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Apex3 miles-49 ft1,343 ft9.22284.72597
Rush Climb682 ft-6 ft36 ft4.4151551.98598
Seven Summits18 miles-5,098 ft4,537 ft-0.5922201.6599
Jim Branch1 miles-26 ft294 ft4.14796.46600
Enchanted Forest1 miles-605 ft151 ft-6.5632235.2601
Wagon Wheel Trail3,099 ft-225 ft265 ft1.297300.716602
A4703,027 ft-279 ft15 ft0464.506603
Hacklberg Trail4 miles-2,304 ft352 ft-10.2832081.6604
Razors Edge3 miles-1,702 ft664 ft01709.21605
Lazy Vertigo1,361 ft-190 ft12 ft-13.1766.213606
Bennett Gap3 miles-1,431 ft250 ft01087.54607
Up Up And Away3,747 ft-190 ft325 ft3.59266608
Comfortably Numb (North Secret)2 miles-305 ft706 ft3.277762.8609
Wynalda1 miles-397 ft386 ft-0.15281.747610
Portal2 miles-1,388 ft311 ft-9.2451538.17611
Twister1 miles-256 ft245 ft-0.153410.1612
Florence (upper)1,353 ft-86 ft14 ft-5.291315.453613
South Fork Little Deer Creek (252)2 miles-779 ft161 ft-5.672465.62614
Lower Corner Canyon1,192 ft81 ft6.8371486.03615
Canyon of Fools2,420 ft-114 ft7 ft-4.4371391.13616
CBC4,272 ft-658 ft7 ft-15.244835.1617
Sofa King1,079 ft-160 ft5 ft-14.391229.193618
Orchid2,225 ft-42 ft38 ft-0.1771377.3619
Imonator713 ft-93 ft-13.029297.4620
Ridge Trail2 miles-370 ft659 ft2.607665621
Gundy DH403 ft-44 ft-10.917119.158622
Follow Me3,169 ft-127 ft17 ft-3.467151.809623
Red Dragon1,003 ft-213 ft1 ft0396.756624
Jumping Ant4,370 ft-110 ft22 ft-2.013119.112625
Hawes3 miles-535 ft232 ft-2.288555.042626
Taniel Hill4,804 ft-195 ft184 ft-0.219327627
Verboten1 miles-935 ft59 ft01319.53628
Pump Track3,483 ft-373 ft39 ft-9.57448.91629
Swine Flu2 miles-939 ft473 ft-5.5521343.9630
Salamander2,725 ft-162 ft62 ft-3.671259.9631
Lumberjack's4,104 ft-180 ft62 ft-2.88142.597632
Scorpion1 miles-280 ft44 ft0300.055633
Terry's Belly3 miles-1,044 ft158 ft0497.057634
Blue Dot2 miles-642 ft507 ft-1.3891675.02635
Sare Fecht450 ft-17 ft30 ft2.818276.723636
Angry Sheep1,965 ft-414 ft-21.051404.904637
Broken Hip aka Space Unicorn1,637 ft-235 ft12 ft-13.5851105.7638
Doug's Detention2,989 ft-120 ft11 ft0290.145639
Switchbacks to Holy Pail Up1,929 ft-165 ft17 ft-7.705752.6640
The Ribbon3 miles-1,657 ft215 ft-9.4562029.95641
Boot Camp3,119 ft-295 ft71 ft-7.182858.96642
Ridge Trail2 miles-980 ft239 ft-5.63779.7643
Wizard Burial Ground2,194 ft-455 ft21 ft-19.783874.8644
Huckleberry Hound2,908 ft-268 ft20 ft0654.48645
Rock 'n' Roll514 ft-111 ft2 ft-21.108380646
Snakes and Ladders3,245 ft-279 ft27 ft-7.765280.1647
Little Alder635 ft-122 ft9 ft-17.7481195.01648
Monkey Boy1,666 ft-83 ft4 ft-4.705411.3649
Up DJ2,627 ft-64 ft294 ft8.788529.022650
Corridor3,207 ft-344 ft49 ft-9.196485651
Flying Nun1 miles-574 ft180 ft-5.984461.7652
Cat Box Hill4,033 ft-179 ft96 ft-2.058271.7653
Supernova2,997 ft-148 ft0200.786654
Irish Death2,296 ft-392 ft-17.088457.087655
Skull659 ft-10 ft100 ft13.609177.485656
Lava Flow3,009 ft-126 ft116 ft-0.348131.326657
Pleasure Trail1 miles-1,192 ft186 ft-17.624344.857658
Sanitation Plant to Ridge1,529 ft-62 ft-4.075109.811659
Three Pigs1 miles-47 ft489 ft5.678380.069660
Aunt Flow867 ft-32 ft30 ft-0.171200.406661
Léon4,420 ft-442 ft7 ft-9.852532.426662
Dirt Wave2,501 ft-356 ft40 ft-12.666398.347663
CMG2 miles-824 ft81 ft-8.1632510.8664
Deadwood2 miles-385 ft86 ft01663.53665
Scotia Creek Climbing Trail2,299 ft-45 ft264 ft9.578773.9666
Blue Crush672 ft-70 ft2 ft-10.1523210.93667
Black Trail 4 (JJs Jumps and B-Line)2 miles-581 ft370 ft-1.83417.1668
Frankenstein1 miles-261 ft260 ft0404.2669
Chuck Wagon5 miles-773 ft688 ft-0.2961427.9670
Rock Star2 miles-1,175 ft46 ft-10.1091826.9671
The Bride2,107 ft-85 ft16 ft-3.254393.1672
Scorpion858 ft-34 ft32 ft-0.11146.346673
La Tablerone2,060 ft-243 ft25 ft-10.593276.5674
Jaw3,149 ft-66 ft84 ft0.581300.999675
Free Speech980 ft27 ft2.6983073.22676
Wally917 ft-79 ft13 ft-7.225660.9677
Koala Trail3,498 ft-69 ft18 ft-1.46594.722678
Nelson Loop2 miles-377 ft377 ft02041.9679
Lazy Lizard Connector1 miles-211 ft269 ft0.9431078.55680
Millcreek Drop In331 ft-12 ft6 ft-2.016659.431681
CMG Downhill1 miles-528 ft32 ft-7.8762284.15682
Under The Radar7 miles-1,729 ft1,705 ft-0.06669.633683
Black Trail 14,740 ft-295 ft70 ft-4.744435.404684
X-Files789 ft-3 ft9 ft0.666132.6685
Maple Hollow DH1 miles-724 ft55 ft-8.5461770.25686
Lost n Found3,140 ft-19 ft163 ft4.595314.005687
Lazy Lizard4 miles-646 ft1,684 ft4.7011395.8688
Ridge2,823 ft-142 ft108 ft-1.205342.222689
Breakout3,549 ft-189 ft30 ft0667.505690
Max Power2,910 ft-334 ft-11.489324.2691
No Err4,930 ft-497 ft258 ft-4.854564.383692
Prime Cut2 miles-65 ft479 ft3.3381678.7693
Tidal Wave (Upper)2,219 ft-200 ft9 ft-8.62827694
Hey Bud1 miles-1,132 ft22 ft-19.6261074.09695
Knotty But Nice860 ft-58 ft29 ft-3.395352.4696
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