30.8 miles
11,011 ft
-8,409 ft
1 mile
High Point
This route is archived

Large portions of this route are only open during this race, you may be trespassing at any other time.

Day 1

Riders will depart the Send Up Arena in waves and begin pedaling on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s. You’ll take a right on Division St, and continue until seeing signs pointing out a left turn onto Slaughterhouse Gulch Rd. The asphalt will turn to dirt, and you’ll ascend roughly 2000’ to 5 Corners. Once you reach the top of the transition you have up to five minutes to start the stage.

Stage 1- Everyone – Soup Kitchen/Mom Jeans/Pirate Trail/Wide Open/Second Entrance to Secret Squirrel/Man Child
You’ll drop in on Soup Kitchen, a rooty and twisty mix of off cambers and narrow sections. As you cross the first road you’ll hit Mom Jeans, which will crank up the off cambers and reward those that stick the highlines. You’ll cross Pepsi Can and enter Pirate Trail and then pick up speed on Wide Open. Shortly after the third table top riders will hook right onto Secret Squirrel and things will narrow down again and get a little more natural. As you exit the final big left berm on Secret Squirrel you’ll be merging onto the last bit of Man Child, which starts with a small step up and step down. There’s a nice little natural section and then a table top followed by the finish line for Stage 1. Riders can transition down from here and load the gondola.

Stage 2- Everyone – Hot Beans/Frankenbeans
As you exit the gondola bay head towards Chair 3, you’ll find the start to the lookers left of the chairlift terminal. Stage 2 is a full-on downhill track with an optional section called Baby Swiss. Baby Swiss is NOT rollable, please look before you leap. When you finish this stage you will upload Chair 3.

Stage 3- Everyone- El Burro Loco/Lower Jackass/Ridge Road/Daisy Downs
As you depart Chair 3 exit to your left and you’ll find the start at the top of El Burro Loco. El Burro Loco is a blue tech trail and offers a bit of everything, including rim shattering rocks and fast berms. You’ll cross the road at the edge of the ski area and go straight into Lower Jackass, which spits you onto Ridge Road where you can sprint your legs off. Riders will turn LEFT onto the Picnic Rock viewpoint trail, this intersection is just before you’d normally turn onto Corkscrew. You’ll stay on this trail just for a second and then enter a new trail, Daisy Downs. Daisey Downs is fairly raw and narrow, it features some off cambers and tricky roots. After the finish you will immediately come out on a road.

IMPORTANT- All riders must ride UP the road to 5 Corners.

Sport- At this point Sport riders are done for the day, they can descend whatever open trails they choose from 5 Corners.

Pro/Expert Riders continue reading.

As you approach 5 Corners follow the signs that direct you to take a very hard 180 right and continue up the road, follow the signs until you reach chair 3. Load Chair 3 and exit to your right where you’ll find the beginning of Snake Pit. Ride the first part of Snake Pit until you exit the initial steep section and are crossing a nice open saddle area. You’ll see signs directing riders to Stage 4 and 5 here, follow the signs over the rope and up the road. DO NOT CONTINUE ON SNAKEPIT.

Stage 4- Red Dragon
Red Dragon is a brand new raw track built for this race. A short downhill leads into a short uphill, followed by a series of off camber corners, berms, rock rolls, and rock drops. Please do not block the trail during practice, also please practice this trail before the race. You’ll finish on a road, follow the signs back up to the saddle, and then follow the same route back towards the start of Stage 4. As you saw earlier, you’ll need to cross Stage 4 to continue the transfer to Kellogg Peak for Stage 5.

Stage 5- Stix & Stones/Snake Pit
Stix and Stones got a huge reroute in 2019. While you will use a short piece of the Stix & Stones dirt bike hard enduro course, this trial has mostly been rebuilt specifically with our race in mind. Expect to navigate a short bit of snow immediately after starting, followed by scree rock crossings, tight woods, polished roots, and all a fairly raw trail from top to bottom. You’ll merge onto Snake Pit, a DH track and things will become a little more polished but maintain a rowdy feeling. There’s a table top near the end of the course, and riders can choose whatever open trails they’d like to descend after finishing the stage.

