segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1up to twin ponds David English1,715 ft133 ft27491385013Newark
2Descent to Tunnel Lenape North2,994 ft73 ft26891430823Newark
3Col du Marina Michael Castle Trail661 ft30 ft25501721827Bear
4Hill - Bryan's Field wb Bryan's Field2,430 ft122 ft25111218517Newark
5Summit Pointe Climb Michael Castle Trail1,064 ft33 ft2360121896Bear
6skills park White Clay Skills Park1,779 ft65 ft2150618719Newark
7Switchbacks in Delaware? (C&D paved path) Michael Castle Trail1,272 ft43 ft2088974019Bear
8SnowGoose to Waste Tri Valley1,993 ft52 ft208099707Newark
9Waste to SnowGoose Tri Valley2,036 ft55 ft2072107455Newark
10Final Section Michael Castle Trail1 mile23 ft2027987820Bear
11°0o0°0o0°0o° Michael Castle Trail1 mile54 ft1927941711Bear
12BOMB IT Possum Hollow Loop1,133 ft89 ft19241089821Newark
13Race to new bridge Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,113 ft9 ft19131276511Newark
14FoxDen2SmiFFMiLLPUNCH Tri Valley - Lenape658 ft30 ft1900108276Newark
15FoxDen to SmithMill Full Tri Valley - Lenape1,406 ft35 ft1896107825Newark
16Earthday DH Earth Day1,568 ft61 ft189176419Newark
17Downhill to Smithmill Tri Valley - Lenape1,536 ft59 ft18881186613Newark
18bigringdh Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,146 ft68 ft18821233615Newark
19Not quite a full loop Possum Hollow Loop1 mile140 ft1872106156Newark
20catch me if you can Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,429 ft65 ft18411206612Newark
21going down Snow Goose783 ft79 ft1814817413Newark
22Down Corkscrew Corkscrew389 ft59 ft1717658611Newark
23Down church hill from trail sign to bulletin board Snow Goose1,020 ft48 ft1710786311Newark
24Down to jimmys Tri Valley - Snow Goose2,477 ft135 ft1704973421Newark
25up from Jimmys Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,722 ft86 ft167773914Newark
26Up From Jimmy's Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,595 ft89 ft165472315Newark
27Chestnut Hill outer horn Chestnut Hill1 mile109 ft1652730210Newark
28Snow Goose down pass green tower Tri Valley - Snow Goose4,284 ft159 ft1620908310Newark
29Tonto's last stand Double Horseshoe Trail1,137 ft84 ft161966817Newark
30Church downhill, Snow Goose to Bridge Snow Goose2,111 ft114 ft1491569012Newark
31Lower Snow Goose from Bridge Snow Goose2,977 ft79 ft1365547711Newark
32Gravel Down Around Pond Bryan's Field2,371 ft57 ft134837449Newark
33new trail around pond plus whoops Bryan's Field3,838 ft113 ft1344372112Newark
34BOAC Paper Mill Connector1,131 ft21 ft131432496Newark
35Possum Hollow Road to Bird Lot Lenape South2,084 ft49 ft129243705Newark
36White knuckle roots - Chanterelle Double Horseshoe Trail2,962 ft86 ft1280483812Newark
37All the way up Tri Valley - Snow Goose3,197 ft154 ft125043365Newark
38out & back "back" Polly Drummond Out-n-Back4,311 ft47 ft1184944116Newark
39out & back "out" Polly Drummond Out-n-Back4,316 ft45 ft1152869113Newark
40Frog Pond DH Possum Hollow Loop3,098 ft99 ft100840365Newark
41up to scottys skinny Possum Hollow Loop2,126 ft99 ft99838405Newark
42Beaver Dam Climb Beaver Dam Climb2,522 ft169 ft938595419Wilmington
43Sprint along the fence Fenceline to Mica1,012 ft42 ft93767258Wilmington
