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Rolling Stoned2,393 ft-372 ft18 ft-14.791547.33273
Red (connector)448 ft-11 ft26 ft3.23293.4213318
Rim4,370 ft-151 ft120 ft-0.718428.4413321
Roland Run1,779 ft-126 ft7 ft0550.5273326
Ranger1 miles-151 ft132 ft-0.311139.73385
Roulette3,499 ft-240 ft36 ft-5.781121.5483421
Reeves Ravine2 miles-609 ft106 ft0570.7793454
Rollercoaster1,557 ft-102 ft3 ft-6.356722.0933478
Rocky Mile3,648 ft-10 ft11 ft0.0541.73481
Red Trail2 miles-388 ft62 ft0346.7183513
Ridge1,805 ft-19 ft120 ft5.5972177.233520
Rotary Ride #23 miles-638 ft507 ft-0.8364013545
Reservoir Loop4 miles-186 ft170 ft0121.23549
Ritalin2,907 ft-258 ft8 ft-8.6011615.23551
Razorback - South Fork 8f1,427 ft-86 ft-61229.33558
Romper Room2,717 ft-198 ft15 ft0877.1343578
Raiders914 ft-171 ft-18.737209.2233585
Roller Coaster3,007 ft-196 ft49 ft-4.892131.513590
Rake N Ride3,229 ft-510 ft6 ft-15.6152903605
Rat Trap (West)1 miles-173 ft125 ft-0.762222.943633
Rocky Point Moguls4,619 ft-29 ft32 ft0.06537.0043643
Rawhide/TRT Connector356 ft-3 ft28 ft7.1832107.43673
Ridge2,631 ft-72 ft198 ft4.7822224.033710
Rökaren DH533 ft-76 ft-14.23170.33730
Rake & Ruin1 miles-920 ft4 ft-16.9373.13741
RATBOY3,501 ft-531 ft17 ft-14.7231399.733752
Route 22 Connector2,474 ft-44 ft120 ft3.094470.4933777
Rusty Lung1 miles-92 ft474 ft5.0592293.73782
Roach Hit2,297 ft-577 ft4 ft-24.9412.73786
Redneck1,727 ft-101 ft11 ft-5.148392.43790
Rollercoaster1 miles-145 ft125 ft0211.3513843
Ray Ling953 ft-330 ft-34.69391.7963869
Recover1,097 ft-59 ft0194.9863948
Rail The Roots2,786 ft-228 ft0127.2023959
Ridgeline2 miles-133 ft144 ft0.15347.43960
Razorback (Bike Park to Kager Lake)1 miles-232 ft276 ft0.636869.23995
Ridgeback748 ft-75 ft-10.1231582.374015
Roller Coaster1,636 ft-89 ft3 ft-5.337173.5984057
Ridge XC2,640 ft-116 ft139 ft0.885725.1154071
Roller coaster1,465 ft-27 ft23 ft-0.246275.44096
Rawhide Singletrack1,551 ft-38 ft25 ft-0.8462126.44104
Rabbit Valley #21 miles-193 ft77 ft-2.0731415.44117
Ridge 157 (North)7 miles-1,853 ft1,785 ft-0.1963007.354131
Robin822 ft-160 ft-19.469269.94136
Ripcord1,213 ft-160 ft-13.22682.64165
R31 miles-838 ft975 ft2.227549.14190
Rams Horn2,916 ft-36 ft44 ft0.2811003.94220
Rocky Rip126 ft-12 ft5 ft-5.827186.1694227
Rattlesnake822 ft-108 ft12 ft01547.724236
Roundabout1,647 ft-14 ft46 ft1.9542413.984260
Root Canal3,057 ft-259 ft24 ft01454.024264
Ridge2 miles-383 ft634 ft2.4331355.264298
Raven2,794 ft-55 ft61 ft0.194562.0344300
Race Course4,194 ft-174 ft115 ft-1.402222.7594329
Return of the Jedi2,298 ft-52 ft31 ft-0.83349.0214346
Root Access298 ft-15 ft-5.179233.54358
Rob's1,164 ft-189 ft-16.262346.644360
Rusty Hatchet2,269 ft-383 ft-16.856420.1474370
Rock'oh2 miles-1,373 ft73 ft0471.6814412
Ravine1,080 ft-52 ft79 ft2.49360.94441
Ring W4,868 ft-140 ft253 ft2.33168.7854451
Ridge Braid550 ft-24 ft12 ft-2.024864.3424466
Ridgeline1 miles-128 ft46 ft-1.54143.5994470
Röd 02296 ft-11 ft-3.6686.34476
Rochoso 11,570 ft-169 ft10 ft-10.092424.24498
Rattle Your Stuff2,640 ft-42 ft60 ft0.66711444501
Roller Coaster 21,388 ft-164 ft6 ft0168.9944503
Rusty Mcleod3,114 ft-412 ft32 ft-12.213447.5364504
Red Tail Trail1,890 ft-118 ft14 ft-5.537134.54521
Route 662,403 ft-90 ft65 ft-1.032203.3564528
Revelation3,365 ft-115 ft115 ft0.0161029.374535
Ruta AM898 ft-27 ft4 ft-2.55725.94542
Rock Lobster2 miles-110 ft641 ft5.1991003.14544
Race LP3 miles-613 ft611 ft-0.009281.9514551
R22 miles-388 ft296 ft-1.04524.94553
Rollercoaster3,230 ft-805 ft19 ft-24.347431.4334555
Rock Bottom1,986 ft-124 ft19 ft083.2174574
Rothiemurchus Lodge to Ghru3,872 ft-37 ft170 ft3.419485.9194599
Rusty Trombone4,371 ft-936 ft24 ft-20.864723.64625
Repo411 ft-60 ft7 ft-12.978607.8234630
Retorno1 miles-834 ft91 ft-10.1751810.74641
Rocks n Roots3,221 ft-402 ft4 ft-12.351235.264668
Rift1 miles-88 ft308 ft3.504360.2234687
Rosanna Golf Course Descent1,469 ft-110 ft-7.52651.94708
Root Chute382 ft-50 ft-13.02584.6924719
Risky Business1 miles-522 ft5 ft-8.582395.74744
Roller Coaster1,182 ft-96 ft7 ft0569.9964789
Racers Hill2 miles-250 ft242 ft-0.09394.54799
R51 miles-418 ft481 ft1.115538.84835
Run DMC1 miles-750 ft3 ft-10.3292088.94846
Rattlesnake4,600 ft-58 ft59 ft0.0362464862
Red2,024 ft-48 ft93 ft2.251111.8974885
R2 Le Relais1,075 ft-20 ft62 ft4.012328.0044893
Rim Trail North3 miles-610 ft1,078 ft2.6032735.544903
Ravine Trail3,673 ft-58 ft59 ft0.02245.4434925
Rolling Thunder1 miles-75 ft77 ft0.062259.1494926
Rolling Chunder3,735 ft-186 ft27 ft-4.278325.84943
Roundabout1 miles-180 ft150 ft-0.4572417.174947
Race Loop5 miles-720 ft719 ft-0.002351.7494963
Rock‘n Roll Queen2 miles-1,246 ft22 ft-15.04564.35002
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