segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bottom Van S Van Sickle Trail3,659 ft316 ft174339681
2Vansickle intersection to Waterfall Descent Van Sickle Trail2 miles854 ft1041250014
3Chron Lap Van Sickle Trail1 miles518 ft93019984
4Bike Path: Elks Point Rd to Kahle and 50 Stateline to Stateline: South Demonstration Section1 miles51 ft87014982
5Bi-State park entrance Van Sickle Park Road2,379 ft134 ft70610811
6Keller Rd Climb Van Sickle Trail2,941 ft316 ft5608202
7Round Elk Stateline to Stateline: South Demonstration Section4,989 ft82 ft5439021
8Panorama Dr Climb Van Sickle Trail3,973 ft374 ft5237302
9Granite Way Climb Van Sickle Trail3,453 ft265 ft4986832
10Van Sickle uphill Van Sickle Trail3 miles1,339 ft2923904
11Cypress way to van Sickle Trail K to K1 miles295 ft59731
12Up+Down Chron Van Sickle Trail2 miles554 ft45721
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