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United States
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Future generations stand to inherit a timeworn national trails system that too few people ever see. The result is less interest in outdoor activities and reduced passion for preserving America's wild places.

Well intended yet flawed Federal policies are responsible for much of this situation.

We aim to fix the policies that are helping to degrade our trail system and block access for too many Americans.

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
Bridge Canyon Wilderness10 ft2,695 ft1 mile
Cahuilla Mountain Wilderness1-148 ft1 mile3 miles
Calaveras Big Trees State Park4-309 ft4,878 ft5 miles
Calvin Crest Camp1-1,012 ft1,358 ft5 miles
Camden Hills State Park38-4,419 ft1,372 ft38 miles
Canco Woods13-164 ft99 ft2 miles
Canyon de Chelly National Monument6-752 ft1 mile3 miles
Canyon Hills Community Park9-1,303 ft1,949 ft8 miles
Canyon Springs00 ft0 ft0 ft
Cape Disappointment State Park12-991 ft313 ft14 miles
Caribou Wilderness4-133 ft1 mile10 miles
Carpinteria Area Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Carson Spur7-1,798 ft2 miles11 miles
Cecilville Area Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Centennial Park2-12 ft1,145 ft1 mile
Charmlee Wilderness Park3-224 ft1,292 ft1 mile
Cheeseboro Canyon45-11,042 ft2,269 ft51 miles
Cheesman Park2-53 ft1 mile1 mile
Chestnut Hill Preserve2-53 ft251 ft3,937 ft
Chisholm Creek Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
City of Rocks State Park6-283 ft1 mile6 miles
Clark County Wetlands Park16-414 ft1,670 ft22 miles
Clearwater Wilderness10-8,406 ft1 mile29 miles
Coal Basin Ranch7-1,260 ft2 miles8 miles
Coal Mine Ridge Preserve4-1,394 ft1,224 ft6 miles
Cockaponset State Forest - Weber Woods29-716 ft355 ft11 miles
Cockscomb Wilderness Study Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Coney Rock Preserve4-316 ft570 ft2 miles
Contra Loma Regional Park1-13 ft212 ft2,831 ft
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park1-3 ft1 mile1,037 ft
Corriganville Park10-1,552 ft1,529 ft4 miles
Cottonmill Lake State Recreation Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Cottonwood Park2-3 ft1 mile2,657 ft
Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park73-7,781 ft1,596 ft44 miles
Crowley Lake Area Trails20 ft0 ft0 ft
Crown Hill Park12-72 ft1 mile9 miles
Cumberland, ME1-11 ft181 ft4,078 ft
Cypress Grove Nature Park2-5 ft341 ft4,459 ft
Deception Falls State Park2-54 ft1,923 ft3,176 ft
Dedham Trails (Kiski)16-1,200 ft630 ft8 miles
Denver City Park15-108 ft1 mile10 miles
Desert National Wildlife Refuge00 ft0 ft0 ft
Diamond Creek Trails1-37 ft1 mile7 miles
Diamond Peak Ski Resort18-7,715 ft2 miles7 miles
Doe Mountain Recreation Area6-2,221 ft3,800 ft19 miles
Downtown Portland23-482 ft169 ft11 miles
Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District00 ft0 ft0 ft
Echo Canyon Recreation Area5-1,672 ft2,672 ft3 miles
Ed R. Levin County Park6-3,555 ft2,466 ft8 miles
Edgewood Park & Nature Preserve4-501 ft749 ft5 miles
Encampment River Wilderness00 ft0 ft0 ft
Escudilla Wilderness Area1-99 ft2 miles3 miles
Evans Creek Preserve11-774 ft499 ft3 miles
Evergreen Cemetery64-611 ft178 ft12 miles
Evergreen Lakes Nature Trails3-1,684 ft2 miles13 miles
