Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Ague CoveTwo Lover's Point
1 mile-14 ft23 ft
Asan Park LoopGuam
4,495 ft-2 ft2 ft
Ayuyu Bridge TLP3Two Lover's Point
233 ft-3 ft
Babui Bunkers TLP11Two Lover's Point
617 ft3 ft
Baby Dawl TLP8Two Lover's Point
348 ft3 ft
Charlie Corn LEO1Leo Palace
1,883 ft-30 ft48 ft
Dirt Diggler (GU) LEO8Channel 10
1,788 ft-106 ft
FAA MainTwo Lover's Point
2 miles-56 ft84 ft
Fam Flo TLP6Two Lover's Point
2,546 ft-12 ft10 ft
Fence Line Descent LEO10Leo Palace
1,286 ft-49 ft
FotgonTwo Lover's Point
942 ft-4 ft
GIR Flow Trail 1 GIR2aGuam International Raceway
607 ft-6 ft
GIR Flow Trail 2 GIR2bGuam International Raceway
341 ft-3 ft
GIR Flow Trail 3 GIR2cGuam International Raceway
184 ft
GIR Flow Trail 4 GIR2dGuam International Raceway
118 ft
Goat Trail (GU) LEO9Leo Palace
3,360 ft-172 ft46 ft
Grab-N-Grub TLP9Two Lover's Point
879 ft-8 ft
Guam Raceway Park (GRP) LoopGuam International Raceway
4 miles-114 ft113 ft
Hagas Lanchu OverlookGuam
3 miles-53 ft586 ft
HagonTwo Lover's Point
676 ft7 ft
Hunter's Lane AGuam
3,868 ft-33 ft
Hunter's Lane BGuam
1,342 ft8 ft
Hunter's Lane CGuam
3,898 ft-2 ft10 ft
Jig Jag TLP4Two Lover's Point
1,129 ft-47 ft56 ft
L&M TLP10Two Lover's Point
581 ft2 ft
Lover's Lane TLP1Two Lover's Point
1,148 ft-25 ft
Lover's Lane - B line TLP2Two Lover's Point
230 ft-2 ft
Mt Alutom DH Towers to FallsChannel 10
2,224 ft-412 ft
Never Land TLP12Two Lover's Point
3,648 ft-27 ft
Pipeline Road LEO2Leo Palace
1 mile-86 ft12 ft
Rock Garden (GU) LEO9Leo Palace
1,473 ft-42 ft7 ft
Royal Palm North-West Fence LineGuam
1,614 ft-3 ft9 ft
Royal Palm RuinsGuam
1,765 ft6 ft
Royal Palm South-West Fence LineGuam
3,045 ft-12 ft3 ft
Royal Palm West Fence LineGuam
2,346 ft-6 ft8 ft
Salad Ridge LEO7Leo Palace
1,066 ft-10 ft17 ft
Sasa Valley LEO7Leo Palace
3,924 ft-113 ft67 ft
Sigua Falls LEO6Leo Palace
3,642 ft-159 ft
Snot Hill LEO8Channel 10
1,552 ft-62 ft
Sticker-Bert LaneGuam
3,481 ft-22 ft7 ft
Tank Farm LEO5Leo Palace
3,661 ft-49 ft
Taotaomo'na TLP7Two Lover's Point
676 ft-2 ft
Tarzan FallsLeo Palace
5,046 ft-283 ft30 ft
Tarzan PoolsLeo Palace
1 mile-438 ft3 ft
The Shire LEO3Leo Palace
1 mile-12 ft306 ft
Tiyan LoopGuam
3 miles-59 ft52 ft
Two Lover's Point DownhillGuam
1,470 ft-33 ft
Unnamed 1 (Black Jack Loop) LEO11Channel 10
3,091 ft-103 ft37 ft
Unnamed 2 (Black Jack Loop) LEO12Channel 10
3 miles-300 ft63 ft
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