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Our recently updated Hood River Map focuses on the popular riding areas of Post Canyon, just southwest of Hood River and the Coyote Wall/Syncline/Catherine Creek area, just across the Columbia River and east of town a few miles. The new format allows us to show these spectacular trail networks in better detail. In addition, the sale of this map will serve as a fundraiser for the maintenance and expansion of the Post Canyon network. $2 from the sale of each map will be donated to the land managers to directly benefit the trail network.

(For those looking for the Surveyors Ridge/Lookout Mountain/Eight-Mile Creek networks as well as the Lewis River, Falls Creek, Ape Canyon and Nestor Peak/Buck Creek trails we will have a new map of these trails available by the end of March, 2017. This map will also serve as a fundraiser for the trails)

24 mountain biking rides of varying difficulty and settings are highlighted and described in detail on this map. Use the descriptions to pick a ride appropriate to your abilities and tastes.

Water/Tear Proof Map, Flat Map, and Laminated Flat Map options are available (see below). Flat and Laminated maps make nice gifts as you can hang them on a wall. Electronic versions of this map for your phone or device can be downloaded as well.
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