Trailforks maintains a directory of the top mountain biking Youtube channels focused on riding trails. Channels added to this directory have all their videos from the specified playlist auto-imported to Trailforks ever hour. Videos from these channels can be associated with trails and receive priority listing when viewing trail videos on the Trailforks website or mobile app. This creates a great new organic source of video views for Youtubers and new way to attract subscribers! And provides Trailforks users looking for trail beta hopefully the best video content.

If you include a link to a Trailforks trail page in your video description, we will attempt to automatically associate that video with the linked trail. Additionally videos that contain any link to Trailforks get priority sorting. Videos that are manually linked to a trail also automatically get connected to your channel profile on Trailforks and will receive higher sort ranking.

When viewing a Youtube video on Trailforks from a channel in the directory the channels info will be displayed along with other videos from that channel, giving the channel more exposure.

If your video doesn't contain a link to a Trailforks trail page it can still manually be associated with a trail via a simple tagging form shown on the video page. Also via the manual video linking form the same video can be linked to multiple trails using the Youtube start time parameter.

But a simpler process is to add the link into your Youtube video description then refresh the videos on Trailforks. There is a "refresh videos" link at the bottom of the channel page on Trailforks. But in order to access this link or to edit a channels details you must "claim" the channel using your Trailforks/Pinkbike account. This gives you control over that channel page.

Submit your Youtube channel HERE. A minimum of 500 subscribers is required before your channel can be included.
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