segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Jumpline B Skills Park - Expert Jump Line302 ft24 ft1385202950
2Riverside Flow Upper Cathedral4,821 ft71 ft70819952
3Upper Cathedral Upper Cathedral2 miles57 ft70219857
4Return to Haines Lollygagger (Duluth Traverse)1,876 ft108 ft64124483
5Piedmont - Climb up from Haines Lollygagger (Duluth Traverse)1,855 ft108 ft63824112
6Illegal? Samir, this is America! Duluth Traverse1,107 ft10 ft57720363
7Upper Burner Is Still Hot Stovetop - Upper Burner1,362 ft57 ft56217280
8Deerslayer Up Deerslayer4,438 ft92 ft51814310
9Lower Candyland Candyland2,822 ft271 ft51724272
10I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow Duluth Traverse991 ft14 ft51416862
11Happy Hucker Lower Burner of Stovetop (Duluth Traverse)317 ft45 ft50416290
12Mom said I could be whatever I choose to be. I chose to be a Stravahole. Home Brew1,191 ft67 ft49915640
13Upper Candyland Candyland1,590 ft136 ft49524362
14Nun's Quarry (up) Westchester (Duluth Traverse)1,354 ft60 ft49214253
15Lower Cathedral Up Lower Cathedral2,572 ft165 ft4817893
16Enter the Evergreens Amity West Trail2,878 ft55 ft47019791
17Root Canal CCW no boardwalk Root Canal3,457 ft70 ft46918020
18Candyland Candyland4,550 ft398 ft466209113
19Mark it Zero Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)1,911 ft68 ft46318300
20Nun's Quarry (down) Westchester (Duluth Traverse)1,192 ft60 ft45913793
21Wrecking Ball Smorgasbord679 ft72 ft45260391
222016 Lester Enduro Stage 1 Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)4,615 ft106 ft44116572
23Brewer Park - Southbound Trail, North (1 mile) Home Brew5,265 ft52 ft43413552
24Lower Happy Camper Happy Camper1,997 ft196 ft42222105
25Upper Happer Camper Happy Camper2,028 ft125 ft42127762
26Grunt up Valley East (Duluth Traverse)1,838 ft112 ft42114000
27Lester Downhill Amity West Trail1 miles199 ft41614012
28Dr Diablo Lower Burner of Stovetop528 ft19 ft41114764
29A Fun Segment of the DT Valley West (Duluth Traverse)3,948 ft182 ft4099323
30Marshall DH Hilltopper (Duluth Traverse)1,847 ft56 ft39411451
31Grunt up Complete Mission Creek Pkwy2,679 ft152 ft38712890
32Happy Camper Happy Camper4,786 ft406 ft38322394
33Ninja Beaver - Westbound Ninja Beaver1 miles42 ft3816673
34Piedmont - Upper Burner - West to East Stovetop - Upper Burner3,226 ft55 ft3789542
35Business Time Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)1,109 ft56 ft37711840
36The Scarface Blue Line Scarface2,273 ft74 ft37710880
37Smorgasbord on a diet Smorgasbord1,949 ft274 ft37624266
38Sunmahr Rhamnus1,243 ft17 ft37624201
39Well that's just, like, your opinion, man. Old Hartley Road1,628 ft20 ft37311650
40get up to get down Amity West Trail1,417 ft101 ft37115300
41Piedmont - Lower Burner - East to West Lower Burner of Stovetop (Duluth Traverse)3,971 ft60 ft37012731
42Duluth Traverse - Hawk's Ridge Eastbound Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles160 ft36710660
43Skyline Redeux Skyline (Duluth Traverse)3,467 ft173 ft3609161
44Deerslayer Down Deerslayer3,786 ft85 ft35910482
45Duluth Traverse - Jean Duluth to Hawk Ridge Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)3,163 ft87 ft35214193
46Powerline trail uphill Valley West (Duluth Traverse)4,284 ft166 ft3488262
47Marshall UH Hilltopper (Duluth Traverse)1,880 ft49 ft3459652
48Corner to Creek Puker The Puker3,289 ft262 ft34113652
49Forget it, Donny, you're out of your element! Rhamnus1,611 ft20 ft33321392
50Blaster Blaster718 ft107 ft33117144
51Amity West (climb) Amity West Trail2 miles227 ft32210924
52Enger - descent from 5th St Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)2,983 ft155 ft31710691
53Coffee Creek west to Skyline Pkwy Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)3,042 ft72 ft31110372
54Porcupine Quill Down Porcupine Passage4,064 ft177 ft3118151
55Coffee Creek east, to 5th St Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)2,941 ft153 ft30810411