Detailed Description
NAEC 2021 Day 1 is a 31 mile expert race route located near Kellogg Idaho. This mountain bike only route can be used one direction and has a extreme overall physical rating. This route includes 16 trails. This route climbs 11,011 ft with a max elevation of 6,287 ft then descends -8,409 ft.

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Route Sections

1 Stage 1
  • 2 miles distance
  • 4 ft climb
  • -1,590 ft descent
2 Stage 2
  • 4,098 ft distance
  • 0 ft climb
  • -779 ft descent
3 Stage 3
  • 2 miles distance
  • 317 ft climb
  • -2,138 ft descent
4 Stage 4
  • 3,146 ft distance
  • 4 ft climb
  • -486 ft descent
5 Stage 5
  • 1 mile distance
  • 0 ft climb
  • -1,328 ft descent

Trails in Route

Soup Kitchen3,248 ft
Mom Jeans2,123 ft
Pirate Trail331 ft
WideOpen1,936 ft
Frog Trees5,013 ft
Hot Beans1,096 ft
Franknbeans2,339 ft
Chair Three2,303 ft
El Burro Loco2,398 ft
Lower Jackass2,464 ft
Snake Pit2,356 ft
Chair Three1,900 ft
Stix & Stones3,343 ft
Snake Pit2,940 ft


  • Race Course
  • Race Date
    Saturday June 12, 2021
  • Riding area
  • Primary Activity
    Mountain Bike
  • Difficulty rating
    Black Diamond
  • Route Type
    Point to Point
  • Bike type
  • Direction
    One Direction
  • Physical rating
More Stats for NAEC 2021 Day 1 mountain bike route
  • Avg time
    4 hr 11 min
  • Altitude change
    2,602 ft
  • Altitude min
    2,300 ft
  • Altitude start
    2,313 ft
  • Altitude end
    4,915 ft
  • Grade
  • Grade max
  • Grade min
  • Distance climb
    15 miles
  • Distance down
    12 miles
  • Distance flat
    4 miles


