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Arizona United States
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MBAA promotes, protects and preserves the Arizona trail experience through advocacy, education and responsible recreational and competitive mountain biking.

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
100-Acre Wood Bike Park20-395 ft2,747 ft20 miles
7 Springs Recreation Area16-13,565 ft5,198 ft63 miles
Adobe Jack43-4,699 ft1 mile35 miles
Alto Pit6-2,677 ft1 mile17 miles
Arizona Nordic Village14-1,322 ft2 miles16 miles
Arthur Pack Regional Park17-437 ft2,803 ft42 miles
Black Canyon51-11,536 ft1 mile134 miles
Black Mountain Summit Preserve20 ft3,388 ft1 mile
Blowout Wash11-1,988 ft4,771 ft17 miles
Bradshaw Mountains23-21,032 ft1 mile93 miles
Broken Arrow23-2,941 ft4,769 ft16 miles
Brown Mountain2-76 ft1,902 ft1 mile
Brownlow / Pioneer Park30-1,481 ft1 mile20 miles
Buena Vista Secret Trails32-2,957 ft1 mile29 miles
Bulldog Canyon OHV Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Butterfly Research Natural Area3-2,714 ft2 miles8 miles
Cabin Loops9-3,075 ft1 mile36 miles
Campbell Mesa Trail System11-896 ft1 mile18 miles
Canyon de Chelly National Monument6-752 ft1 mile3 miles
Carr Lake Trails15-1,892 ft2 miles25 miles
Carroll Canyon24-5,552 ft4,817 ft29 miles
Casa Grande Mountain42-4,271 ft2,344 ft75 miles
Catalina State Park / 50-Year23-2,082 ft3,606 ft26 miles
Cave Creek Regional Park17-2,209 ft2,542 ft22 miles
Chuska Mountains1-1,498 ft2 miles7 miles
Colossal Cave Mountain Park11-620 ft3,690 ft7 miles
Constellation trails14-478 ft5,276 ft5 miles
Coronado National Forest (Nogales Ranger District)7-3,580 ft5,123 ft37 miles
Coronado National Forest - Santa Rita Mountains55-10,890 ft2 miles124 miles
Dead Horse Ranch State Park41-4,445 ft4,819 ft52 miles
Deem Hills8-1,507 ft2,035 ft10 miles
Desert Arroyo Park4-55 ft1,781 ft2 miles
Desert Trails Park7-297 ft1,539 ft2 miles
Diamond Creek Trails1-37 ft1 mile7 miles
Dog Bone34-1,948 ft1,160 ft35 miles
Dragoon Mountains13-3,657 ft1 mile40 miles
Dry Creek59-7,813 ft1 mile76 miles
Echo Canyon Recreation Area4-1,642 ft2,672 ft3 miles
Enchanted Hills16-1,242 ft3,343 ft9 miles
Escudilla Wilderness Area1-99 ft2 miles3 miles
Estrella Mountain Regional Park22-4,411 ft1,434 ft55 miles
Fantasy Island23-859 ft2,938 ft28 miles
Fantasy Island North Singletrack42-1,907 ft1,358 ft21 miles
Fort Tuthill18-1,191 ft1 mile15 miles
Fort Valley Trail System33-5,911 ft2 miles47 miles
Fortified Peak16-2,742 ft4,317 ft36 miles
Gold Canyon92-7,776 ft2,668 ft85 miles
Goldfield Mountains120-10,690 ft2,457 ft102 miles
Goldwater Lakes28-7,611 ft2 miles48 miles
Granite Basin27-9,451 ft1 mile66 miles
Granite Dells24-2,060 ft1 mile13 miles
Granite Dells9-1,859 ft1 mile15 miles
Granite Gardens1-127 ft5,125 ft2,420 ft
Hawes85-13,079 ft2,651 ft78 miles
Huachuca Mountains37-10,926 ft2 miles82 miles
Hualapai Mountain Park40-17,800 ft2 miles90 miles
Jerome State Historic Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Kachina Village9-737 ft1 mile8 miles
Kaibab Plateau58-34,683 ft2 miles408 miles
Kelly Canyon7-1,563 ft1 mile15 miles
Kelly Motorized Trail System26-2,587 ft1 mile41 miles
Kofa Wilderness Area21-9,017 ft4,845 ft193 miles
Lake Pleasant Regional Park9-1,383 ft2,163 ft22 miles
Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park10 ft4,393 ft666 ft
Largo Mountain00 ft0 ft0 ft
Los Burros00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lost Creek26-2,520 ft2,315 ft19 miles
Lost Dutchman State Park29-1,626 ft2,615 ft20 miles
Lucero23-1,470 ft1,275 ft12 miles
Lynx Lake Recreation Area30-7,665 ft1 mile43 miles
Marana Trails13-4,824 ft4,246 ft26 miles
McDowell Mountain Regional Park56-8,285 ft2,764 ft99 miles
McDowell Sonoran Preserve245-20,658 ft3,914 ft280 miles
McKenzie Ranch4-1,034 ft3,921 ft14 miles
MEDL (Mount Elden Dry Lakes)81-22,641 ft2 miles104 miles
Mingus Mtn.21-12,875 ft1 mile50 miles
