segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Ratline Thrift Cove FS50611,505 ft21 ft59032288118
2Black Mtn DH (Turkey Pen to Maxwell Cove) Black Mountain Trail (Upper)4,934 ft786 ft4855920130
3Pisgah Enduro #2 Black Mountain Trail (Upper)1 mile816 ft464988742
4Ranger Station to Avery Creek Rd Highway US 2762,943 ft48 ft4260161409
5Brevard Enduro Stage 2 Black Mountain Trail (Upper)1 mile838 ft421387395
62017 Enduro Stage #2 Black Mountain Trail (Upper)1 mile875 ft411187942
7black hike a bike ? Black Mountain Trail (Lower)838 ft153 ft361664567
8S Mills River Rd Climb Black Mountain Trail (Lower)1,956 ft298 ft355462345
9clawhammer to maxwell cove Clawhammer Road1 mile376 ft2959102107
10Daniel's Ridge (technical section) Daniels Ridge2 miles599 ft2616605212
11225 Eastern Section Cove Creek Road4,835 ft152 ft2325638712
12National Forest Rd Climb Maxwell Cove3,937 ft270 ft225265283
13S Mills River Rd Climb Clawhammer Road1 mile453 ft224958946
14Lower Daniels CW Daniels Ridge1 mile385 ft221153732
15S Mills River Rd Climb Clawhammer Road2 miles517 ft207051943
16Grassy Climb Grassy Road Trail4,957 ft238 ft205372409
17Daniel's ridge parking lot to long branch climb Davidson River Road1 mile414 ft202557810
18Up Thrift Cove Thrift Cove FS50611 mile589 ft2008641613
19Clawhammer Rd Clawhammer Road4 miles1,152 ft196348599
20Daniel Ridge Daniels Ridge2 miles638 ft1957453514
21Pisgah Hwy Climb Thrift Cove FS50612,640 ft266 ft189657465
22475 South part duex Pilot Mountain Rd3,137 ft194 ft179851754
23Daniel's missing bridge Daniels Ridge2,766 ft324 ft176041220
24Daniels ridge rocks!!!! (and doesn't cross DR) Daniels Ridge2,999 ft339 ft172039631
25Bennett DH to Coontree Bennett Gap Trail2,553 ft325 ft171244577
26Bennett Gap to Perry Bennett Gap Trail4,539 ft235 ft170443881
27Bennett Gap Overlook to Coontree Bennett Gap Trail1 mile631 ft169743663
28Lower Bennett DH Bennett Gap Trail4,280 ft487 ft1650408212
29Pilot DH Pilot Rock2 miles1,398 ft1636329528
30Bennet Gap DH Bennett Gap Trail1 mile929 ft163639868
31Sycamore DH Sycamore Cove Trail1 mile598 ft1615450013
32Pilot Rock last mile Pilot Rock5,250 ft735 ft161432635
33Rock Garden Pilot Rock930 ft125 ft160732521
34Bennett gap trail Bennett Gap Trail3 miles531 ft1607386115
35Sycamore Cove Downhill Sycamore Cove Trail2,491 ft242 ft1562430710
36Black Mtn. to Club Gap DH Black Mountain Trail (Lower)1,588 ft252 ft155336815
37Upper Black Mtn to Buckwheat Black Mountain Trail (Lower)2 miles485 ft153836373
38Cat Gap Cat Gap Loop2,307 ft211 ft1513393112
39National Forest Road Climb Avery Creek Road2,713 ft278 ft149239663
40S Mills River Rd Climb Black Mountain Trail (Lower)1 mile592 ft147422771
41Davidson River Climb Trail only Davidson River Trail1 mile190 ft139837871
42Stables to Bennett Trail head Avery Creek Road3 miles1,136 ft1369370410
43Pisgah Enduro #6 Butter Gap2 miles615 ft132630921
44the real butter gap Butter Gap2 miles594 ft132030631
45Butter Gap: Entire Trail Butter Gap2 miles507 ft131830711
46Pilot Rock middle mile Pilot Rock1 mile694 ft127923024
47Daniels ridge rocks!!! Daniels Ridge2,913 ft321 ft125125009
48cove creek parking to long branch trail head Davidson River Road2 miles517 ft119027013
49Buckwheat Knob DH Buckwheat Knob Trail2,561 ft409 ft117422912
502014 Pisgah Stage Race - Stage 2 - ENDURO - Avery Creek Avery Creek Trail2 miles1,228 ft116922395
51Buckwheat DH fo' real Buckwheat Knob Trail3,172 ft461 ft116522571
52Buckwheat Knob - Club Gap to 477 Buckwheat Knob Trail1 mile483 ft116322640
53Grassy DH to Thrift Grassy Road Trail2,501 ft256 ft104330626
54National Forest Rd Climb Daniels Ridge2 miles657 ft103114774
55buckhorn gap climb Buckhorn Gap Trail (Upper)2 miles246 ft102321830
