segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Homestretch - Phil's Trial Phil's Trail5,142 ft47 ft117775178913
2Lower Whoops 2nd Half (New Exit) Lower Whoops1 miles275 ft10205388311
3The Homestretch - Phil's Trial Phil's Trail5,221 ft47 ft7310304406
4Phil's Trail: Phoenix to Trailhead Phil's Trail2 miles120 ft71772918423
5[ LOWER WHOOPS DH ] LEGIT Lower Whoops2 miles423 ft6647235256
6Lower Whoops 2nd Half Lower Whoops1 miles284 ft6631236305
7phils canyon dh Phil's Trail2 miles320 ft63762429455
8Tiddly Lower DH from Larsen's to Funner/SK Lower Tiddlywinks4,044 ft186 ft6333143622
9Phils Trails: Int 1 to Int 4 (Trailhead out Bens) Ben's Trail1 miles135 ft63163397321
10Whoops Climb 310 Road (Whoops Climb)2 miles436 ft6288227051
11Phil's - voodoo to canyon Phil's Trail5,055 ft65 ft6090216737
12Rd 300 from Ben's to Phil's NF-3002,385 ft54 ft5624181796
13Phil's Trail - Ben's to VooDoo Ben's Trail4 miles446 ft54782535446
14Ben's from Voodoo to Rd. 300 Ben's Trail1 miles146 ft52862239112
15Tyler's to Viewpoint Tyler's Traverse2 miles443 ft5272167136
16Tyler's Traverse Downhill Tyler's Traverse3 miles728 ft52271642510
17Bens (MTB to 300 rd) Ben's Trail4 miles483 ft52132150217
18[ WHOOPS CLIMB ] LEGIT 310 Road (Whoops Climb)2 miles422 ft50811971640
19Nat For Dev Road 4614 Climb Funner2,790 ft274 ft4805103783
20Funner Slalom Funner1,252 ft81 ft4790119006
21Funner - OES start to 4613 Funner1 miles369 ft4738116088
22Marvin's flow to TH Marvin's Garden3,865 ft61 ft4631179597
23the crux Lower Tiddlywinks1,037 ft18 ft4596113209
24PHILS'S DESCENT - RD300 to TH Phil's Trail6 miles654 ft45921210520
25Tiddlywinks upper DH Lower Tiddlywinks3,784 ft295 ft44681087530
26SECTOR 16 - Shelter to Shelter Sector 163 miles253 ft441289492
27Liar to TH via Marvins Marvin's Garden2 miles158 ft42841500210
28Marvin's DH - Pole to Forrest road Marvin's Garden1,573 ft89 ft42741655116
29Tiddlywinks DH to Larson TH Lower Tiddlywinks3 miles798 ft426198954
30Marvins uphill Marvin's Garden2,230 ft108 ft41561685215
31Phil's TH to Skyline Ranch Rd Marvin's Garden2 miles81 ft4149199297
32Marvin's Gardens: Parking Lot > KGB Marvin's Garden2 miles159 ft40391585217
33Marvin's from Road to KGB Marvin's Garden1 miles146 ft3913160446
34Tiddlywinks lower DH Lower Tiddlywinks2 miles597 ft3870848619
35Kents: From 6 to Trailhead Kent's Trail2 miles104 ft38161658311
36Skyliner Road Marvin's Garden1 miles48 ft3807269468
37Upper whoops 4615 down Upper Whoops Trail1 miles472 ft3655819022
38upper upper whoops Upper Whoops Trail2,881 ft175 ft339473896
39Shooting Star shelter to bench Upper Whoops Trail2 miles648 ft335772236
40Logging road to end of COD C.O.D.2,956 ft37 ft332694493
41Upper Whoops: Shelter to Lower Clearing Upper Whoops Trail2 miles674 ft331170964
42TYLERS LOWER DH Tyler's Traverse3 miles726 ft3257979819
43Tylers Last Chance Tyler's Traverse1 miles291 ft3235959917
44Storm King Climb Storm King Trail1,802 ft78 ft3207804713
45Funner from NF4613 to Storm King Funner4,766 ft261 ft307474214
46Kents: 18-14 Kent's Trail2 miles228 ft3018111665
47GS Rocks 15-11 Grand Slam3,824 ft110 ft2962743910
