segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bookworm Otters to Supernova192 ft16 ft10304322157
2BKB from 1st Bombhole Barry Knows Best3,298 ft171 ft95597466030
3Barry Knows Best - Top Section Barry Knows Best2,597 ft154 ft95257448623
4Barry!!!!!! Barry Knows Best2,614 ft148 ft9516742069
5Yoghurt Pots Yogurt Pots1,717 ft82 ft936176115110
6Yoghurt Pots. Yogurt Pots2,096 ft74 ft935776023250
7Yoghurt Pots 2nd Half Yogurt Pots770 ft19 ft9341755388
8Barry Knows Best Barry Knows Best3,645 ft213 ft930470776381
9Telegraph Flow Telegraph Row660 ft26 ft75314061514
10Telegraph Poles between the two tracks Telegraph Row530 ft12 ft74183919322
11Telegraph Bends Telegraph Row1,007 ft31 ft73643826817
12(MTB) Telegraph Pole Telegraph Row1,653 ft77 ft72953684422
13Telegraphs Bottom from Standstill Telegraph Row1,936 ft94 ft68833324817
14Telegraph (Bottom Half) Telegraph Row2,620 ft116 ft67553161446
15Proflexforever twat Car Park to Car Park407 ft13 ft65645313524
16JWTSN DH Supernova1,068 ft73 ft65435291745
17Supernova Supernova941 ft52 ft629046919144
18Vauxhall Nova Car Park to Car Park1,237 ft43 ft622239386102
19Nighteen Eighty Eight Wolven's Lane (UK Surrey BY526)1,144 ft64 ft6094230885
20Bandit Summer Lightning490 ft4 ft5945288065
21BKB steep climb Barry Knows Best644 ft44 ft58993233317
22Adam's Demise Supernova2,246 ft110 ft58893711418
23Cousin Vinnie's Strange Garden Summer Lightning948 ft18 ft58752804814
24back to the gay bar part one Summer Lightning459 ft63 ft5845273574
25ooh new track? Summer Lightning810 ft35 ft58012576625
26Root Blast before Rootiful Summer Lightning267 ft4 ft56942834310
27Rad lane mid section Bo Selecta947 ft35 ft56103981921
28The Khyber Summer Lightning752 ft60 ft56072526116
29Summer Lightning 1st section Summer Lightning919 ft54 ft56013025548
30#SPT Bo Selecta686 ft31 ft5457390335
31Pitch Downhill Trail to Carpark Supernova2,575 ft117 ft54123174540
32Summer Lightning rocky rooty bit Summer Lightning1,163 ft93 ft53942523519
33Summer Lightning (3rd segment) Summer Lightning605 ft31 ft53892527425
34Proper Bo... Bo Selecta1,262 ft87 ft53443796890
35Summer Lightning part #2 Summer Lightning2,587 ft41 ft53442497654
36Moonbase updated Summer Lightning1,391 ft27 ft53212512316
37malice in blunderland Summer Lightning234 ft6 ft5300276186
38SL2 top of climb to bottom of Regurgitator Summer Lightning2,116 ft72 ft51942367610
39John the Baptist Part One John the Baptist (T2 - T4)855 ft70 ft51622621218
40Graveyard Rollercoasterrrrrrrr John the Baptist (T2 - T4)1,312 ft89 ft51432589639
41VN climb Car Park to Car Park1,262 ft6 ft5110254979
42Cousin Vinnie's on roids Summer Lightning1,835 ft32 ft50792180518
43Church Run John the Baptist (T2 - T4)2,261 ft115 ft49422355647
44Leith Hill Tower Climb Summer Lightning495 ft83 ft48071677521
45Far too steep Car Park to Car Park230 ft38 ft47042025310
46Waggle Dance DH (FM) Summer Lightning1,874 ft44 ft43161559518
47Mr. Pink Mr Pink732 ft15 ft41301553917
48John the Baptist Part Two John the Baptist (T2 - T4)1,711 ft85 ft38071590614
49Northern Monkey (before the split) Northern Monkey808 ft132 ft37602516712
50Northern Monkey. Northern Monkey1,078 ft144 ft37342433796
51Fork Left T Trails (T1)2,322 ft91 ft34741276640
52Curly Wurly Curly Wurly1,195 ft75 ft34071687491
53Delirium last segment ( Blue) Squirrelly557 ft8 ft303976436
54A25 drop A25 Drop2,397 ft319 ft3009456016
55Root of all evil( Black) El Capitan544 ft71 ft29921194234
56Fork Right Fork Right (T 1.5)1,949 ft58 ft29311272355
57T0 T0904 ft30 ft2781933925
58Greensand way to Holmbury Pasture Wood - Hurt Wood to Leith Hill1,933 ft167 ft270255531
59Roller Coaster Roller Coaster1,302 ft58 ft2627846131
60Thick and Creamy Thick and Creamy922 ft38 ft25091455540
61Charles Bronson (After Jump) Charlie Bronson (Gunbucket)1,171 ft167 ft23921135118
62I should coco fastest segment(Red) I Should Coco803 ft46 ft23811083028
