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Trailforks Top Rides are suggested routes based on users ridelog data. We've scanned more than 1 million users recorded activities (ridelogs) and tried to determine the most ridden routes for each riding area. These most ridden routes are now shown at the top of the "routes" tab for a region.

We have a growing database of user created routes, but this new automated system has its benefits. Often routes created by users, whether its online or in a guide book have a bias of the creator, what they like to ride. These routes can also become outdated fast. Our generated routes rely on current data and update monthly, they are the routes people are riding the most.

We've tried to offer some variation of the routes per riding area, a short, medium and long route. The route generation also relies on unique users, so if one person rides a route multiple times a week, it won't boost its ranking.

Here is an example of a regions routes page, with the new generated routes at the top.
You can also select a specific trail and view the top generated routes for that trail.

Not every region will have these generated routes, there is minimum ridelog thresholds. So you can help contribute data by using our ridelog system, easiest to connect a Strava account.

These generated routes will showup on the mobile app. They will be listed first when you view a trails ridelogs.
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