48Flagline Tie to bottom of Flagline Lower Flagline1 miles340 ft295961028
49Lower Whoops Uphill 310 Road (Whoops Climb)2 miles423 ft294365991
50Sect 16 East bound down Sector 162 miles251 ft292955660
51Funner Big Springs to NF4613 Funner2 miles452 ft291661321
52sector 16 Sector 163 miles234 ft2863542615
53Skyliners to Phil's TH Marvin's Garden2,867 ft43 ft2853198109
54KGB Switch Down KGB Trail937 ft64 ft2809110963
55Kent's: 14-18 Kent's Trail1 miles236 ft280788011
56Sector 16 downhill Sector 163 miles231 ft279953051
57UPPER TYLERS DH - ROCK DROP TO ROAD Tyler's Traverse1 miles475 ft2756694210
582015 - OES STAGE 4 Tyler's Traverse2 miles634 ft270966810
59Miller to TH Marvin's Garden1 miles60 ft2689199364
60GS Rocks Grand Slam1 miles202 ft263857042
61Kent's down - Through steep/left canyon - to TH Kent's Trail4 miles510 ft261691869
62KGB Heartbreak Hill: Uphill - Corrected KGB Trail609 ft68 ft2525888210
63Tyler's - Kiwa to Larsen's Tyler's Traverse3 miles764 ft238647172
64Columbia Southern Rd Climb Mrazek1 miles266 ft233567896
65Marvin's Gardins: COD > KGB Marvin's Garden4,778 ft41 ft233283698
66Skyliners Rd Climb Skyliners Trail1,283 ft28 ft231347472
67Funner DH Funner DH1,505 ft111 ft2305602314
68County Highway 4601 Climb Skyliners Trail1,913 ft518 ft229146814
69National Forest Development Road 4614 Climb Funner4,785 ft562 ft228948232
70[SOUTH FORK DH] Swampy Shelter to bridge South Fork Trail2 miles544 ft2251556810
71[LOWER SOUTH FORK DH] Bridge to intersection South Fork Trail1 miles366 ft222654147
72skyliners to top of lower whoops Skyliners Trail3 miles189 ft221744655
73South Fork DH South Fork Trail3 miles880 ft2215541318
74Lower South Fork South Fork Trail1 miles356 ft210349883
75Creek to Swede Swede Ridge2 miles206 ft209134511
764601 down to Tumalo Loop Rd Mrazek1 miles345 ft209038912
77Swede Ridge Eastbound Swede Ridge2 miles207 ft208734460
784613 to Funner Funner Climbing Trail3,305 ft135 ft205649293
79Jack Pine Spring Rd Climb Mrazek1 miles337 ft205556838
80Marazik Transfer Mrazek3 miles183 ft203935574
81Chicken Quest KGB Trail2,505 ft24 ft197965030
82Larsen Trail Steve Larsen's3 miles126 ft195647298
83Tumalo Falls to creek crossing North Fork (Tumalo Falls)2 miles491 ft192038250
84Tyler's complete dowhill (new) Tyler's Traverse6 miles1,344 ft1912378115
85Nat For Dev Road 4613 Climb Lower Tiddlywinks3,777 ft317 ft187533842
86Last push for Mrazek Mrazek4,596 ft364 ft186938967
87Nat For Dev Road 370 Climb North Fork (Tumalo Falls)4,760 ft458 ft185936620
88Benham Falls to Mt. Bachelor Village Deschutes River Trail436 ft11 ft183334120
89North Fork Climb Only North Fork (Tumalo Falls)3 miles999 ft183236328
90ELV: COD to Grand Slam E.L.V.3,478 ft43 ft182957617
91Bealman's north to south MTB Trail1 miles123 ft180348343
924606 to Black Diamond Split Mrazek2 miles215 ft177755590
93MTB from Ben's to Kent's MTB Trail4,918 ft101 ft175546312
94Skyliners flow Skyliners Trail1 miles73 ft175038123
95Bachelor View Road Climb Haul Road Trail1,723 ft291 ft172988041
96Skyliners Trail - Jct 29 (top of whoops) -> Skyliners TH Skyliners Trail3 miles144 ft171837217
