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To make adding hiking, horse, moto and ski trails faster we've built a slick tool to import GPS track data from OpenStreetMap. Admins can use this tool to preview the data on OSM based on some filters we setup, then draw a rectangle over an area of the map to import the selected OSM ways to Trailforks. This tool trys to detect duplicates and to merge ways that connect to each other into a single trail.

Before importing trails, it's often best to first setup the trail network region and then import to that new region. Unless your importing trails to an existing region or city already in the Trailforks database. If you do not specify a region during import, the trails will automatically associate with the nearest city in the Trailforks database.

One thing to note, we don't allow mountain biking trails to be imported using this tool. We want MTB trails to be added the same way they always have. Also any trail added using this tool will be treated slightly different in our database and will always be publicly available for download as per some OSM restrictions.


Here is a video tutorial on how to use this power-user tool.

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