44Best way down from Boy Scout Camp Wheel Slap2,551 ft88 ft82753339Wilmington
45Mica Quarry to California Trail Mica Quarry to California3,984 ft84 ft77748569Wilmington
46where it counts (backwards) or 'try this on singlespeed' Just when you think you're at the top1,196 ft91 ft76541433Wilmington
47Gravel grind Longwall Trail1,550 ft116 ft72051519Wilmington
48FunToCreek Iron Hill Loop1,336 ft95 ft64733106Newark
49The Gavagan Death Trail Hurricane Run539 ft120 ft63632138Wilmington
50Twistys Iron Hill Loop819 ft54 ft62029955Newark
51New Gravel Climb Bryan's Field2,421 ft63 ft61812225Newark
52That downhill section on the left Iron Hill Loop1,166 ft63 ft58424105Newark
53Down to stinky creek DE Beaver Valley to PA Beaver Valley3,200 ft98 ft57439198Wilmington
54Down Fuzzy"s Iron Hill Loop3,506 ft148 ft53321376Newark
55Down Blue Trail Iron Hill Loop943 ft65 ft52721052Newark
56Climb to Tech Gnar Longwall Trail4,280 ft165 ft50428431Wilmington
57Up Fuzzy's Iron Hill Loop2,444 ft100 ft49715811Newark
58Vineyard To Beaver Valley Downhill DE Beaver Valley to PA Beaver Valley909 ft33 ft49035707Wilmington
59Up and Up Sprint Beaver Creek Hill1,140 ft61 ft47934994Wilmington
60Horse Climb W of BVR Beaver Creek Hill1,005 ft56 ft47935074Wilmington
61Beaver Creek hill, heading west Beaver Creek Hill2,918 ft87 ft47134295Wilmington
62Dog Park Swamp Forest Trail1,570 ft4 ft42419615Newark
63ramsey parking lot climb Down to Ramseys292 ft35 ft42016573Wilmington
64Don't Just Stand There, Bust a Move Down to Ramseys1,344 ft132 ft41014414Wilmington
65Down the Colorado Down to Ramseys2,031 ft138 ft40317984Wilmington
66Beaver Valley Climb Beaver Creek Hill2,875 ft216 ft38615673Wilmington
67Beaver Valley Rd up to field Stripes to Beaver Valley Rd. Connector986 ft106 ft37716964Wilmington
68Technical Section of VOC Longwall Trail689 ft16 ft37019381Wilmington
69Tech Gnar Longwall Trail1,325 ft66 ft36818935Wilmington
70New Ramsey Woods Downhill Just when you think you're at the top3,323 ft193 ft33611455Wilmington
711st climb Iron Hill Loop2,119 ft126 ft31612131Newark
72Backside descent to I-95 Iron Hill Loop1,345 ft81 ft3029932Newark
73Climb up to Camp Wheel Slap2,612 ft78 ft27311091Wilmington
74Here To Party Hurricane Run354 ft72 ft2645670Wilmington
75Widow Maker DH Widow Maker974 ft94 ft2569583Wilmington
76Jedi Knight Jedi Knight892 ft140 ft24617849Wilmington
772018 GGC 100K GORE Vaughn's Trail2,040 ft178 ft2413710Newark
78boy scout climb Thompson to Wheel Slap1,312 ft27 ft2279701Wilmington
79Rippin' Fast Downhill BVR Loop3,035 ft122 ft2096781Wilmington
802016 Race Loop (Unofficial) Iron Hill Loop7 miles212 ft1894827Newark
81back on track Penndel Trail1,680 ft9 ft1584840Newark
82Sucky Sucky Climby Climby Iron Hill Loop1,058 ft57 ft1434361Newark
83Mica Quarry Reverse Mica Quarry to California3,363 ft83 ft1424030Wilmington
84wrong way today Penndel Trail1,672 ft9 ft1403630Newark
85Vaughn Trail Climb Vaughn's Trail2,296 ft279 ft1012800Newark
86Lums Clockwise from Boat Ramp Swamp Forest Trail6 miles28 ft952857Newark
87Lum's Pond Clockwise Swamp Forest Trail6 miles28 ft892783Newark
88Lum's Pond Counterclockwise Swamp Forest Trail7 miles28 ft792695Newark
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