To facilitate the Trailforks app working offline or during a spotty internet connection the app stores much of the data offline in an internal database on your phone. So the app has to SYNC data from the Trailforks servers to the app.

A trails "status" is stored offline in the app and needs to be synced.

While the app is open and screen on, the trail status will attempt to update in the background every 30 minutes or 1 minute after a fresh app launch. However due to modern phone OS battery saving changes, this syncing will not occur if the app is not open and screen is on.

The trail status will also force a sync whenever you visit a trails detail page. Or you goto the manual sync section in the app settings and sync "Update Trail Statuses".

A trails Reports tab, is NOT synced offline, so every time you visit this page it fetches the data live from the Trailforks servers. This is how you could have a newer report with a different trail status compared to the trail detail pages status.

Additionally the map caches trails and their basic data once viewed, so after syncing trail status the map might not reflect this change right away. Restarting the app will force a refresh of the map cache.

We hope to someday have the ability to sync trail statuses truly as a background task, so it can sync even with the phone screen is off or the app is not active.

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