Fiscalini Ranch Preserve4-342 ft245 ft3 miles
Florence Robison Park North5-2 ft294 ft2,946 ft
Fore River27-470 ft67 ft8 miles
Fort Kent Outdoor Center23-1,510 ft1,003 ft15 miles
Fort Pickens7-21 ft21 ft10 miles
Fort Williams / Portland Head Light8-114 ft80 ft2 miles
Found Land Recreation Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Furnace Creek Area Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Gambo Preserve/Shaw Park4-92 ft198 ft2 miles
Garcon Point Water Management Area2-8 ft10 ft3 miles
Garin Regional Park5-561 ft916 ft5 miles
Garrapata State Park3-1,347 ft2,604 ft7 miles
Gates King Openspace2-507 ft1,998 ft2 miles
Goat Rock Wilderness56-30,747 ft2 miles180 miles
Golden Trout Wilderness7-6,882 ft2 miles31 miles
Gospel-Hump Wilderness2-5,133 ft2 miles24 miles
Graham Park3-2 ft314 ft5,095 ft
Green Mountain Nature Preserve15-1,251 ft1,367 ft8 miles
Gulf Island National Sea Shore6-13 ft20 ft1 mile
Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park20-3,019 ft2,226 ft15 miles
Harriman Lake Park3-16 ft1 mile2 miles
Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve3-68 ft529 ft2 miles
Headwaters Forest Reserve4-468 ft1,351 ft7 miles
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area11-7,603 ft2 miles39 miles
Hidden Villa5-1,296 ft1,232 ft5 miles
Highline Seatac Botanical Garden3-12 ft384 ft2,090 ft
Homewood Mountain Resort59-19,903 ft1 mile19 miles
Hope Valley6-976 ft2 miles10 miles
Horace B Garman Park5-205 ft654 ft4 miles
Huddart County Park5-54 ft2,000 ft8 miles
Huffaker Park30 ft0 ft0 ft
Huston Park Wilderness00 ft0 ft0 ft
Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve3-79 ft633 ft3 miles
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park18-3,133 ft1,952 ft24 miles
Jenner Headlands Preserve3-108 ft1,063 ft5 miles
Jerome State Historic Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Jewell Park1-433 ft1,177 ft3 miles
John Krebs Wilderness1-24 ft2 miles3 miles
John Muir Wilderness00 ft0 ft0 ft
John Muir Wilderness5-2,117 ft2 miles36 miles
June Lake Area Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Junipero Serra Park8-710 ft457 ft3 miles
Kaibab Plateau58-34,683 ft2 miles408 miles
Kangaroo Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Kanuga Conference & Retreat13-1,286 ft2,733 ft9 miles
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument2-379 ft1 mile2 miles
Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument7-2,424 ft1,393 ft31 miles
Kayenta Pickleball11-274 ft4,099 ft4 miles
Keller Pond1-13 ft3,288 ft1 mile
Kelly Canyon8-1,634 ft1 mile15 miles
Kendrick Lake Park1-2 ft1 mile1 mile
Kingswood Neighborhood Trails22-1,110 ft1 mile7 miles
Lake Catherine State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lake Chelan State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lake Fork Mountain11-3,561 ft2 miles25 miles
Lake Mary - Duck/Pika Lake Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lake Mead National Recreation Area Nevada18-3,862 ft3,634 ft21 miles
Lake Merced Park2-96 ft93 ft5 miles
Lake Meredith National Recreation Area8-1,469 ft3,130 ft14 miles
Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park10 ft4,393 ft666 ft
Lake Skinner County Park2-76 ft1,641 ft2 miles
Lake Thomas A Edison00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lakewood Dry Gulch Park2-8 ft1 mile3 miles