  1. Bike east on Trail Of The Coeur D' Alenes.
  2. Continue for 1 kilometer.
  3. Bike south on South Division Street.
  4. Continue for 500 meters.
  5. Bike southwest on South Division Street.
  6. Continue for 900 meters.
  7. Bike north on Main Street.
  8. Continue for 20 meters.
  9. Turn right onto Slaughterhouse Gulch.
  10. Continue for 100 meters.
  11. Bike west on Soup Kitchen.
  12. Continue for 300 meters.
  13. Bike north on Soup Kitchen.
  14. Continue for 200 meters.
  15. Bike north on Soup Kitchen.
  16. Continue for 500 meters.
  17. Bike west on Mom Jeans.
  18. Continue for 700 meters.
  19. Bike east on Mom Jeans.
  20. Continue for 10 meters.
  21. Turn left onto Pepsi Can.
  22. Continue for 10 meters.
  23. Turn right onto Pirate Trail.
  24. Continue for less than 10 meters.
  25. Turn left to stay on Pirate Trail.
  26. Continue for 100 meters.
  27. Bike southeast on Pirate Trail.
  28. Continue for 200 meters.
  29. Bike northeast on WideOpen.
  30. Continue for 300 meters.
  31. Bike northeast on WideOpen.
  32. Continue for 50 meters.
  33. Bear right onto Secret Squirrel.
  34. Continue for 300 meters.
  35. Bike northeast on Secret Squirrel.
  36. Continue for 300 meters.
  37. Bike northeast on Secret Squirrel.
  38. Continue for 500 meters.
  39. Bike northwest on Man Child.
  40. Continue for 30 meters.
  41. Bear right onto Frog Trees.
  42. Continue for 200 meters.
  43. Bike northwest on Frog Trees.
  44. Continue for 600 meters.
  45. Bike west on Trail Of The Coeur D' Alenes.
  46. Continue for 2 kilometers.
  47. Bike southeast on Bunker Avenue.
  48. Continue for 300 meters.
  49. Turn right onto Railroad Avenue.
  50. Continue for 200 meters.
  51. Turn right onto State Street.
  52. Continue for 30 meters.
  53. Turn left onto Railroad Avenue.
  54. Continue for 700 meters.
  55. Turn right onto South Division Street.
  56. Continue for 300 meters.
  57. Turn left onto East Market Avenue.
  58. Continue for 200 meters.
  59. Bear right onto Alhambra Road.
  60. Continue for 50 meters.
  61. Turn left onto Presley Avenue.
  62. Continue for 1.5 kilometers.
  63. Turn left onto Frog Trees.
  64. Continue for 800 meters.
  65. Turn left onto Trail Of The Coeur D' Alenes.
  66. Continue for 2 kilometers.
  67. Turn left onto Silver Mountain Gondola.
  68. Continue for 5 kilometers.
  69. Bike southwest on Hot Beans.
  70. Continue for 200 meters.
  71. Bike southwest on Hot Beans.
  72. Continue for 30 meters.
  73. Bike southwest on Hot Beans.
  74. Continue for 200 meters.
  75. Turn left onto Franknbeans.
  76. Continue for 20 meters.
  77. Turn right to stay on Franknbeans.
  78. Continue for 400 meters.
  79. Bear left to stay on Franknbeans.
  80. Continue for 400 meters.
  81. Bike east on Chair Three.
  82. Continue for 600 meters.
  83. Bike northwest on El Burro Loco.
  84. Continue for 60 meters.
  85. Bike north on El Burro Loco.
  86. Continue for 200 meters.
  87. Bike north on El Burro Loco.
  88. Continue for 100 meters.
  89. Bike north on El Burro Loco.
  90. Continue for 400 meters.
  91. Bike north on El Burro Loco.
  92. Continue for 40 meters.
  93. Bear left onto Jackass.
  94. Continue for 90 meters.
  95. Turn right onto Lower Jackass.
  96. Continue for 700 meters.
  97. Bike west on Lower Jackass.
  98. Continue for 500 meters.
  99. Turn left onto Picnic Rock.
  100. Continue for 60 meters.
  101. Bike east on Chair Three.
  102. Continue for 600 meters.
  103. Bike southwest on Hot Beans.
  104. Continue for 200 meters.
  105. Bear left onto Alpnway.
  106. Continue for 40 meters.
  107. Bike east on Chair Three.
  108. Continue for 20 meters.
  109. Bike south on Snake Pit.
  110. Continue for 200 meters.
  111. Make a sharp right onto Alpnway.
  112. Continue for 50 meters.
  113. Turn left onto Payday.
  114. Continue for 900 meters.
  115. Turn right onto Chair Three.
  116. Continue for 300 meters.
  117. Bike southwest on Snake Pit.
  118. Continue for 90 meters.
  119. Bike south on Kellogg Peak Access for NAEC.
  120. Continue for 700 meters.
  121. Bike south on Kellogg Peak Access for NAEC.
  122. Continue for 900 meters.
  123. Bike southeast on Kellogg Peak Access for NAEC.
  124. Continue for 300 meters.
  125. Bike west on Kellogg Peak Access for NAEC.
  126. Continue for 1 kilometer.
  127. Bike northwest on Kellogg Peak Access for NAEC.
  128. Continue for 20 meters.
  129. Turn right onto Stix & Stones.
  130. Continue for 1 kilometer.
  131. Bike north on Stix & Stones.
  132. Continue for 30 meters.
  133. Turn left onto Snake Pit.
  134. Continue for 200 meters.
  135. Bike west on Snake Pit.
  136. Continue for 800 meters.
  137. Bike north on Snake Pit.
  138. Continue for 20 meters.
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