segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Forest Road 398 Climb Lost Canyon (CR 398)1 miles424 ft317867391
2Forest Road 398 Climb Lost Canyon (CR 398)4,511 ft288 ft313965811
3Columbine Steeps Descent Lost Canyon (CR 398)2 miles1,116 ft307861400
4Break yo self fool! Lost Canyon (CR 398)2 miles1,158 ft305060360
5Forest Road 398 Climb Lost Canyon (CR 398)3,721 ft385 ft298560290
6Forest Road 398 Climb Lost Canyon (CR 398)1 miles645 ft297658920
7Steep section of Columbine Lost Canyon (CR 398)2 miles674 ft292757333
8Bridge to Bridge Sprint Uphill Mineral Belt Trail1,607 ft52 ft187944311
9MBT Shelter Climb Mineral Belt2,499 ft27 ft180440150
10Mile 3 to 4 Uphill Mineral Belt Trail4,829 ft159 ft169941101
11Oro City to Rock Hill Fork Sullivan Mine Road4,716 ft384 ft143323322
12Oro City Climb Sullivan Mine Road4,826 ft348 ft140522231
13County Route 2 Climb Sullivan Mine Road1 miles339 ft136521113
14Thunder Lodge Climb Mineral Belt4,997 ft202 ft100423841
15Belt to Lot Boulders2,432 ft118 ft99931860
16Mineral Belt Trail Climb Mineral Belt Trail2,403 ft616 ft99724722
17Boulders MB to CMC Boulders3,227 ft147 ft99131732
18County Route 2 Climb Iowa Gulch2 miles448 ft99016421
19Bridge to Bridge Sprint Mineral Belt Trail1,960 ft54 ft98424370
20County Route 6 A Climb Iowa Gulch2 miles470 ft98315981
21County Route 2 B Climb Iowa Gulch2 miles1,038 ft97015460
22The Big Down SR50 Iowa Gulch7 miles2,037 ft85011620
23belt to lot Boulders4,497 ft151 ft82225320
24Boulders uphill start to mineral belt Boulders3,287 ft146 ft75921462
25wheelers back Wheelers Way2,645 ft103 ft66519110
269- golddigger -13 Golddigger5,018 ft134 ft63717960
27wedgie wienie Wedgie425 ft17 ft59317771
28Camp Hale Singletrack Descent CT (Mitchell)4,087 ft333 ft5789585
29Boulders Climb (New Route) Boulders5,232 ft194 ft50712710
30th Mountain Div Memorial Hwy Climb CT (Mitchell)1 miles358 ft4575570
31RR grade to 24 CT (Mitchell)1 miles262 ft4536980
32CT TN DESC PT 2 CT (Mitchell)2 miles356 ft4345770
33US24 to NFSR726 CT (Mitchell)2 miles383 ft4325750
34Tennessee Parking to Wurts CT (Tennessee Pass)3 miles121 ft4185970
35old chub Old Chub1,503 ft27 ft41510560
36Colorado Trail from Columbine start CT (Twin Lakes Resv)2,532 ft47 ft2973501
37Old Chub Old Chub1,027 ft36 ft2675570
38Boulder Boulders2,167 ft68 ft2543321
39cold feet ascent Cold Feet3,244 ft80 ft2536410
40Where the heck am I? Where The Heck Am I2,784 ft15 ft2244331
41Wurts to Tennessee parking CT (Tennessee Pass)3 miles125 ft2102500
42Wheeler's Way Descent (CW) Wheelers Way2,948 ft177 ft2043541
43Rocky Straightaway for Blacks Elk Run2 miles561 ft1784541
44Winfield CT Shred CDT (Powerline)1 miles817 ft1461690
45Perma Grin to Pawnee Gulch Perma Grin4,939 ft56 ft1233451
46Cold Feet Descent Cold Feet2,628 ft98 ft1032260
47Single Track to Printer Boy Elk Run1 miles553 ft981793
48Slip N' Slide Slip N Slide2 miles55 ft902812
49Giddy Up Giddy Up2 miles37 ft61750
50Colorado Trail Climb CDT (Powerline)2 miles785 ft60710
51Slip N Slide Reverse Slip N Slide1 miles48 ft55780
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