segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Roots and Rocks hold the Reggae "G" Spot3,305 ft38 ft18621134422
2marsh speedway Displacement892 ft25 ft174696348
3Beaver Fever AAA1,670 ft17 ft1649979811
47 Sisters West Rattle Snake Ridge2,302 ft56 ft1584855512
5Home stretch Up and At Them1,778 ft26 ft145787328
6Warp speed connector Deer Run954 ft7 ft1414857716
7O-Dan-Rot Tornado1 miles44 ft132466866
8The Autumn Wind Tornado5,067 ft42 ft1322669414
9Autumn Wind/Tornado Full ST Tornado1 miles43 ft132267046
10Deer Run Deer Run607 ft132072658
11The "G" Spot "G" Spot3,042 ft37 ft117662852
12Dirty Diapers Up and At Them1,711 ft19 ft116865239
13Swamp Run? AAA2,345 ft21 ft107358549
14Chevy North Chevette858 ft8 ft100140008
15Mosquito Pie Muckin' Muck1,653 ft7 ft989406910
16The Great Swamp Coaster The Great Swamp Coaster2,073 ft18 ft94341449
17The Muddy Roots Muckin' Muck1,440 ft6 ft93745458
18the fave Tornado1 miles40 ft922445617
19Great Swamp Coaster North The Great Swamp Coaster2,245 ft17 ft88235229
20Water Bridge E Beaver Bridge1,673 ft19 ft86435633
21Water Bridge W Beaver Bridge1,651 ft21 ft84234144
22way to willowdale Bay Circuit trail2,976 ft10 ft81439408
23skull face Skull Face2,670 ft100 ft793535122
24Away from Willowdale Bay Circuit trail3,079 ft14 ft75734257
25Trail 5 climb Moon Hill Climb1,396 ft101 ft72739637
26Up Bart Hill Slope Side Slope Side1,359 ft51 ft71424701
27Bridge to Moon Hill Moon Hill Climb2,480 ft152 ft544263210
28Boxford Connector East Bay Circuit trail1,561 ft12 ft52017254
29Bay Circuit - Boxford Rd Connector Bay Circuit trail1,428 ft20 ft50115734
30Elyxor Eastbound Bypass Elyxor Eastbound3,706 ft96 ft412160510
31Wolf Hill Elyxor Eastbound4,440 ft105 ft41215952
32hood pond trail Elyxor Eastbound4,298 ft106 ft38712216
33Bay Circuit - Linebrook to Old Right Bay Circuit trail3,894 ft22 ft3619913
34Shark Fin Soup Shark Fin Soup1,334 ft128 ft3448145
35Old Right to Linebrook (W) Bay Circuit trail3,871 ft22 ft3138932
36Old Right to Linebrook (W) Bay Circuit trail3,871 ft22 ft3138934
37Old Wildes Rd. Return Gravelly Brook Road4,369 ft29 ft2535941
38Ipswich River trail Unknown Trail2,352 ft25 ft25210663
39Rivendell catalog Rivendell Catalog1,452 ft22 ft2499083
40Twisty climb Skull Face2,365 ft101 ft2015981
41Vineyard Hill DH Bay Circuit Trail1,182 ft96 ft1523311
42White Knuckle Moon Hill Climb2,136 ft152 ft1514494
43Sour octopuses swimming free Bay Circuit Trail2,390 ft3 ft1052471
44Time to go Pine Swamp Road2,081 ft11 ft951330
45Doyon Dirt Gate to Entrance Pine Swamp Road2,135 ft18 ft911710
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