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Arnold Ice CaveBend
14.4 miles-549 ft
Ben's TrailPhil's
5.5 miles-222 ft
Big BarkMaston
1.2 miles-76 ft
Big WoodMt. Bachelor
1,721 ft-288 ft
Blade RunnerMt. Bachelor
2,149 ft-248 ft
Boyd Cave TrailBend
4,206 ft-101 ft
Buttes XCCline Butte
4.4 miles-416 ft
8.2 miles-1,248 ft
Cascade HighlandsPhil's
1.7 miles-145 ft
Cascade Highlands TrailPhil's
829 ft-40 ft
Catch and ReleasePhil's
4.5 miles-393 ft
Cline Butte TieMaston
871 ft-13 ft
Cone RunMt. Bachelor
1.3 miles-424 ft
Coyote LoopBend
11.2 miles-304 ft
CrazyhorseHorse Ridge
9.7 miles-897 ft
Criss CrossMt. Bachelor
5,115 ft-639 ft
Deschutes River TrailBend
11.3 miles-823 ft
DH 1Cline Butte
2,227 ft-559 ft
DH 1 - LowerCline Butte
1,188 ft-155 ft
DH 2 - LowerCline Butte
1,122 ft-161 ft
DH 2 - UpperCline Butte
1,932 ft-467 ft
Dinah-Moe HummPhil's
6.5 miles-565 ft
DSMMt. Bachelor
2,200 ft-166 ft
3.2 miles-485 ft
1.3 miles-114 ft
Edison LavaMt. Bachelor
9.8 miles-1,133 ft
Escape from MoscowHorse Ridge
1.4 miles-484 ft
Expresslane TrailPhil's
1,440 ft-3 ft
3,055 ft-80 ft
Farewell TrailPhil's
3.3 miles-375 ft
Fat Rabbit LoopMaston
3.2 miles-166 ft
Flagline AccessPhil's
2.1 miles-146 ft
Flagline TiePhil's
1.3 miles-95 ft
Flagline TrailPhil's
5.7 miles-1,275 ft
FTL (First Timer Line)Mt. Bachelor
3,442 ft-309 ft
4.3 miles-909 ft
Funner Climbing TrailPhil's
1.1 miles-8 ft
Funner DHPhil's
1,330 ft-113 ft
Grand SlamPhil's
1.5 miles-346 ft
Gray Butte LoopBend
9.2 miles-1,754 ft
Green Gate TiePhil's
955 ft
HangerMt. Bachelor
2,440 ft-363 ft
Has No HorseHorse Ridge
5.5 miles-468 ft
Headgate TrailMaston
2.1 miles-28 ft
3,781 ft-77 ft
Juniper TH TieMaston
556 ft-24 ft
Kent's TrailPhil's
4.1 miles-600 ft
KGB TrailBend
4,451 ft-54 ft
KGB TrailPhil's
3.3 miles-480 ft
Kiwa Butte TrailPhil's
1.4 miles-156 ft
Last Chance (lower)Mt. Bachelor
3,831 ft-224 ft
Last Chance (middle)Mt. Bachelor
1.4 miles-709 ft
Last Chance (upper)Mt. Bachelor
1.6 miles-888 ft
Lava ConnectMt. Bachelor
658 ft-72 ft
Lava Flow (lower)Mt. Bachelor
3,470 ft-225 ft
Lava Flow (middle)Mt. Bachelor
1.2 miles-520 ft
Lava Flow (upper)Mt. Bachelor
1.7 miles-802 ft
Lava RockPhil's
2.6 miles-217 ft
Lost Dream TrailMaston
4.4 miles-121 ft
Lower TiddlywinksPhil's
4.1 miles-1,180 ft
Lower WhoopsPhil's
1.7 miles-439 ft
Marvin's GardenPhil's
2.7 miles-203 ft
Marvin's GardenBend
1.5 miles-114 ft
Maston TieMaston
2,923 ft-6 ft
Metolius WindigoMt. Bachelor
1.8 miles-99 ft
Metolius-WindigoMt. Bachelor
12.7 miles-2,258 ft
5.5 miles-738 ft
13.5 miles-2,694 ft
MTB TrailPhil's
1.1 miles-144 ft
North Fork (Tumalo Falls)Phil's
3.8 miles-410 ft
Old Hwy 20Horse Ridge
2.5 miles-47 ft
Oregon Sunshine TrailMaston
1.0 miles-49 ft
ParkwayHorse Ridge
4.3 miles-150 ft
Phil's TrailPhil's
7.7 miles-1,315 ft
Phils Easy PumptrackPhil's
986 ft
1.9 miles-482 ft
Pumice Foot TrailMaston
1.8 miles-27 ft
RattlesnakeMt. Bachelor
1.2 miles-771 ft
Ridge LoopPhil's
2.7 miles-584 ft
Rockbar TrailMaston
5,247 ft-85 ft
RockfallMt. Bachelor
4,449 ft-1,109 ft
Sand CanyonHorse Ridge
2.1 miles-1,055 ft
Sector 16Phil's
3.2 miles-301 ft
Shevlin Park TrailPhil's
2.5 miles
Skyliners TrailPhil's
3.3 miles-324 ft
South Fork TrailPhil's
3.7 miles-1,095 ft
Steve Larsen'sPhil's
2.6 miles-189 ft
Storm King TrailPhil's
8.1 miles-1,377 ft
Swamp Wells - Coyote Loop TieHorse Ridge
843 ft
Swampy Lakes TrailPhil's
1.6 miles-110 ft
Swampy Lakes TrailPhil's
2.0 miles-206 ft
4.4 miles-564 ft
Swede Loop TrailPhil's
2.9 miles-269 ft
Swede Ridge TrailPhil's
2.3 miles-393 ft
Talon TrailMaston
2.6 miles-210 ft
The LairPhil's
1,904 ft-91 ft
The SaddleCline Butte
2,496 ft-425 ft
Ticket to RidePhil's
4,833 ft-77 ft
Tumalo CreekBend
2.4 miles-441 ft
Tumalo Creek-Tumalo Ridge TieBend
1,747 ft-9 ft
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