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Trailforks is dedicated to giving you the best interactive trail maps, custom designed for your selected activity.

Trailforks might have started out as a mountain biking platform, but has since expanded to an array of sports that utilize trails.
Backcountry skiing or ski touring is one of them. Enjoy all the Trailforks website and app features along with the features below, which are particularly useful for backcountry ski adventures.

avalanche risk risk

Avalanche Risk Layer

Toggle this layer on the website or app. Polygons are color based upon known avalanche danger slope angles, with red being the most dangerous areas. Many factors are involved in an avalanche (e.g. slab, a weak layer, a trigger, and a slope angle steep enough to slide). This layer only highlights angles that avalanches typically form.

Closure & Danger Zone Polygons

Polygons are contributed to the map showing areas that might be closed, or closed to motor-vehicle use. Which can help in avoiding user-conflict with snow mobiles.

High avalanche or no-go zones might also be mapped, or just a polygon showing an entire area you can ski, like an open bowl.

polygons polygons
ski recordings recordings

Winter Activity Recordings

View public tracks recorded by others, colored coded by activity in our new winter activity recordings layer. Help plan your trip route in popular zones, or seek out new terrain which is not popular.

Backcountry Ski Zones

Analyzing our public ski data we've created polygons of popular ski zones. This light-blue colored overlay is shown on the winter map (website only currently).

Mapped Trails & POIs

The database of mapped trails and routes is always growing. Find mapped trails, most commonly used for access routes for ski touring. Check recent user trail reports and other trail information.

View POIs related to ski touring, such as huts, parking spots, danger zones and more.

ski touring trails trails

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avy forecast forecast

Avalanche Forecast

View avy report zones for BC and the western USA. Click to view the full avalanche forecast.

View observations by local skiers from and

Slope Layer

Provides a shaded gradient of how steep and often rugged the terrain is. Great for finding viewpoints and finding ridge traverses.

slope layer slope
snow snow

Snow Forecast

A 24-hour snowfall forecast overlay derived from NOAA weather data, which is refreshed every 12 hours. These maps are color coded to indicate the expected depth of new snow in inches.

View our weather map to find the best area to ride given the forecast.

Route Planner

Use our custom route planner on the website to draw your route tracing over any of the toggable layers. Add custom lines, pois & polygons to fully plan your trip. Sync your route plan to the app and navigate out in the mountains.

ski route trip planning
backcountry ski planning planning

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offline ski maps offline

Offline Maps

All the trails, POIs, polygons and your routes are stored offline. The GPS on your phone works offline, even with no network connection.

Offline Basemaps & Layers

Download the basemap tiles and some layers offline in the app.

Share Your Adventures

Record your ski using the Trailforks app or connect your Strava & Garmin accounts. Populate a log of your backcountry ski trips and view a feed of your friends adventures.

ski log log

More Features

  • Backcountry ski zones highlighted on basemap (web)
  • View trail reports with status and conditions
  • Discover popular routes
  • List Routes for a specific trail
  • Share a pin of your current location
  • Personal Waypoints
  • Compass Direction
  • Motor Vehicle Use Map for sled access
  • US Land Owner Overlay
  • Trail photos and videos

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