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      Yudicky Park is a unique place to ride. It's just one part of the Nashua Conservation Commission's Southwest Trails Project.

      Yudicky's trails offer a variety of challenges you will not find anywhere else in southern New Hampshire. The trails on the south side of the road are tight, twisting, technical singletracks with a variety of ramps and teeter-totters. These are the hardest and most technical trails in the park. On the north side of the road, the older trails are singletracks with roots, rocks, and logs. While some of the newer the newer ones have a lot of bermed corners.

      Southern NH NEMBA has worked tirelessly to make this trail network. Many traildays have been spent repairing, improving and constructing these trails.

      However: The rule of thumb here is Don't simplify the trails. If a trail section is too difficult for you to ride, Don't "improve" the trail so that you can ride it. Instead Improve your skills until you can master the trails.

      Remember: Every mountain bike comes equipped with a walker. Use yours when you can't ride something.

      Some of Yudicky's trails are easily ridden at high speeds and are especially fun because of the infinite number of turns and almost complete lack of hills. For the experienced rider who likes twisty challenges, Yudicky Park is highly recommended.

      The town of Nashua recently acquired a number of conservation parcels that together form Nashua's Southwest Trails


      On the south side of the road the trails back up to private property. Please be respectful of the neighbors. All of the parks trails are multi-use and ATVs are found on some of the trails, illegally, so keep your ears open. The town's paved bicycle path also runs through here. Parts of this park are also a favorite place for hunters. Be sure to wear orange or bring a bell from late September to early December.
      source: NEMBA
      Access Info:
      Off of 111A, park near fields.
      Region Details
      • 2
      • 9


      Avg Trail Rating
      Total Distance
      7 miles
      Total Descent Distance
      3 miles
      Total Descent
      1,441 ft
      Highest Trailhead
      289 ft
      Total Vertical
      110 ft
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      trail: Windigo
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      Windigo, Pelham
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