56Duluth Traverse - Hartley Nature Center to Root Canal [East to West] Duluth Traverse2,620 ft24 ft3078281
57Get Some Chains Cupcake! Valley East (Duluth Traverse)2,718 ft155 ft30610320
58Upper Blaster Blaster395 ft57 ft30417142
59Ninja Beaver - Eastbound Ninja Beaver1 miles46 ft3044861
60Salty Sea Dog Kingsbury (Duluth Traverse)3,357 ft91 ft3016992
61Munger to Valley West Mission Creek Pkwy2,430 ft166 ft30010222
62Enger - Goat Hill - West to East Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles161 ft29810060
63Enger Trail - Twin Ponds to 53 Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles160 ft2969493
64Ver to Jean Morningside (Duluth Traverse)5,211 ft104 ft29412105
65New Skyline DH Skyline (Duluth Traverse)2,693 ft154 ft2936280
66Enger Trail - 53 to Twin Ponds Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles152 ft2869202
67Amity Up Dry Section Snively Trail1 miles126 ft27816880
68Jean to Ver Morningside (Duluth Traverse)5,192 ft99 ft27410523
69Enger - Twin Ponds descent Observation Hill (Duluth Traverse)1,809 ft97 ft2668761
70Skyline to 9th DH Miller Low-Line (Duluth Traverse)1 miles201 ft2597021
71Outer Loop Counter Guardrail Loop3 miles161 ft25713858
72Fly Flow Flee Flung Upper Cathedral3 miles123 ft2556580
73Lollygagger Descent Lollygagger (Duluth Traverse)2,673 ft132 ft2535920
74St. Louis River Trail down St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles164 ft2494650
75Porcupine Passage to MCP Porcupine Passage2 miles201 ft2496151
76Merritt Creek Merritt Creek1 miles78 ft2474591
77Enger - Observation to Twin Ponds Observation Hill (Duluth Traverse)2,824 ft103 ft2477880
78Upper Cathedral Full Upper Cathedral4 miles148 ft2465300
79Merritt Creek up Miller High-Line (Duluth Traverse)2,856 ft164 ft2335840
80St Louis River Trail up St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles173 ft2334471
81Road up to skyline Miller Low-Line (Duluth Traverse)2,680 ft141 ft2316180
82skyline road climb up Skyline (Duluth Traverse)2,565 ft133 ft2315980
83Lawless to Valley West Mission Creek Pkwy4,843 ft82 ft2217120
84skyline road climb Skyline (Duluth Traverse)3,002 ft142 ft2205620
85skyline road climb Skyline (Duluth Traverse)3,002 ft142 ft2205620
86Kissing Booth Kissing Booth2,847 ft231 ft2185342
87You Crazy Suicide Stravahole Miller High-Line (Duluth Traverse)2,841 ft177 ft2125530
88Red Dress/Sidekick/Scarface to bridge Red Dress2,039 ft91 ft2043751
89Fond duscent Court Indigenous Land5,278 ft223 ft1964403
90Kissing Booth Climb Kissing Booth (ascent)2,942 ft180 ft1864161
91Upper Calculated Risk Calculated Risk894 ft117 ft1709381
92Grip it n' rip it St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)3,147 ft104 ft1693300
93Mission Creek Pkwy - DT to Porcupine Passage Mission Creek Pkwy4,982 ft82 ft1665191
94Porcupine Quill Climb Porcupine Passage4,176 ft176 ft1642802
95Mission Creek up to the Munger Trail Mission Creek Pkwy1 miles209 ft1535781
96State Highway 3 Climb Mission Creek Pkwy4,979 ft265 ft1345491
97Calculated Risk DH Calculated Risk3,209 ft390 ft1326303
98Trail intersection to Mission Creek Pkwy East Porcupine Passage1 miles151 ft1091980
99Mission Creek Parkway Climb East Porcupine Passage2,388 ft147 ft1091940
100It's a Trap! Admiral Rockbar454 ft102 ft1083502
101Rockbar Gnar Admiral Rockbar1,099 ft135 ft1062921
102Steep n' Deep Admiral Rockbar1,105 ft146 ft1052881
103MCP Climb to 210 Mission Creek Pkwy2,978 ft169 ft1002462
104You're an animal! A Mountain Goat! Admiral Rockbar607 ft95 ft1002281
105The new Admiral Rockbar! Admiral Rockbar2,878 ft135 ft1002062
106Oldenberg Munger to Bottom Mission Creek Pkwy1 miles219 ft853691
107Bones Of The Beast (B.O.B.) BOB (Bones Of the Beast)899 ft195 ft792954
108Fon Du Lac Climb to SHT Indigenous Land4,768 ft213 ft601262
109DM DM1,569 ft196 ft542112
110Un-Happy Camper Happy Camper4,487 ft382 ft37621
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