56S Mills River Rd Climb Black Mountain Trail (Upper)4,594 ft827 ft101618330
57Bracken Final DH Bracken Mountain Trail2,615 ft223 ft101231531
58Lower Sycamore DH to 1st switch Sycamore Cove Trail3,152 ft270 ft95828941
59Sycamore screamer DH Sycamore Cove Trail3,194 ft282 ft95828800
60Government Rd Climb Pilot Mountain Rd2,681 ft253 ft95517850
61Pilot Mt FS Climb Pilot Mountain Rd2 miles785 ft95417672
62Farlow's Gnar Farlow Gap1,728 ft406 ft94816119
63Pilot MTN Road Climb Pilot Mountain Rd2 miles1,228 ft94717370
64Who's the best hike-a-biker? Black Mountain Trail (Upper)3,356 ft689 ft94718091
65National Forest Rd Climb Farlow Gap2,725 ft330 ft94616220
66Pilot Mountain Road Pilot Mountain Rd2 miles1,209 ft94317250
67Farlow: Gap to Creek Farlow Gap4,858 ft981 ft93416104
68Pisgah Enduro #4 Farlow Gap3 miles1,215 ft93015710
69Government Rd Climb Pilot Mountain Rd3,476 ft311 ft91516450
70U.S. 276 Climb Horse Cove Road (475C)2,387 ft289 ft88117291
71Lower Sycamore DH Sycamore Cove Trail1 mile464 ft86024044
72Long Branch Steep Long Branch1,813 ft201 ft83415710
73Long Branch Kicker Climb Long Branch1,301 ft115 ft83415830
74Mullinax Trail - DH Mullinax Trail1 mile467 ft82815223
75Club Gap Trail - 477 to Club Gap Club Gap4,185 ft419 ft82014841
76National Forest Road 475 B Climb Headwater Road5,034 ft270 ft77320494
77Thrift Cove DH Thrift Cove FS50611 mile494 ft68222126
78b Bracken Mountain Trail3,637 ft355 ft62518011
79Upper Laurel Creek Laurel Creek Trail1,609 ft272 ft60811150
80Burrell Mountain Rd Climb Bracken Mountain Trail4,815 ft392 ft60216351
81Lower Laurel Creek Laurel Creek Trail1 mile287 ft60210800
82Laurel Ck Trail (Squirrel to Bradley Ck) Laurel Creek Trail2 miles578 ft59310661
83Brushy Creek DH Brushy Creek Trail2 miles439 ft58714103
84Brushy creek Brushy Creek Trail2 miles460 ft58614283
85Horse cove dh Horse Cove Gap2,651 ft299 ft58311973
86South Mills River Road Climb FS 4762,715 ft373 ft53010671
87North Slope Climb North Slope4,030 ft316 ft48111120
88North Slope down North Slope2 miles330 ft45410062
89The slope of the north North Slope2 miles387 ft4309860
90Buckhorn gap tr. DH Buckhorn Gap Trail (Lower)1 mile392 ft4137183
91Buckhorn Gap DH Buckhorn Gap Trail (Lower)1 mile388 ft4137123
92Brushy Creek Climb Brushy Creek Trail2 miles496 ft3849873
93The ear Horse Cove Road (475C)1,799 ft69 ft3767200
94Lower Sycamore Uphill from Rocky Switchback Sycamore Cove Trail3,483 ft293 ft3246022
95grassy Road DH Grassy Road Trail4,596 ft247 ft3236422
96Long Branch Long Branch2 miles365 ft3185071
97BM Hane #2 Black Mountain Trail (Lower)1,293 ft223 ft3044201
98pilot to slate Unknown5,101 ft138 ft2994930
991st descent Black northbound Black Mountain Trail (Lower)1,402 ft274 ft2994141
100Sycamore Cove Sycamore Cove Trail1 mile626 ft2855692
101s mills top Horse Cove Gap2,984 ft310 ft2723491
102Slate Rock Smidgen Pilot Cove Loop2,563 ft266 ft2643491
103North Slope CCW North Slope4 miles399 ft2535425
104Club Gap DH* Club Gap2,812 ft299 ft2404042
105Club, gap to road Club Gap4,133 ft381 ft2374050
106Pisgah Highway Climb Highway US 2761,585 ft303 ft2253671
107Srsly, you're going the wrong way. Buckwheat Knob Trail2,555 ft204 ft2212440
108National Forest Rd Climb Buckwheat Knob Trail3,283 ft496 ft2192510
109BM Hane #3 Black Mountain Trail (Lower)4,488 ft589 ft1862530
110North Slope CW Down North Slope5,044 ft384 ft1753010
111North Slope CW Climb North Slope2 miles377 ft1652840
112Blue Ridge Pkwy Climb Log Hollow Road3,875 ft264 ft1612300
113Sycamore Circle Climb North Slope3,297 ft268 ft1542670
114Butter Up Butter Gap2 miles597 ft76861
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