Trail Conditions
  • Unknown
  • Snow Groomed
  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Snow Cover Inadequate
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
  • Wet
  • Variable
  • Ideal
  • Dry
  • Very Dry
Trail Flow (Ridden Direction)
Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension.
The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction.
  • > 96%
  • > 90%
  • > 80%
  • > 70%
  • > 50%
  • < 50%
  • bi-directional trail
  • no data
Trail Last Ridden
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.
  • < 2 days
  • < 1 week
  • < 2 weeks
  • < 1 month
  • < 6 months
  • > 6 months
Trail Ridden Direction
The intended direction a trail should be ridden.
  • Downhill Only
  • Downhill Primary
  • Both Directions
  • Uphill Primary
  • Uphill Only
  • One Direction
Contribute Details
Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail.
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Description & Photos
  • Videos
Trail Popularity ?
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors.
  • most popular
  • popular
  • less popular
  • not popular
Max Vehicle Width

Radar Time
x Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public ridelogs from the past 6 months.
  • mountain biking recent
  • mountain biking (>6 month)
  • hiking (1 year)
  • moto (1 year)
Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public skilogs from the past 12 months.
  • Downhill Ski
  • Backcountry Ski
  • Nordic Ski
Jump Magnitude Heatmap
Heatmap of where riders jump on trails. Zoom in to see individual jumps, click circles to view jump details.
Trails Deemphasized
Trails are shown in grey.
Only show trails with NO bikes.

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      228 trails
      titleriding areacityprovactivitytype
      Access RoadCaron ParkNerstrandMNmtb
      Andy's Bladder BusterKaplan's Woods ParkOwatonnaMNmtb
      Back LoopMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      BackboneVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      BacksideVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Bear Creek (Mayo HS)RochesterRochesterMNmtb
      Bear Creek TrailRochesterRochesterMN
      Beginner LoopCaron ParkNerstrandMNmtb
      BLTHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      Blue LoopFt LehillierMankatoMNmtb
      BoaVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Bonus RoundGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      BrownHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      Bulfrog BayouHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      Cabin RunMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      CampgroundGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      CanfieldGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Canoe RoadGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Captain'sVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      CardiacEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Cedar ClimbMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Cedar PrairieCedar FallsCedar FallsIAmtb
      Cedar River Greenbelt TrailOsageOsageIA
      Cedar Valley ConnectorGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Cedar Valley LakesGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Le Porte City to EvansdaleLa Porte CityLa Porte CityIAmtb
      Chase DownEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Cherry SingletrackLake ParkWinonaMNmtb
      ChipperEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Cityline BridgeGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Civic Center TrailRochesterRochesterMN
      CompresserMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      CorkscrewEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Creekside Short LoopLake Eagle ParkEagle LakeMNmtb
      Creekside TrailLake Eagle ParkEagle LakeMNmtb
      Dam Walk *No Bikes*GamehavenRochesterMNhike
      Dead HorseMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Dead PetVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Deer LoungeMankatoMankatoMNmtb
      Dery TrailGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Downtown LoopRochesterRochesterMN
      Dragons BreathGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Dust BowlVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Eagle Lodge LoopIngawanis WoodlandsWaverlyIAmtb
      East-WestEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Easy UphillOsageOsageIAmtb
      El CapitanIngawanis WoodlandsWaverlyIAmtb
      Evansdale Bike TrailEvansdaleEvansdaleIAmtb
      FinesseEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      First RightDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      FredVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Frog PondMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Gas CanEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Gets TightMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      GoalpostEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Gopher GameGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Gravel TrackGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Gray DuckGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Green LoopFt LehillierMankatoMNmtb
      GreenhillHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      GunnarVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Harry CookOsageOsageIA
      HartmanHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      Heart Attack HillOsageOsageIAmtb
      Hike LoopEastwood ParkRochesterMNskixc
      Holzinger LapBluffside ParkWinonaMNmtb
      HorseyVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      I to J ConnectorMinnesotaOwatonnaMNmtb
      Intermediate LoopCaron ParkNerstrandMNmtb
      Joe's TrailGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      JuliaVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Jump TrailEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Junkyard GoatOsageOsageIAmtb
      Kaplan's Woods ConnectorKaplan's Woods ParkOwatonnaMNmtb
      Kaplan's Woods SingletrackKaplan's Woods ParkOwatonnaMNmtb
      Kato ClimbMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Kennedy Memorial Park LoopFort DodgeFort DodgeIA
      Killen TrailGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Killer Toad LoopMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Lake Winona Bike PathLake ParkWinonaMNmtb
      Lake Winona Bike PathLake ParkWinonaMNmtb
