These downloadable map files represent a mashup of OpenStreetMap data overlayed with Trailforks trails and some useful POIs (Parking, TTF, and Bike Shops). Each region is compiled into Garmin's native basemap IMG format. This enables the map to contain thousands of trails using our custom theme. We have tested them on the Edge 800, Edge 810, and Edge 1000, but have heard of them working on other devices that are basemap enabled.

We currently generate 3 seperate basemaps depending on your activity usage. Biking, hiking and moto.

To install, you must first have ample free space on the device or use your own MicroSD card. The Garmin Edge devices will load any file with the ".img" extension if it exists in the "Garmin" folder on the root of the devices file system. Basically this means the device is a USB Mass Storage device with a file system that looks like this:


Download the desired region and copy the .img file into the /Garmin directory on the device. Or into the /Garmin directory on the Micro SD card. Once you turn on your device, you will probably need to disable other maps that may be covering the Trailforks Map.

For more detail and information about the trail colouring on our Garmin maps, check out this article.

Video demo showing how to load a custom map onto your Garmin Edge device.
  • Day Theme
    garmin mountain bike maps
  • Night Theme
    garmin night maps for mtb

To access garmin map downloads, you must donate to local trail associations via Trailforks. A minimum of 10 karma points (approx $15 USD in a SINGLE donation) is required per map download.

For suggestions on where to donate, click here.

You can also access unlimited Garmin map download if you are a subscriber to Trailforks PRO.

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Trailforks Garmin Connect IQ App

Trailforks also has a free Garmin Connect IQ App available on newer Edge devices such as the 520, 820, 1000 & 1030. This app makes it easy to transfer a route or trail from the Trailforks website or app to your Garmin device. To then load that route into the Garmin turn-by-turn navigation system.

Download Trailforks Garmin app Help article

  • Right click & "save as" to download a garmin .img map file for the state or country. Number in brackets is total trails in that region.
  • If your device has limited storage, you can download a "trails only" option which is much smaller by clicking the trail total in (brackets).

NOTICE: This is a beta product, and we do not provide any guarantees it will work, nor do we provide any guarantee that it will continue to work with subsequent releases of the Garmin Operating System. While these maps have worked for 10 years (We tried this first on the Garmin Edge 705 in 2010), we make no guarantees that they will continue to work, since we cannot predict a products future that is out of our control.