Lay-Allen Preserve9-383 ft208 ft5 miles
Leadbetter Point State Park4-65 ft38 ft6 miles
Leasburg Dam State Park5-74 ft4,008 ft2 miles
Leo Antonino Preserve2-87 ft104 ft1 mile
Lewisville Regional Park1-159 ft253 ft3 miles
Little Huckleberry Mountain1-57 ft4,766 ft2 miles
Little Lake Creek Wilderness6-1,699 ft393 ft37 miles
Lizard Creek6-579 ft1,119 ft9 miles
Loch Lomond Recreation Area12-910 ft1,150 ft7 miles
Loomis Natural Resources Conservation Area5-2,225 ft1 mile23 miles
Los Burros4-227 ft2 miles7 miles
Los Trancos Open Space Preserve4-323 ft2,114 ft3 miles
Lost Prospector9-593 ft1 mile12 miles
Lyman Moore Middle School Area6-61 ft139 ft1 mile
Lynx Lake Recreation Area30-7,665 ft1 mile43 miles
Madora Lake1-112 ft5,033 ft1 mile
Malakoff Diggins State park13-2,602 ft3,692 ft12 miles
Mammoth Rock10 ft0 ft0 ft
Marr Ranch Open Space26-5,128 ft2,205 ft18 miles
Maryville College Woods1-140 ft1,005 ft2 miles
Massabesic Experimental Forest13-225 ft316 ft7 miles
Mecca Hills Wilderness5-928 ft1,329 ft7 miles
Meshomasic State Forest - Diamond Lake Block11-1,052 ft845 ft10 miles
Mill Creek Wilderness3-1,627 ft1 mile20 miles
Minaret00 ft0 ft0 ft
Monkey Mountain Nature Reserve4-251 ft941 ft6 miles
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park14-1,378 ft1 mile23 miles
Morgan-Monroe State Forest5-2,709 ft961 ft26 miles
Morrison Nature Center3-56 ft1 mile1 mile
Mount Adams Recreation Area4-291 ft1 mile5 miles
Mount Baldy Wilderness3-769 ft2 miles17 miles
Mount Pilchuck State Park8-342 ft1 mile11 miles
Mount Pleasant14-2,825 ft2,490 ft11 miles
Mount San Jacinto State Park17-17,894 ft2 miles50 miles
Mount Sunapee State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest1-347 ft1 mile4 miles
Mt. Davidson10-432 ft924 ft2 miles
Naugatuck State Forest - Great Hill Block3-136 ft573 ft1 mile
Navajo National Monument5-1,501 ft1 mile9 miles
Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve20-249 ft39 ft13 miles
Nolte State Park2-60 ft813 ft1 mile
North Divide OHV27-13,503 ft2 miles104 miles
North Meridian Road Park7-44 ft885 ft2 miles
North Tahoe Regional Park18-462 ft1 mile6 miles
Northern Schell Creek Range2-8,527 ft2 miles38 miles
Nucla Range Trails7-219 ft1 mile2 miles
O'Kane Park4-31 ft1 mile1 mile
Oak Grove Regional Park10 ft9 ft1 mile
Oat Nuts Park4-78 ft170 ft1 mile
Okeeheelee Park50 ft18 ft7 miles
Olompali State Historic Park3-17 ft1,496 ft6 miles
Oso Viejo Community Park6-137 ft513 ft3 miles
Owens River Headwaters Wilderness4-463 ft2 miles7 miles
Oxbow Brewing Company2-125 ft270 ft4,058 ft
Painted Rock17-3,263 ft1 mile21 miles
Palisades Wilderness Study Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Panorama Dome / Lake Mary00 ft0 ft0 ft
Panther Creek Falls2-229 ft1,819 ft1,585 ft
Panther Meadow3-80 ft2 miles3 miles
Pennacook Trails9-1,728 ft968 ft17 miles
Pescadero Creek County Park5-1,380 ft1,040 ft7 miles
Pescadero Marsh Natural Reserve1-14 ft49 ft3,087 ft
Petrified Forest National Park26-1,541 ft1 mile26 miles
Phillip Burton Wilderness28-12,841 ft1,339 ft75 miles
Picacho Peak State Park12-1,829 ft3,359 ft7 miles
Pilot Rock OHV Area6-2,789 ft5,220 ft15 miles
Pinacle Peak Park1-692 ft2,873 ft2 miles
Piney Knoll4-251 ft169 ft2 miles
Pinnacle Peak Park6-53 ft1,786 ft4 miles
Pinnacles National Park27-6,624 ft3,290 ft42 miles
Plover River1-289 ft1,522 ft6 miles
