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You must be logged into Trailforks before you can download a trails gps data. At the bottom of each trail page there are 2 links to download a KML or GPX file of that trails GPS track. You can also download as a OSM file by appending /osm to the url of the trail page.


Some trails you cannot download gps data for, this is if the region has trail downloading disabled at the request of a local trail association.
There is a rate limit for downloading trail data, it's currently set to 10 trails an hour.

The downloading of all the trails in an entire region is currently only available to those we give permission over a region. This is most often users from a regions local trail association. All the trails in a region can be download in KML, GPS & OSM formats.

Trail data can also be accessed via our JSON API if you want to develop your own website plugin or app. Registration for use of the API is required.

Trail data usage is meant for trail association usage and Trailforks has a share-a-like policy towards the data. So any use of the data must remain free access. One cannot download all the trails for a region then make an app and charge for it. One could make an app that credits Trailforks and is made available for free.

Trail Meta Data Export
Trail data can be downloaded as a CDV/Spreadsheet for trail manager use.
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