Lobo Enduro
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This is our signature Event. Run in the Desierto de los Leones forest only 30 minutes away from Mexico City. With a 35 km course and seven special stages run over an elevation of 3600 mts, it´s the best Mexico City has to offer. Beautiful back drops, mountains, rivers and the best single tracks around.

Some say Mexico is provided with grate natural resources, and we agree We are really proud of our mountains and what we have accomplished in this event, that is the first Qualifier Event in Mexico City! An to top it all, the finish is wrapped in a "Fiesta" just like Mexico knows how to throw!

So what are you waiting for? and get down here for the Lobo Enduro Race!!


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jenjwong (Jun 7, 2019 at 15:11)
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  • LoboEnduro 2019 EWS Qualifier

    The builders of this route have requested that its location be kept hidden.

    21.8 miles
    5,267 ft
    -6,083 ft
    2 miles
    High Point
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