball3,071 ft
Panarama Ridge945 ft
On The Edge3,061 ft
Over The Edge1,473 ft
Beyond The Edge2,300 ft
Alternative Facts3,386 ft
Schadenfreude1,844 ft
Wonderwall1,086 ft
Wonderwall Ridge1,946 ft
Logging road138 ft
Pink1,109 ft
Access Road928 ft
Ripairian1,683 ft
Raven Too945 ft
Timberline1,555 ft
Corvus1,348 ft
Quadrophenia3,169 ft
Quadrophenia (Best)351 ft
NightHawk289 ft
RimRunner1,811 ft
Raven3,635 ft
Access Road1,014 ft
Access Road210 ft
Logging road203 ft
Hot Tamale4,790 ft
The Great White2,890 ft
NLR45-2-82,428 ft
Cardiac Fail3,081 ft
Bear N Beaver2,388 ft
Coal Pile338 ft
Black Jade1,621 ft
Bush138 ft
Samba2,805 ft
Access Road2,297 ft
FNG2,431 ft
Connector1,224 ft
Raven1,027 ft
Black Hole2,274 ft
Ozzy's Ridge1,188 ft
Spanky and our Gang456 ft
Fracture Line791 ft
Black Fly2,326 ft
Fracture Line394 ft
Black Keys4,521 ft
Spanky and our Gang226 ft
NLR45-2558 ft
Coal Pile1,142 ft
Social Climber1,893 ft
NLR45-21,919 ft
Upper Parking Connector502 ft
Nanaimo Lakes Road4,426 ft
142 main3,110 ft
Gatekeeper4,806 ft
Gatekeeper (lower)4,291 ft
NLR47-2627 ft
NLR47-2-4417 ft
Powersauce3,819 ft
NLR47-2719 ft
UpandAtom2,808 ft
E&M Express1,234 ft
142 main1 mile
142M2574,278 ft
Uterbraten Climb686 ft
Old Doubletrack1,260 ft
Gatekeeper (Upper Meadows)2,848 ft
Gatekeeper (Upper)2,192 ft
142 main3,412 ft
142M2574,278 ft
Kid Gorgeous2,572 ft
142 main2,169 ft
142M2574,278 ft
Uterbraten Climb686 ft
Old Doubletrack1,841 ft
Uterbraten4,816 ft
Sexy Flanders4,731 ft
Max Power2,910 ft
Hutz991 ft
NLR472,280 ft
NLR47-141 mile
142 to RC connector1,690 ft
142 main3,878 ft
142M246-22 miles
Chainsaw Ridge4,232 ft
Meat Draw (Upper)1,716 ft
Meat Draw3,074 ft
NLR47-142,051 ft
142M2464,094 ft
142M246-21,050 ft
FTR1,175 ft
The Zipper919 ft
The Gravitron1,467 ft
Rollercoaster1 mile
NLR471,102 ft
NLR47-14561 ft
Access Road2,887 ft
Fawn Frenzy2,851 ft
NLR472,257 ft
The Other Cheek2,356 ft
NLR47-30354 ft
NLR472,697 ft
The Sneaky Weasel650 ft
Access Road942 ft
NLR472,375 ft
Jackoon1,614 ft
Access Road2,028 ft
NLR471 mile
Panoraimo2,930 ft
Pink Unicorn3,507 ft
Kilpatrick728 ft
CTS1,030 ft
Sempiternal2,454 ft
K2 North2,356 ft
Legalize It South Connector997 ft
Legalize It South2,779 ft
Access Road1,125 ft
Powerline track305 ft
TAT994 ft
TorSpor1,345 ft
Powerline track233 ft
TAT256 ft
Access Road98 ft
Westwood Ridge269 ft
Legalize it - East1 mile
Westwood Lake Trail3,278 ft
Legalize It (Arbot Road Segment)2,228 ft
Lower Binx1,755 ft
Binx1,916 ft
Kilpatrick1,424 ft
K2 North164 ft
Brothers 51,985 ft
Basket Case3,415 ft
Outer Bypass4,472 ft
Northwood Logging Road2,782 ft
Outer Bypass NADS-segment3,222 ft
Access Road - Outer Bypass3,068 ft
Access Road220 ft
Jameson3,458 ft
Drunken Logger1,125 ft
Europa315 ft
W3400725 ft
Quatchi1,004 ft
Ballroom Blitz1,542 ft
E & N1,434 ft
W3100125 ft
Bad 2 the Bone1,581 ft
INC1,437 ft
Trouble377 ft
Wolverine1,414 ft
Jail1,181 ft
253 Access344 ft
Scout Trail1,352 ft
Happy Ending2,274 ft
Disk Golf Access Road141 ft
Jail607 ft
Simple Life1,739 ft
Trouble220 ft
Corona1,079 ft
Snakes & Ladders - Weigles Corridor935 ft
Oh Henry427 ft