Plumas Eureka State Park8-1,333 ft1 mile12 miles
Point Cabrillo Light Station2-115 ft163 ft1 mile
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve8-415 ft127 ft4 miles
Point Pinole Regional Shoreline1-16 ft75 ft4,377 ft
Ponca State Park21-1,709 ft1,339 ft13 miles
Portola Redwoods State Park3-754 ft1,446 ft5 miles
Powder House Hill Trail System42-1,461 ft656 ft10 miles
Prewitt Ridge4-11,875 ft3,526 ft38 miles
Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve5-1,311 ft811 ft5 miles
Purple/Virginia/Olive/Chief Lakes Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Pyramid Canyon Park10 ft0 ft0 ft
Quail Hollow Ranch County Park7-406 ft1,074 ft4 miles
Quarry Lakes Regional Park4-21 ft55 ft3 miles
Quartz Mountain - Lake Altus5-106 ft1,871 ft3 miles
Raggeds Wilderness8-12,113 ft2 miles49 miles
Rail Trail00 ft0 ft0 ft
Rapid River3-1,824 ft1 mile37 miles
Richardson Grove State Park2-607 ft1,372 ft3 miles
Richland Park4-57 ft807 ft3 miles
Ricker Hill18-2,417 ft826 ft9 miles
Rifle Ranger District00 ft0 ft0 ft
Riverton Rail Trail Area7-151 ft140 ft2 miles
Robinson Bluff MTB Park9-990 ft814 ft3 miles
Rockwood Park3-148 ft183 ft2 miles
Rocky Mountain Lake Park0-11 ft1 mile1 mile
Rohner Park3-118 ft212 ft1 mile
Ross Lake National Recreation Area39-11,004 ft1 mile92 miles
Rowland Lane3-12 ft24 ft1 mile
Royal Gorge56-4,846 ft1 mile33 miles
Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort68-5,013 ft1 mile50 miles
Rush Creek Open Space Preserve00 ft0 ft0 ft
Rutledge Recreational Park10 ft1,080 ft1,608 ft
Saddleback Butte State Park10 ft3,622 ft2 miles
Sagamore Farm00 ft0 ft0 ft
Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area4-61 ft303 ft1 mile
Samuel P. Taylor State Park1-94 ft220 ft3,888 ft
San Joaquin Marsh2-41 ft54 ft2 miles
San Pedro Valley Park7-2,491 ft1,371 ft9 miles
San Rafael Wilderness5-8,723 ft1 mile45 miles
Sand Hill / Nevers Park7-100 ft247 ft2 miles
Sand to Snow National Monument1-23 ft2 miles1 mile
Santa Clarita Woodlands Park5-1,813 ft2,464 ft8 miles
Santa Lucia Wilderness8-7,629 ft3,176 ft24 miles
Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve6-947 ft2,075 ft11 miles
Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park15-2,915 ft2,687 ft8 miles
Schoodic Point16-1,829 ft438 ft16 miles
Sebago Lake Land Reserve (PWD)40-698 ft348 ft17 miles
Sespe Wilderness13-16,091 ft1 mile86 miles
Shades State Park13-1,212 ft789 ft9 miles
Shoal Creek Wilderness Study Area2-2,491 ft2 miles13 miles
Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort35-13,607 ft2 miles17 miles
Silly Mountain Park10-802 ft2,090 ft3 miles
Silver Peak Wilderness10-5,468 ft3,254 ft24 miles
Sitting Bull Falls Recreation Area9-1,510 ft1 mile12 miles
Sloan's Lake Park1-2 ft1 mile3 miles
Snow Mountain Wilderness1-673 ft1 mile3 miles
Sonoita Creek State Natural Area6-1,100 ft4,762 ft17 miles
South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area88-28,570 ft3,492 ft111 miles
South Hills Open Space00 ft0 ft0 ft
South Park Ranger District5-1,800 ft3 miles13 miles
South San Juan Wilderness31-22,085 ft2 miles133 miles
South Yuba River State Park5-2,063 ft2,277 ft10 miles
Spanish Peak Wilderness4-3,102 ft3 miles12 miles
Spirit Mountain Wilderness00 ft0 ft0 ft
Spring Gulch Trail System18-1,340 ft2 miles13 miles
Spring Valley9-1,461 ft1 mile7 miles
