Trail Supporters

The Trailforks trail supporters feature is here to help local trail associations manage and promote their own adopt-a-trail type programs.

We believe this is one of the best models for local groups to attain funding for trail maintenance and construction. The basic premise is to have local business sponsor a trail for a year. The details on this model will differ from region to region. Some like North Vancouver's "TAP" program will pair the sponsor with a trail builder and the sponsor will also be required to provide volunteers for trail days. Where as other regions might prefer to accept just the monetary support and pay local trail builders to do the work. Or the support can be used to fund supplies for the trail maintenance.

Additionally each association will have different benefits to being a trail sponsor, some will be able to add the company logo to trail signs or promotion on their websites & social media.

What Trailforks does it help give some extra promotion to the businesses that support a trail. While also providing a way for the association to keep track of their supporters and funding.

Trail Funding Goals

Association region admins have access to a "trail funding" page where they can set the annual funding goal for each trail. From this page you can also keep track of how much money each supporter has contributed that year.

View a video demonstration of this feature

View a world-wide list of trail associations in the Pinkbike Places Directory
Alternatively a business or individual can donate to a local region or association via the trail karma feature.
Or you can contact us if you want to learn more about supporting trails.

Promotion of supporters on trail pages

Section on region pages

Manage history of past supporters

Logos on page listing a regions trail supporters


Widget to show trail supporters on associations own website

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Set funding goals per trail & track your progress

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