Hammerfest Earth Day 2018 Enduro
Race Details:

Located on the fast, fun and flowy trails at HammerFest in beautiful Errington, BC. The race will offer all riders, four stages, with close to 10 kms and 900 metres of combined descending. Along with an equal amount of road and trail climbing, it’s bound to be a good day. Perfect for the start of your season Race categories: Expert, Intermediate, Beginner and Youth (U12).

Chip Pickup Time: 9:00-10:30

Racer briefing: 10:45

Race start: 11:00

Cost: $50 (if 19 or younger $25) (First 10 U12 riders FREE!)

All riders must have a valid 2018 Cycling BC or UCI License. Non licensed riders can purchase day of insurance for $10 ($5 for U17 riders) Bring Cash please.

Youth racers: If 12 years or younger (provide ID at Sign in) use discount code ‘acccomp’. The first 10 U12 riders will have a free entry! Do 1 stage or 4, your choice.

Your entry fee includes a meal ticket to a sampling of some authentic Indian cuisine from the Z’samosa Food Truck. Samosa, pakoras, Naam and more. BUT NO RETURNED RACE PLATE, NO MEAL TICKET!!

There will also be a feed station at the top of the climbs to keep you fresh and wanting more.

HammerFest race day is also Earth Day with a focus towards taking personal responsibility for the plastic pollution that each one of us generates. You can help, by choosing to reject, reduce, reuse and recycle plastics. Pack it in, pack it out! Thanks.

The 2018 Vancouver Island Cup Mountain Bike Race Series, is BC’s premiere grassroots race series spanning the length of Vancouver Island. Cross Country, Downhill, Enduro and Marathon disciplines are brought together from numerous local mountain bike clubs.

If you’re a first timer, seasoned pro or just out to have some fun we would love to see you experience mountain bike racing on Vancouver Island.

Island Cup Races are sanctioned by Cycling BC.

Online registration ONLY!!!!

Race stages/distances:

Expert (all 4 stages), Intermediate (3 stages: 2-3&4), Beginner (2 stages: 3&4) and Youth (1 stage: 4th).


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  • Hammerfest 2019 Enduro

    The builders of this route have requested that its location be kept hidden.

    14.1 miles
    3,031 ft
    -2,984 ft
    1,548 ft
    High Point
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