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Trailforks content is structured in a hierarchy of regions. We can assign users or groups permissions to a region in this hierarchy. This will also grant them permission over all content under that point in the hierarchy.
Most forms of content on the site requires confirmation before it is published. This happens 1 of 3 ways.

1. A regional admin approves it
2. A Trailforks staff member approves it
3. The community approves it by voting on it, must receive 5 positive votes

The expectations of a regional admin are they will oversee the content confirmation, quality and curation for their region. We much rather have locals doing this rather than Trailforks staff, as a local knows their area and politics better. Regional admins are usually members of the local trail association board of directors. But the system will work regardless of how active a regional admin chooses to be, it might just mean updates and new content take longer to be approved and could result in some bad data falling through the cracks. But that’s the power of a crowd-sourced wiki like database, any missing, incorrect or sensitive data can be revised by anyone.

There are some granular controls to which permissions we can assign to users over a region, but in general when we assign someone as a "regional admin" this is what they can do.

• Add & edit trails without needing confirmation by a moderator or the community voting system.
• Instantly approve or reject any pending new content or revisions.
• Receive email notifications when there is a pending edit needing approval.
• View revision logs of content.
• View unpublished content in the region, ability to publish or unpublished content.
• View abuse reports on content and take action on them.
• Assign other users permission over the region, setup groups.
• Assign trail funding goals for the regions trails.
• Export trail data in the region as a spreadsheet
• Download region trail data as KML, GPX, OSM formats.
• Us the bulk edit/move trail tool.
• View hidden trails in the region.
• Access to additional trail filters.

You can apply to be a regional admin here.
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