Rimrock MTB Dash
Race Details:

30, 15 and 5 mile xc mountain bike race. The 30 mile race will start a 9:00 a.m. and the 15 mile will start at 9:40. The race starts out on the fire road and heads towards Underdog. All racers will loop Underdog counterclockwise. The 30 and 15 mile groups will cross the service road onto the "kids loop" towards Owl be Back. 5 milers turn left down Roller coaster a short ways taking a right at the Tumbleweed intersection then another quick right onto the road. proceed up the road taking a left before the cattle guard onto the Hoskins Loop. Loop around staying on this loop to the finisb line Tumbleweed

30/15 after the loop on Underdog counterclockwise cross the service road onto the Hoskins loop then doping down Owl Be Back. Continue onto Kyra's Joy then to Sleepy Hollow. You'll take a right once you get to the Southwest junction and continue on as it turns into Bandit. You will ride up Bandit for a while and look for the signs as you cross onto Roller Coaster, then Tumbleweed then to the service road where the finish line is.
30 milers do 2 laps 15 milers do 1

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