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Recommended Routes

Trailforks scans your ridelog history to determine your typically activity. Below are the local route suggestions based on that criteria. If you do not currently use the ridelog feature you can start tracking your activities with the Trailforks app or connect your Strava account.

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Popular Routes

    • Saw Mill 01
      Sawmill Hills
      Distance: 9 miles
      Climb: 1,650 ft
      Trails: 32
    • Earls - Seven
      Earl's Trails
      Distance: 7 miles
      Climb: 1,370 ft
      Trails: 24
    • Tour route
      Robinson State Park
      Distance: 15 miles
      Climb: 1,530 ft
      Trails: 28
    • Bear Hole
      West Springfield
      Distance: 10 miles
      Climb: 938 ft
      Trails: 0
    • Enduro Loop
      Sweetman Mountain
      Distance: 3 miles
      Climb: 514 ft
      Trails: 0
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