63Charlie Bronson middle section Charlie Bronson (Gunbucket)408 ft48 ft2364113729
64Dads jumps Bo Selecta666 ft47 ft23121000211
65Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel1,685 ft100 ft2180726229
66I Should Coco (Middle Section) I Should Coco1,777 ft94 ft2158935219
67Captain Clunk (before the drops) El Capitan1,067 ft61 ft2119919138
68Area 51 Area 51798 ft26 ft2112939925
69Area 51 full Area 511,085 ft46 ft2082866329
70Jackie Brown Jackie Brown2,711 ft81 ft1962709615
71Peter Rabbit Jackie Brown1,507 ft58 ft191063219
72Logan's Run Logan's Run1,165 ft92 ft179960589
73BASTARDS Lovely Legs498 ft57 ft179361377
74Jerk Chicken Delirium1,992 ft84 ft17921225944
75Riding Copse Climb I Should Coco240 ft9 ft177148801
76Lovely Legs (short finish) Lovely Legs1,098 ft153 ft1656545325
77Uphill North Downs Way - Hollister Farm498 ft30 ft161556675
78Diet Mutiny Mutiny866 ft36 ft158555442
79Roman RollerCoaster Stane Street2,098 ft53 ft154271974
80YEEHAA!! Stane Street1,181 ft81 ft153571363
81The Whip Stane Street685 ft14 ft151769802
82Ben's Favourite Fire Road385 ft30 ft150431610
83Summer madness Summer madness1,455 ft172 ft1478613832
84Crackpipe Crackpipe896 ft153 ft1455639937
85Ugly Minger Stane Street263 ft20 ft143474716
86Juniper Hall Climb Stane Street2,645 ft183 ft1387901212
87Mind the Pole Lovely Legs885 ft112 ft135037403
88Crabtree to Bookham downhill Bockets Farm to Crabtree Lane3,205 ft101 ft107521424
89AZ - from the drop in Abba Zabba1,031 ft49 ft97629551
90Lower Perry - Short Psychedelic Warlords836 ft171 ft85036192
91Twig Trail Jackie Brown3,655 ft181 ft82218063
92Hot Chocolate Welly Boot Disaster Summer madness1,145 ft142 ft78824683
93Rutted pixie Stane Street733 ft68 ft78723422
94Stane Sprint Stane Street514 ft58 ft77828670
95bombholes trail Red, White and Rosé1,213 ft226 ft77647368
96Roman Roller-coaster (reverse) Stane Street2,689 ft55 ft77528040
97Juniper Hall Descent Stane Street3,778 ft260 ft77024883
98Lower Perry Psychedelic Warlords1,532 ft204 ft76032253
99au naturel Au Natural1,029 ft47 ft75935887
100Bookham wood climb Bockets Farm to Crabtree Lane3,751 ft107 ft75829637
101final push Stane Street1,265 ft68 ft73623860
102Red, White and Rosé (full.. Bodied, Red) Red, White and Rosé2,095 ft323 ft692414117
103Alsation Top Alsatian1,133 ft65 ft66435193
104Windy Willows(Red) Windy Willows3,217 ft143 ft636266325
105Abba Zabba/blind terror( black) Abba Zabba1,118 ft135 ft620254019
106Flinty Badman. Flinty Badman2,114 ft144 ft576257724
107XR3I XR3l653 ft142 ft566141816
108pony club climb to hurst road Pony Club (DH)1,956 ft136 ft56122091
109A bit more of flinty Flinty Badman740 ft71 ft55023356
110Flinty Badman Inc. Bottom Section Flinty Badman4,150 ft240 ft548230615
111Golden nugget Golden Nugget1,415 ft163 ft532255332
112White Honky White Honky1,597 ft215 ft486284427
113Colekitchen kicker climb The tube498 ft87 ft47415710
114Westhumble Bridle Climb Girls Favourite2,521 ft138 ft47214022
115Wonderland Wonderland1,783 ft102 ft470209321
116Rip Van Winkle Rip Van Winkle1,702 ft125 ft366168526
117Saw Mill (good gps) Sawmill1,844 ft123 ft35514414
118Wonderland (alternative) Wonderland1,993 ft89 ft35411875
119Cole Kitchen East Cole Kitchen East1,044 ft114 ft351127110
120Sawmill Sawmill2,273 ft112 ft346128214
121Razzle Dazzle (long) Cole Kitchen East1,060 ft142 ft33211162
122Swedish tanning team Ricin Beans2,594 ft216 ft28610243
123colekitchen descent The tube1,537 ft176 ft2855512
124Wee Willie Winkie Wee Willie Winkie908 ft113 ft22572816
125colekitchen climb The tube1,481 ft187 ft2204363
126Old School Son of Coco2,433 ft159 ft2015257
127climb from hsb to sheepleas Down to Honeysuckle Bottom902 ft82 ft1683702
128The Chute Fern Cottons Mum500 ft88 ft892311
129BKB Climb (from bottom of BKB) BKB return3,075 ft203 ft000
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