Trailforks and Pinkbike accounts have been migrated to be Outside accounts. This migration should be seamless for you the user.

If you never had an Outside account you still can login with the same username or email on Trailforks and Pinkbike, using the same password. The only change is you can now also login to any Outside website using that same email and password.

If you already had an Outside account matching the email on your Trailforks/Pinkbike account then these accounts will be merged and the password on your Outside account now becomes your password. You can still login to Trailforks using your username or email, but the password will be the one that was on your Outside account.

If you do not know your password for your Outside account, you will have to use the reset password feature.

Account changes such as changing your password, changing your email, or changing basic profile info is synced to your Outside account.

If you need support with your Outside account or Outside+ you can
Search the Outside Online support page or contact them.

If you created a Trailforks account using "Login With Facebook" or "Sign In With Apple" your account has NOT been migrated to Outside at this time. You will still continue to login as you have.
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