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A Blaze On The HillsidePineview
1 miles-675 ft
All TranquilleLac Du Bois Grasslands
1 miles-218 ft
AmbushStake Lake
3,316 ft-25 ft
440 ft-20 ft
Arena to XC ClimbKamloops Bike Ranch
2,026 ft
ArizonaLac Du Bois Grasslands
4,941 ft-74 ft
Back in the SaddleLac Du Bois Grasslands
1 miles-151 ft
Balsam RootKenna Cartwright Park
1,010 ft-1 ft
Beer RunPineview
1 miles-618 ft
Beetle BendKenna Cartwright Park
444 ft
BenchPeterson Creek Park
930 ft
Big PineKenna Cartwright Park
1 miles-393 ft
BighornLac Du Bois Grasslands
3 miles-817 ft
Billy Miner NorthPeterson Creek Park
2,247 ft-367 ft
Billy Miner SouthPeterson Creek Park
2,243 ft-118 ft
Blowdown AlleyKenna Cartwright Park
819 ft-40 ft
Boot ChutePineview
3,882 ft-374 ft
Breakfast Coming UpPineview
1,708 ft
BroncoStake Lake
1,672 ft-62 ft
BushwackerStake Lake
2 miles-275 ft
Cabin FeverKenna Cartwright Park
1,877 ft-78 ft
Cabin TrailKenna Cartwright Park
1,132 ft-97 ft
CartwheelStake Lake
2 miles-110 ft
Chase OnHarper Mountain
3,267 ft-132 ft
Coal Hill ClimbPineview
2,333 ft-29 ft
Coal Hill DescentPineview
4,700 ft-767 ft
Coal Hill Descent AlternatePineview
531 ft-16 ft
CowpokeStake Lake
3 miles-254 ft
Cows With GunsLac Du Bois Grasslands
3,932 ft-26 ft
Crank 'n CujoPineview
3,184 ft-79 ft
CreeksidePeterson Creek Park
1,105 ft-46 ft
Cryptogamic SoilKenna Cartwright Park
798 ft-93 ft
Dead CoyoteLac Du Bois Grasslands
2 miles-1,666 ft
Deep Lake (East)Westsyde
4,239 ft-459 ft
Deep Lake (West)Westsyde
4,522 ft-478 ft
Deer RunKenna Cartwright Park
2 miles-498 ft
DewdropLac Du Bois Grasslands
3 miles-2,460 ft
Dewdrop EastLac Du Bois Grasslands
4 miles-96 ft
Dewdrop TraverseLac Du Bois Grasslands
11 miles-2,789 ft
Dirty LipsGreenstone
2 miles-1,357 ft
Doc Findlay LoopKenna Cartwright Park
2 miles-545 ft
Dog On ItPineview
1,014 ft-21 ft
Down the HatchPineview
1,806 ft-377 ft
DrifterStake Lake
2 miles-210 ft
Easy RiderHarper Mountain
2 miles-818 ft
EldoradoStake Lake
2,557 ft-6 ft
ElevatorKenna Cartwright Park
678 ft-201 ft
FallsviewPeterson Creek Park
1,074 ft-198 ft
FHA CollinsPeterson Creek Park
1,860 ft-193 ft
FHA Collins ConnectorPeterson Creek Park
170 ft-14 ft
Find the MinePineview
2,929 ft-88 ft
Fist Full of DollarsKamloops Bike Ranch
2,323 ft-273 ft
GeronimoStake Lake
1 miles-6 ft
GnarwahlHarper Mountain
2,034 ft-653 ft
GrasslandsPeterson Creek Park
1,664 ft-43 ft
Grasslands AlternativePeterson Creek Park
635 ft
Grasslands Community TrailWestsyde
4 miles-1,521 ft
Grasslands LoopPeterson Creek Park
1,806 ft-26 ft
Grouse GulchPeterson Creek Park
1,091 ft-23 ft
Hard RockPineview
2,375 ft-78 ft
HeartbreakStake Lake
1,987 ft-14 ft
High IronPineview
1,935 ft-10 ft
HoldupStake Lake
4,935 ft-74 ft
HossStake Lake
3,564 ft-43 ft
HP SaucePineview
3,740 ft-111 ft
Hugh Allan GrindPineview
1,589 ft-11 ft
Iron MaskPineview
6 miles-774 ft
Iron Mask Fitness TestPineview
1 miles-123 ft
Isobel LakeWestsyde
2 miles-191 ft
Jail BirdsKenna Cartwright Park
1,102 ft-23 ft
2,769 ft-49 ft
Jarrett's Highway ConnectorPeterson Creek Park
1,111 ft-31 ft
KestrelKenna Cartwright Park
691 ft
Ket-R-DoneHarper Mountain
5 miles-276 ft
KinnikinnickKenna Cartwright Park
2,574 ft-391 ft
Kow A Been HereLac Du Bois Grasslands
4,523 ft-52 ft
LassoStake Lake
2,077 ft-28 ft
Lava Flow LookoutKenna Cartwright Park
2,646 ft-107 ft
Lazy BoyLac Du Bois Grasslands
1 miles-190 ft
Lichen TraverseKenna Cartwright Park
1,907 ft-83 ft
Little JoeStake Lake
2,150 ft-42 ft
Little PineKenna Cartwright Park
2,182 ft-36 ft
Lockie Lake LanePineview
2,794 ft-24 ft
Lookout LoopStake Lake
1 miles-153 ft
Low IronPineview
4,595 ft-48 ft
Lower Doug DawsKenna Cartwright Park
5,008 ft-188 ft
MagpieKenna Cartwright Park
533 ft-6 ft
MariposaPeterson Creek Park
1,497 ft-16 ft
Mask Or AidPineview
502 ft
MesaKenna Cartwright Park
1 miles-352 ft
4,129 ft-513 ft
2 miles-936 ft
Miner 29'erPineview
2 miles-359 ft
More SpeedPineview
3,806 ft-367 ft
More WhiskeyPineview
1,824 ft-54 ft
Naked PistolLac Du Bois Grasslands
4,548 ft-177 ft
Nate's LowerHarper Mountain
3,505 ft-703 ft
Nate's UpperHarper Mountain
2 miles-1,063 ft
North VistaKenna Cartwright Park
3,007 ft-270 ft
Old Man's BeardKenna Cartwright Park
773 ft-6 ft
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