97Heli Pad Climb from NF-300 > Heli Pad Phil's Trail2 miles508 ft171337244
98Phil's -- Climb Near Helipad Phil's Trail3,815 ft317 ft170536574
99Grand Slam 11 to 9 Grand Slam3,602 ft86 ft166939574
100Dog walk UP Deschutes River Trail1,507 ft69 ft164231250
101I'm not warmed up yet Swampy Lakes (East)3,651 ft151 ft162027314
102National Forest Development Road 430 Climb Tumalo Ridge Trail2,118 ft487 ft156938091
103HELI PAD DH first section to flat Phil's Trail2,750 ft270 ft156642803
104Fire Road Climb to Swede Shelter Tumalo Ridge Trail1 miles376 ft155637194
105Phil's descent - Heli pad to rd300 Phil's Trail1 miles483 ft155542477
106Tumalo Ridge Climb Jct. to Jct. Tumalo Ridge Trail4 miles715 ft152536059
107Haul Road Singletrack West Haul Road Trail3,094 ft29 ft150766322
108BEN'S TO KENT'S DH - Singletrack section from Ben's 16 down KGB Trail1,739 ft108 ft150337232
109Tumalo Creek from South Fork toward Skyliner Trailhead Tumalo Creek2 miles137 ft148337914
110Ben's to Kent's via KGB KGB Trail4,340 ft121 ft145034801
111pickets connector Kiwa Butte Trail1 miles144 ft143628370
112Pinedrops (Climb) Pine Drops2 miles484 ft1435481918
113LUNG BURNER Swede Ridge734 ft85 ft140028553
114Farewell DH, Above first switchback to road Farewell2 miles879 ft139028324
115GRAND SLAM ENDURO DESCENT pole 15 to pole 9 Grand Slam1 miles217 ft138928381
116Farewell Farewell3 miles1,022 ft138027777
117Kiwa Climb Kiwa Butte Trail1 miles131 ft133925724
118Mrazek DH - high point to reroute Mrazek8 miles1,753 ft133319805
119ELV: Grand Slam to COD E.L.V.3,571 ft50 ft129228964
120ALMOST THERE! Tyler's Traverse Uphill2,718 ft227 ft127130540
121Skyliner Ridge Tumalo Ridge Trail2 miles563 ft125129184
122tiddlywinks from larsen up too kiwa Lower Tiddlywinks3 miles770 ft123020101
123Sprint to Entrada Deschutes River Trail1,761 ft54 ft118521351
124Mrazek w/Black Diamond DH (Reroute) Mrazek11 miles2,009 ft113915352
125Expressway: KGB to Grandslam E.L.V.2,717 ft44 ft111628231
126National Forest Development Road 370 Climb Metolius-Windigo5,208 ft274 ft109819670
12708/07/10 Bend, OR Metolius-Windigo1 miles533 ft109319750
128Swede Loop Trail (Easterly) Swede Loop3 miles276 ft107215800
129MW Climb from Happy Valley Metolius-Windigo3 miles762 ft106719021
130National Forest Development Road 41 Climb Tyler's Traverse1,726 ft521 ft104315362
131Dillon Rim Climb Deschutes River Trail626 ft83 ft101716631
132Century to Benham Falls Turn-off Conkin Road4 miles141 ft100331586
133Larsen Trail (from Kiwa Spring to Twinks) Steve Larsen's2 miles122 ft98516961
134MW DOWNHILL - Fast mile to bridge intersection Metolius-Windigo1 miles520 ft98214583
135OLD VERSION - M/W descent to Happy V Metolius-Windigo2 miles700 ft97114241
136GS - ELV to Voodoo Grand Slam3,982 ft139 ft94927942
137National Forest Development Road 370 Climb Metolius-Windigo3,325 ft264 ft91413182
138OLD VERSION - OLD VERSION - M/W descent to Happy V Metolius-Windigo2 miles702 ft90513070
139Catch Me If You Can Catch and Release2 miles72 ft89216331
140Flagline Intersection-MW Intersection Middle Flagline2,230 ft138 ft88813171
