2021 FVMBA Virtual Challenge contest

  • Start Date
    Monday May 24, 2021
  • End Date
    Friday July 2, 2021
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Join the 40 Day FVMBA Challenge and get out on the trails to:

Earn badges and compete for some awesome prize-packs.

What is the 40 Day Challenge?
This event will be held virtually through the Trailforks app, and encourages locals to be active outside, while spreading trail users across the network of amazing trails maintained by FVMBA volunteers.

How Do I sign up?
Add the annual Membership to your cart, if you haven’t already purchased this year purchase your membership here.

Ensure you have a Trailforks Account and enter the username in the form found on the Join the 40 day challenge page.

For multiple participants, please complete the form and process for each individual separately.

What else do I need to know?
Before reaching out to us with any questions, please refer to the 40 Day Challenge page on our website for more info on the challenge and frequently asked questions. Check it out!

Prize Info

A full listing of all prizes to be won can be found on our website here https://www.fvmba.com/virtual-challenge/ Many thanks to our sponsors who made this possible!

Badges Related to Contest

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You need a Trailforks/Pinkbike account to join this contest.