Squirrel Spring Recreation Area8-1,059 ft2 miles14 miles
St. Vrain State Park9-12 ft4,848 ft5 miles
Standley Lake24-609 ft1 mile22 miles
Stanislaus National Forest39-14,415 ft2 miles141 miles
Stateline Lookout4-298 ft1 mile3 miles
Steamboat Rock State Park11-1,179 ft2,346 ft11 miles
Stebbins Cold Canyon Natural Reserve4-2,157 ft2,249 ft7 miles
Steigerwald Lake5-29 ft46 ft7 miles
Stimpson Family Nature Reserve6-443 ft799 ft4 miles
Stroudwater9-203 ft149 ft5 miles
Sue-Meg State Park1-168 ft170 ft2 miles
Summit Lakes2-2,896 ft1 mile10 miles
Swans Trails at Perch Pond25-546 ft203 ft14 miles
Sycamore Canyon - North16-11,093 ft1 mile66 miles
Sycamore Creek OHV Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Tahoe City Neighborhood Trails8-1,549 ft1 mile6 miles
Tahoe Vista Neighborhood Trails25-489 ft1 mile6 miles
Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center7-466 ft2 miles6 miles
Taylor Ranch Nature Reserve1-20 ft433 ft2,651 ft
Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge2-191 ft456 ft2 miles
The Bog - Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve7-387 ft258 ft3 miles
Thomaston Town Forest14-574 ft217 ft8 miles
Thousand Lakes Wilderness5-3,356 ft2 miles19 miles
Three Ponds4-74 ft24 ft3 miles
Toiyable National Forest20 ft2 miles3 miles
Tomales Bay State Park2-961 ft565 ft5 miles
Tonto NF - Apache Junction12-1,482 ft2,721 ft23 miles
Toro Ridge/Canyon1-341 ft1,112 ft1 mile
Tortilla Mountains12-7,484 ft4,224 ft53 miles
Trapper Creek Wilderness18-5,397 ft4,408 ft30 miles
Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument10 ft0 ft0 ft
Turtleback Mountain Preserve8-1,834 ft1,477 ft10 miles
Twin Brook Recreation Area14-343 ft175 ft5 miles
Twin Creek MetroPark6-966 ft863 ft8 miles
University of Maine24-407 ft192 ft11 miles
Upper KB Trails24-4,012 ft2 miles27 miles
Uvas Canyon County Park3-482 ft1,793 ft3 miles
Valentine / Dorothy / Convict Lakes Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Ventana Wilderness10-7,290 ft4,905 ft42 miles
Virginia Woods & Landfill Area19-432 ft173 ft6 miles
W.C. Johnson Park3-15 ft302 ft9 miles
Wallace Falls State Park12-1,937 ft3,423 ft25 miles
Walnut Creek1-264 ft1,146 ft5 miles
Ward Creek Park9-336 ft1 mile3 miles
Washington Park5-40 ft1 mile5 miles
Watson Lake Park7-601 ft5,250 ft6 miles
Watson Woods Preserve2-25 ft5,206 ft1 mile
Wenas Wildlife Area23-12,609 ft4,086 ft73 miles
West Elk Wilderness29-24,479 ft2 miles133 miles
West Mesa56-8,913 ft1 mile131 miles
Western Wyoming Community College2-141 ft1 mile3 miles
Wet Beaver Creek9-456 ft1 mile14 miles
White Pass Nordic Center20-906 ft4,768 ft8 miles
White Pass Ski Area43-17,155 ft1 mile21 miles
White River Forks8-3,447 ft2 miles30 miles
White Wash Sand Dunes OHV Area28-7,714 ft5,017 ft116 miles
Whitt Swamp Preserve00 ft0 ft0 ft
Wildcat Mountain Ski Resort49-12,957 ft3,961 ft20 miles
Wind Wolves Preserve3-9 ft2,823 ft3 miles
Windsor Locks Canal State Park2-107 ft131 ft6 miles
Woodland Park North20 ft2 miles1 mile
Woods Canyon Lake Trails8-1,095 ft1 mile16 miles
Woop Um Up8-2,808 ft1 mile16 miles
Wrights Lake10-728 ft1 mile11 miles
Wunderlich County Park9-3,160 ft2,222 ft11 miles
Wupatki National Monument4-118 ft1 mile4,636 ft
Yuba Gap8-2,650 ft1 mile15 miles
Zemko Pond WMA3-197 ft555 ft3 miles

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