141Upper Lava Flow Lava Flow (upper)3,377 ft236 ft86676427
142Phil's -- Climb to Ski Hut Upper Whoops Trail2 miles659 ft86018703
143Pinedrops Downhill Pine Drops2 miles458 ft85021839
144Way Out Way Out3,203 ft250 ft82521181
145Mid-Lava to Hanger Cutoff Lava Flow (upper)5,176 ft324 ft82252080
146Meeks Trail single track (West bound) Meek Bypass486 ft16 ft80944181
147Rock Garden Escape from Moscow986 ft99 ft77621860
148Middle Lava Flow Lava Flow (upper)1 miles375 ft77140094
149Century Drive Climb Rockfall1,063 ft324 ft76467332
150Bealman's south to north MTB Trail1 miles129 ft71513830
151swampy to swampy Swampy Lakes (East)2 miles173 ft70010561
152KGB (Kent's to Ben's) KGB Trail4,115 ft111 ft69612640
153Expressway Expressway3,293 ft44 ft67415720
154lair small loop The Lair1,091 ft26 ft64129600
155Tiddlywinks from Kiwa to NF4613 Upper Tiddlywinks3,413 ft146 ft6418460
156Catch and Release Tylers>Conklin Catch and Release4 miles138 ft63710244
157South Fork climb to Swampy Lake South Fork Trail3 miles936 ft5818964
158Sector 16 Kicks Sector 163 miles239 ft57410461
159GS Lower Climb Grand Slam3,458 ft89 ft56811572
160Sector 16 - Shooting Star to Swede Sector 163 miles224 ft56610340
161ELV to COD E.L.V.2 miles96 ft55810730
162Ender da hood Tetherow Paved Path682 ft14 ft55631611
163RATTLESNAKE Rattlesnake4,238 ft488 ft556256110
164Rattlesnake Rattlesnake4,318 ft527 ft55525126
165ridge decent to gate Tumalo Ridge Trail1 miles425 ft5358450
166Return to China Hat Coyote Loop2 miles284 ft51911680
167Swede Ridge to Swampy Climb Swede Loop1 miles249 ft5119041
168GS - Voodoo to SK Upper Grand Slam4 miles446 ft5109560
169out and back on Conklin Rd TT Conkin Road8 miles126 ft50924751
170COD upper tech C.O.D. (Upper Tech)2,560 ft87 ft4938782
171Ticket Up North Ticket to Ride (North)2 miles248 ft4929233
172Conklin to Storm King Catch and Release2 miles73 ft4919811
173LAST CHANCE - To 21 road Last Chance (upper)1 miles660 ft48414160
174Upper Last Chance Last Chance (upper)2 miles758 ft48414124
175Swede Loop Trail (Westerly) Swede Loop3 miles276 ft4697990
176DMH Climb From East Dinah-Moe Humm4,691 ft236 ft4448531
177Ticket To Ride - North Leg GS to COD Ticket to Ride (North)2 miles229 ft3966681
178Unnamed Road Climb Coyote Loop1 miles266 ft3777243
179FTL FTL (First Timer Line)3,141 ft230 ft3679580
180Grand Slam 9 to 11 Grand Slam4,827 ft135 ft3647600
181Grand Slam 9 (teeter) to 15 (voodoo) Grand Slam1 miles219 ft3597510
182Upper Farewell Climb Farewell2 miles756 ft3574871
183HANGER Hanger3,983 ft313 ft3308221
184hanger. Hanger3,641 ft308 ft3247950
185Last Chance, Hoolley Whoolly's. Last Chance (middle)5,120 ft377 ft3118431
186Dinah-Mo-Hum to Edison Dinah-Moe Humm6 miles561 ft2594131
187Jim Egan Road Climb FTL (First Timer Line)2,012 ft263 ft20610790
188Big Wood Big Wood1,797 ft263 ft2028475
189WHG loop Crazyhorse9 miles592 ft761332
190Rockfall Rockfall4,391 ft960 ft741750
191National Forest Development Road 4601 Climb Farewell3,726 ft356 ft54620
192WHG loop CW Crazyhorse8 miles545 ft48891
19315-19 OAB Voodoo Trail5 miles228 ft550
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