Monolith Gardens20-4,619 ft4,542 ft40 miles
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park14-1,378 ft1 mile23 miles
Mount Baldy Wilderness3-769 ft2 miles17 miles
Murray Basin Trail System12-2,079 ft2 miles16 miles
Navajo National Monument5-1,501 ft1 mile9 miles
Observatory Mesa5-766 ft1 mile7 miles
Oracle State Park49-3,885 ft4,615 ft29 miles
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument19-3,940 ft4,793 ft86 miles
Painted Hills7-348 ft2,772 ft4 miles
Paloma Regional Preserve13-664 ft1,933 ft11 miles
Papago Park86-2,165 ft1,448 ft33 miles
PCC West28-398 ft2,463 ft15 miles
Peralta Regional Park16-1,198 ft2,503 ft10 miles
Petrified Forest National Park26-1,541 ft1 mile26 miles
Phoenix Mountain Preserve108-12,360 ft2,588 ft93 miles
Phoenix Sonoran Preserve38-4,541 ft2,284 ft58 miles
Picacho Peak State Park11-1,667 ft3,359 ft5 miles
Pinacle Peak Park1-692 ft2,873 ft2 miles
Pinal Mountain13-17,361 ft1 mile45 miles
Pinaleno Mountains (Mt. Graham)59-59,390 ft2 miles202 miles
Pirate Trails29-6,118 ft1,589 ft25 miles
Pole Knoll Recreation Area11-1,080 ft2 miles18 miles
Red Rock State Park19-1,571 ft4,803 ft22 miles
Red Springs Trails19-5,871 ft4,421 ft81 miles
Rincon Valley8-2,293 ft4,194 ft32 miles
Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area1-25 ft1,102 ft5 miles
Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch9-30 ft1,286 ft1 mile
Saguaro National Park - Rincon Mountain District67-18,235 ft2 miles113 miles
San Francisco Peaks37-12,802 ft2 miles120 miles
San Pedro Riparian NCA2-189 ft4,192 ft14 miles
San Tan Mountain Regional Park16-2,490 ft2,140 ft23 miles
SARA Park69-12,280 ft1,358 ft83 miles
Schnebly Hill18-8,843 ft1 mile40 miles
Silly Mountain Park10-802 ft2,090 ft3 miles
Skyline Regional Park18-4,527 ft2,330 ft19 miles
Sonoita Creek State Natural Area3-323 ft4,211 ft3 miles
South Mountain Preserve105-26,687 ft2,515 ft133 miles
South Rim33-31,258 ft1 mile105 miles
Spence Basin27-3,425 ft1 mile36 miles
Squirrel Spring Recreation Area8-1,059 ft2 miles14 miles
Storm Trails22-726 ft1 mile6 miles
Sugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)50-7,749 ft690 ft69 miles
Sunrise Mountain Preserve14-893 ft1,844 ft7 miles
Sweetwater Preserve22-1,390 ft2,682 ft14 miles
Sycamore Canyon - North16-11,048 ft1 mile66 miles
Sycamore Creek OHV Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
The Rolls OHV Area9-2,473 ft1 mile42 miles
Thumb Butte49-12,199 ft1 mile72 miles
Thunderbird18-1,968 ft1,842 ft14 miles
Tonto NF - Apache Junction10-1,479 ft2,721 ft20 miles
Tortilla Mountains7-7,484 ft4,224 ft53 miles
Tortolitas3-812 ft2,804 ft12 miles
Tséhootsooí Atiin3-134 ft1 mile5 miles
Tucson Mountain Park120-10,202 ft3,206 ft103 miles
Turkey Creek8-776 ft4,776 ft8 miles
Twin Peaks20 ft0 ft0 ft
Usery Mountains50-5,943 ft3,292 ft54 miles
Vermilion Cliffs National Monument - Utah1-134 ft5,042 ft4 miles
Veterans Oasis Park11-2 ft1,281 ft3 miles
Village of Oak Creek47-6,317 ft4,800 ft49 miles
Vulture Peak3-648 ft2,784 ft4 miles
Walnut Canyon10-963 ft1 mile8 miles
Watson Lake Park7-607 ft5,250 ft6 miles
Watson Woods Preserve2-25 ft5,206 ft1 mile
West Desert Trails54-1,400 ft3,209 ft41 miles
Western Gateway16-3,165 ft4,727 ft28 miles
Westwing Mountain Preserve11-870 ft1,911 ft5 miles
Wet Beaver Creek9-456 ft1 mile14 miles
Whetstone Mountains2-2,026 ft1 mile7 miles
White Cliffs Trail System26-579 ft3,766 ft4 miles
White Hill Trails2-2,175 ft3,801 ft32 miles
White Mountain Trail System68-23,272 ft2 miles294 miles
White Tank Regional Park25-4,580 ft3,230 ft38 miles
Wickiup Mesa Trails9-891 ft3,883 ft11 miles
Williams Valley Recreation Area8-378 ft2 miles12 miles
Willow Springs6-1,671 ft1 mile29 miles
Woodland Lake Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Woods Canyon Lake Trails6-1,166 ft1 mile16 miles
Wupatki National Monument4-118 ft1 mile4,636 ft

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