• All Clear / Green
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Green Wizard
Derek's Divide
Dhlula Ngulube
More Nyaga Nyaga
Six Beer Hill
Nyaga Nyaga
Mr Niceman's
Home Jerome (Closed)
The Mother
Rooty Fruity
Howies Lower
The Face
Face Extension
Crank Alley
Mikes Lights
Weir Way
Dr Keytels
Zig Zags
Goblins Glen
Little Lulu
Forrest Trail
Fast Track
Fast Track Extension.
2 Zig Zag
Gums Lower
Red Face Hill Singletrack
Flat Track
Pines Ext.
Rock 'n Roll
Greg's Upper
Hairy Hiltop
Rat's Out Sewer
The Rattler
Syd Vicious
The Crunch
Fawlty Towers
Free Fall
Bruiser's Burn
Yellow Brick Road
Greg's Lower
Sheep's Pass
Lurker Lane
Wattles Roller Coaster
Teichman's Terror
Myhills Delight
New Track
Middle Road 4
Suicide Slide
River Run
Grassy Road
Farmers Market Entrance
Howies Upper
Lebanon Fire Tower
District Road (Lebanon)
D 293 - Khyber Pass
Pressure Cooker
Voodoo Lounge
Duikers Drift
Pines Upper
Fly Over
Supa Tube
Sams Slide
Soul Fly
River Riviere and Digits Dive
Back Of Beyond
Neets Narrow
Frog Route
Middle Road 1
Stick A Leg
Joe's Dib Dob
Dam Fine View
Eagle Ridge Run
Oopsie Daisy
Jay's Jaywalk
Fawlty Towers - Easy Option
Tantrum Kim
Puff Adder Pass
Quarry Road
Dovehouse Loop
Lower Porcupine Way
Up Some More
Jackle Road
Mind the Gap
Our Secret Trail
Single Gum
No. 6
Pascoes Plunge
Pascoe's Puzzle
Vodacom Climb
Dead Cow Corner
Quarry Road
Rats Out Sewer Ext
2 Stooge
Forest Glen
Chainbreak Hill
Link to Rattler
Rattler Sneak
Gregs Sneak
Main Road
Curries Post Road
Dead Cow Singletrack
Sharjah's Shuffle
The Climax
Forest Trail 112
Into the Quarry
My Hills to Dead Cow
Dead Cow to Vodacom
Erics Sneak
Jennys Hellava Hill
Castle Corner
Upper Porcupine Way
Gums Upper
Mr Green
Miellies Meander
Teichmanns Sneak
Pinky & The Brain
Jelly Tot
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Link to WTF
Link to Jelly Tot
Campbell's Climb
Rene's Rumble
New Track Extention
Howick Trails to Karkloof Trails (alternative route)
Helter Skelter
Sbu Sneak
11 Karkloof to Howick Trails
11 Karkloof to le Petit France coffee shop
Netjies Black
Alternate Road Route 1
Alex's Alley
Siobhans Saunter
Chainbreak Sneak
Red Face Hill
Tony's Sneak
Hyslops 2
No Balls extention
The Brothers Grimm
Up and Up
Middle Road 2
Middle Road 3
Wonder Valley
Le Petite Treat
Richerts Realm
Ou Houd
Cleveland Express
P 141 Karkloof Road
P 526 Provincial Road
District Road 4
Lakeview Road
P 145 Provincial Road
D 406 District Road
District Road 5
District Road 1
Country Club Access Road
Logging Road 001
Forest Road 002
Forest Road 003
Forest Road 004
Forest Road 5
Forest Road 006
Forest Road 7
Forest Road 007
Forest Road 008
Forest Road 009
Forest Road 010
Forest Road 011
Forest Road 012
Forest Road 013
Forest Road 015
Forest Road 014
Forest Road 016
Forest Road 017
Forest Road 018
Connector 001
Connector 002
Connector 003
Forest Road 018
Forest Road 020
Forest Road 020
Forest Road 021
Le Petit France Coffee Shop Access
District Road 6
Howick 301
Howick 300
District Road 8
Howick 302
Howick 309
Howick 308
District Road 2
Forest Trail 111
Logging Trail 001
Logging Trail 002
Logging Trail 002
Logging Trail 003
Logging Trail 004
Logging Trail 005
Logging Trail 006
Logging Trail 009
Logging Trail 007
Logging Trail 008
Logging Trail 009
Logging Trail 010
Logging Trail 011
Logging Trail 012
Logging Trail 13
Logging Trail 014
Logging Trail 015
Logging Trail 016
Logging Trail 017
Logging Trail 017
Dirt Road
Dirt Road 2
Logging Road A05
Logging Road A01
Logging Road A03
Logging Road A04
Logging Road A06
Logging Road A07
Logging Road A08
Logging Road A09
Logging Road A10
Logging Road A11
Logging Road A12
Logging Road A13
Logging Trail A01
Logging Road A14
Logging Trail A02
Logging Trail A03
Logging Trail A04
Logging Trail A05
Connector A01
Logging Trail A06
Logging Trail A07
Rene's Rumble (Upper)
Logging Road D01
Logging Trail D01
Logging Trail D02
Logging Trail D03
Logging Trail D04
Logging Trail D05
Logging Trail D06
Unamed Singletrack D01
Logging Trail D07
Forest Road 022
Forest Road 021
Forest Road 023
Howick 304
Howick 303
Howick 305
Howick 306
Howick 307
Howick 310
Howick 319
Howick 321
Howick 222
Howick 221
Howick 311
Howick 312
Howick 315
Howick 233
Howick 234
Howick 223
Howick 219
Howick 232
Howick 231
District Road
District Road - The Loop at the Top
District Road
Singletrack 3
Singletrack 4
Singletrack 1
Presure Cooker Shortcut
Pressure Cooker Link
Chicken Run
Singletrack 5
Singletrack 6
District Road
Singletrack 7
District Road
Logging Trail D03 Connector
Logging Trail
Ubhuti kaSisonke
District Road
SIngletrack 2
Smooth Climax
The Bachelor
Forest Trail 116
16 Connectors
Forest Trail 118
Forest Trail 120
19 Connector
Forest Trail 113
Forest Trail 110
Forest Trail 115
Forest Trail 117
17 Connector
Forest Trail 119
Forest Trail 121
Forest Trail 122
Forest Trail 123
Forest Trail 124
Freefall Connector
Forest 009 Connector
Forest Trail 125
Forest Trail 126
Forest Trail 126
Forest Trail 127
Forest Trail 128
Forest Trail 129
Forest Trail 130
Forest Trail 131
Forest Trail 132
007 Connector
Boomslang Connector
Forest Road 024
Forest Road 025
le Petit Link
Forest Road 026
Howick 200
Karkloof Beginner Trail - 3km
Howick 201
Howick 203
Rock & Roll Connector
Howick 204
Howick 205
Howick 206
Howick 207
Howick 210
Howick 208
Lurker Connector
Howick 209
Howick 216
Howick 211
Howick 212
Howick 213
Howick 214
Howick 215
Howick 216
Howick 216
Howic 217
Howick 218
Howick 219
Howick 220
Howick 221
Howick 224
Howick 225 Connector
Howick 226 Connector
Howick 227 Connector
Howick 228
Howick 228
Howick 229
Howick 230
Bruisers Burn Crosscut
Howick 317
Howick 316 Singletrack
Howick 314 Singletrack
Howick 313 Singletrack
Howick 320 Connector
Howic 318
Fawlty Towers - Third Option
Rocky Ridge
District Road 9
District Road 4 Connector
District Road 6 (To Curries Post)
Bush Buck
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