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There’s no reason we can’t keep the pain and pleasure of xc mountain bike racing alive in these crazy socially and physically distant covid-19 times Heck, 99% of mtb racing is spent in no-man/woman’s land anyways, so why not get out there and race by yourself? Hop on board the virtual fat tire Tuesday train and get outside and challenge yourself on a new, superfun singletrack lap each week, and try to throw down your fastest time for one, two, or three laps. Starting the evening of May 18th, a lap made up of sweet E-town singletrack will be posted here and on Strava every Monday night until the end of June. You’ll have until the following Sunday to find the lap, session it, and “race” it (in the most responsible, controlled, and courteous manner possible of course) the number of laps you want. Lap length will be similar to the real-life fat tire Tuesday races you all know and love, and best of all, they won’t be confined to Terwillegar and Sunridge! Still sorting out the finer details, but I’ll try my best to sort through the times and report here how people did. Or maybe I’ll just provide some jive talk, shout outs, and kudos. Or maybe I’ll just post some cute cat videos and whatever beer I’m drinking. Who cares?! Let’s just have some good old-fashioned mtb fun and suffering all by our lonesomes. While there won’t be any awesome prizes or cookies, you will earn a deep sense of self accomplishment, and what’s better than that?

Check back often for updates and information. Share this event with whoever and wherever you think it might be of interest. Questions, comments, suggestions, and chatter welcome in the comments. Stay safe and healthy.


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