      Larson LoopVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Lee's LoopVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Little BighornVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Little Bighorn ConnectorVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Lodge LoopGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Lodge to your LeftGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Log JamDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      Log TrailEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Long LoopGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Long LoopKiwanis Recreation AreaMankatoMNmtb
      LookoutMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Low LineMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Low LineMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Low RollersWinonaWinonaMNmtb
      Lower Mother's DayVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Lower PalisadesDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      Lower Randy’sVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      LugeMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Mad SquirrelMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Marians WayGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Mega MiniEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Middle Mother's DayVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Middle MoundsGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Middle PalisadesVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Minnesota RiverMankatoMankatoMNmtb
      MoundsEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      NeedlesEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      New Parking Lot ConnectorGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      No NameIngawanis WoodlandsWaverlyIAmtb
      NoNo TrailKiwanis Recreation AreaMankatoMNmtb
      North 40Van Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      NumbersIngawanis WoodlandsWaverlyIAmtb
      O LineGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Old Randy'sVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Oneota Riverview TrailDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      Outlook TraverseMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Outside loopCherry HillWinonaMNmtb
      Pasche's PathVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Paul BunyanKiwanis Recreation AreaMankatoMNmtb
      Pedal DanceEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      PerimeterGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Perimeter (Middle)George Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Perimeter (North)George Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Pet CemetaryOsageOsageIAmtb
      Pine Run Main TrailOsageOsageIAmtb
      Pines EastVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Pines WestVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Pink PoodleMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Poseidon KissEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      PossumEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      PrairieVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Prairie CutGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      PT ConnectorGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      Public TelevisionVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      PulseEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Quick ReleaseMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Rattle Snake CaveDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      Red JacketMankatoMankatoMNmtb
      Rex Macbeth RiverKiwanis Recreation AreaMankatoMNmtb
      Ridge RunMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      River TrailVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      RiversideMason CityMason CityIAmtb
      Riverside to GreenhillHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      Robertson ExpresswayGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Rocky RidgeGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Rocky RoadDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      Sakatah Singing HillsMankatoMankatoMNmtb
      Sakatah Singing HillsOwatonnaOwatonnaMN
      Sand WitchEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Schindler's WayAustinAustinMNmtb
      Scout Back RoadGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Scout RoadGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Shattuck St. Mary'sFaribaultFaribaultMNmtb
      Sherwood ForestHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      ShortEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Short LoopGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      Short LoopKiwanis Recreation AreaMankatoMNmtb
      ShortcutMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Side DoorEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      SidewinderHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      Silver Lake LoopRochesterRochesterMNmtb
      Slick RootEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Smeby’sVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Soldiers Field MPRochesterRochesterMN
      South RiversideHartman Reserve Nature CenterCedar FallsIAmtb
      South Riverside BridgeGeorge Wyth State ParkCedar FallsIAmtb
      South RouteMinnesotaMNmtb
      South RouteMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      StaircaseMount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      Stairway to HeavenVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      Tech TrailEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      The BottomsIngawanis WoodlandsWaverlyIAmtb
      The EdgeEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      The LugeVan Peenen ParkDecorahIAmtb
      The Maze (Reed's Way)Mount KatoMankatoMNmtb
      The MiddleGamehavenRochesterMNmtb
      The PrairieDecorahDecorahIAmtb
      The ReturnEastwood ParkRochesterMNmtb
      Three Rivers Trail (NS)Lizard CreekFort DodgeIA
      Three Rivers Trail (WE)Lizard CreekFort DodgeIA
      Too ShortMankatoMankatoMNmtb
      Trail 1Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 2Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 3Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 5Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 6Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 7Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 8Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Trail 9Seven Mile CreekSaint PeterMNmtb
      Displaying 1 - 200 of 228