Ruper1,089 ft
Old Car Connection554 ft
Old Car512 ft
Access Road - Big Rock Connector863 ft
Big Rock1,663 ft
Rhino1,762 ft
Bump968 ft
Rhythm Crazy1,726 ft
Cuppa Tea4,498 ft
Space Balls837 ft
One Shot1,765 ft
Bubbles4,219 ft
Lee's Way689 ft
Duck & Cover2,867 ft
Three Sisters2,838 ft
The flats187 ft
Armageddon (upper)1,939 ft
Armageddon (Lower)961 ft
Penny Lane1,047 ft
Andreas Curves2,231 ft
Access Track - to TNT49 ft
Fine China (Upper)2,795 ft
Fine China (Lower)1,020 ft
253 Access243 ft
Mary Jane1,283 ft
Styx3,822 ft
Access Track - to TNT187 ft
Hades1,083 ft
Weigles Main1,319 ft
TNT1,624 ft
Y2K2,615 ft
Access Track - to top of Monkeys1,417 ft
S&M2,051 ft
Scotts1,037 ft
Killer Climb479 ft
Banshee Blvd768 ft
Gravity Cavity830 ft
Access Track - to top of Monkeys105 ft
Cripple Creek1,627 ft
Monkeys In The Mist1,591 ft
W30001,706 ft
Banshee Blvd (Road W3200)69 ft
Stairway to Hayden2,438 ft
Hayden154 ft
Access Trail - Cinderella Connector230 ft
Banshee Blvd (Road W3200)1,939 ft
Close Encounters1,184 ft
Whatsitsname1,722 ft
W30001,299 ft
Banshee Blvd (Road W3200)1,604 ft
Access Trail - Cinderella Connector230 ft
Hayden154 ft
Ho Chi Minh Trail2,152 ft
OFN2,119 ft
ASOP5,043 ft
Europa390 ft
Quatchi430 ft
W3400810 ft
W30002,516 ft
Banshee Blvd (Road W3200)1,673 ft
Access Trail - Cinderella Connector230 ft
Hayden4,573 ft
Hochimin Road (W3000)3,990 ft
142 Branch rd.1 mile
142 main8 miles
Nanaimo Lakes Road4,426 ft
Upper Parking Connector502 ft
Bottle Drive2,894 ft
Social Climber377 ft
NLR45-21,066 ft
Social Climber1,913 ft
NLR451 mile
NLR45-213,304 ft
Chicken Dinner1,040 ft
Creeper712 ft
The Abyss1 mile
HMR19617 ft
Trans Canada Trail - Water District Segment692 ft
Stringer2,247 ft
Reservoir Dogs3,241 ft
Glory Glory840 ft
Connector To Glory236 ft
Hunky-Dory2,943 ft
Trans Canada Trail - Water District Segment240 ft
Get Over It591 ft
Ziggy1,112 ft
Hunky-Dory587 ft
Connector To Glory207 ft
Hunky-Dory1,663 ft
Thong59 ft
Patrick's453 ft
Patrick's (alt line)738 ft
Patrick's243 ft
Trans Canada Trail - Water District Segment863 ft
Old Road1,076 ft
Cliffhanger3,973 ft
Hydro R/W1,165 ft
Keiths2,221 ft
Nookie1,434 ft
MCR111,988 ft
Fuzzy Bunny1,158 ft
Rusty Nail1,565 ft
Harambe Park Connector896 ft


  • Race Course
  • Race Date
    Saturday June 19, 2021
  • Riding area
  • Primary Activity
    Mountain Bike
  • Other Activities
    • E-Bike
    • Trail Running
  • Difficulty rating
  • Route Type
  • Bikepacking
  • eBike Allowed
  • Bike type
    AM, XC
  • Direction
    Both Directions
  • Physical rating
More Stats for Loaves and Fishes - Hurt Ride mountain bike route
  • Avg time
    34 hr 17 min
  • Altitude min
    312 ft
  • Altitude start
    315 ft
  • Altitude end
    361 ft
  • Grade max
  • Grade min
  • Distance climb
    60 miles
  • Distance down
    51 miles
  • Distance flat
    12 miles
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Trail Conditions
  • Unknown
  • Snow Groomed
  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Snow Cover Partial
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
  • Wet
  • Variable