segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Extreme Bean to Riverside Club Regional Pathway - Edworthy to Inglewood4,180 ft19 ft810411865325
2Parkdale Blvd Gust (Westward) Regional Pathway - Edworthy to Inglewood2 miles42 ft748510120940
3Trans-Canada Highway Climb Edworthy to Bowmont1,893 ft12 ft71317917437
4ANGELS 500 Regional Pathway - Edworthy to Inglewood1,660 ft15 ft71158803329
514st to Crowchild Bow River Trail - Edworthy to Fort Calgary4,799 ft36 ft66568449150
6Memorial Dr Cruise Regional Pathway - Edworthy to Inglewood2,485 ft12 ft63185092018
7Glenmore reservoir hill climb Regional Pathway - North Glenmore Park to Weaselhead1,184 ft34 ft59363380688
8Weaselhead Flats - Northbound Regional Pathway - North Glenmore Park to Weaselhead3,747 ft7 ft56533220028
9Heritage Drag Strip SB Glenmore Pathway (Glenmore Landing to Rockyview)1,719 ft3 ft55263911310
10Glenmore South - south shore to Elbow Regional Pathway - North Glenmore Park to Weaselhead2 miles107 ft55193080312
11The Bachelor Glenmore Pathway (Glenmore Landing to Rockyview)428 ft9 ft51913226526
12South Weaselhead Kicker Regional Pathway - North Glenmore Park to Weaselhead875 ft28 ft51552444836
13Angel's Cafe to Peace Bridge Regional Pathway - Edworthy to Inglewood4 miles57 ft51514846327
14Crowchild to 9th Street Cycle Bow River Trail - Edworthy to Fort Calgary1 mile51 ft50345681032
15Southbound Weaselhead climb to bend Regional Pathway - North Glenmore Park to Weaselhead3,814 ft82 ft50192403424
16Edworthy west Bow River Trail - Edworthy to Fort Calgary4,457 ft100 ft4969294183
17Weaselhead Flats - South Regional Pathway - North Glenmore Park to Weaselhead4,212 ft23 ft49422421522
18Quick Push Glenmore Pathway (Glenmore Landing to Rockyview)551 ft17 ft49242904322
19Heritage Drag Strip Glenmore Pathway (Glenmore Landing to Rockyview)1,732 ft6 ft4874299689
20Eagle Ridge Double Kicker Glenmore Pathway (Glenmore Landing to Rockyview)1,178 ft31 ft4787279785
21North Glenmore Park - Eastbound Regional Pathway - Glenmore Trail to North Glenmore Park1 mile72 ft46452264910
228th to Memorial Regional Pathway - Nose Creek4,676 ft19 ft44013813824
23Glenmore Trail - Rockyview Hospital climb Glenmore Pathway (Glenmore Landing to Rockyview)895 ft75 ft43892450715
24Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood1 mile26 ft43203378541
25Humpty Dumpty OB Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Fort Calgary)1,886 ft8 ft40572461115
26Northbound Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood1 mile26 ft40423150336
27Shouldice South Bike Path Edworthy to Bowmont1,453 ft17 ft4027217311
28Humpty Dumpty IB Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Fort Calgary)1,877 ft18 ft39592299316
29Ramsay commuter sprint Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Fort Calgary)1,556 ft20 ft39532146718
30The Get-up - get down hill Macleod - Bow Valley Ranche4,130 ft32 ft39361954812
31SB Inglewood bird sanctuary sprint Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood2,806 ft8 ft39152923934
32Goosepackers Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Fort Calgary)2,344 ft22 ft39093075426
33The Widow Maker Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Glenmore)1,109 ft69 ft38662522873
34Pearce Estate Park Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood4,687 ft18 ft38511906116
35North Glenmore Park - Westbound After Construction Regional Pathway - Glenmore Trail to North Glenmore Park3,635 ft52 ft3760144654
36Tennis Courts to 90th Ave Pathway Regional Pathway - Weaselhead to Glenmore Landing3,614 ft36 ft3752189991
37The widower (North) Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Glenmore)2,188 ft72 ft37372247723
38Midridge.Rise Macleod - Bow Valley Ranche1,961 ft31 ft3684190316
39Northbound Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Sprint Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood2,786 ft13 ft36792700131
40Pearce Park to 15th St Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood4,919 ft22 ft35951738711
41South Glenmore Park flat Regional Pathway - Weaselhead to Glenmore Landing4,520 ft46 ft35591347611
42Bay View Low Path (West) Regional Pathway - Weaselhead to Glenmore Landing4,949 ft15 ft3559143371
43The Elbow Drive Sprint Elbow River Pathway (River Park to Fort Calgary)2,146 ft16 ft32572236428
44Fish Creek Zipper Macleod - Bow Valley Ranche3,939 ft24 ft3256161316
45The Mount in Oakmount Regional Pathway - Fish Creek to Glenmore Reservoir2,213 ft52 ft3048154321
46Mallard Point to Deer Run Regional Pathway - Bow Valley Ranche to Sue Higgins Park3,782 ft30261720112
47Chasing the Spicy Red Line Train Glenn's Ghost426 ft3 ft30221396110
48Southbound Lynnview Ridge Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park2,574 ft32 ft2990206567
49Inglewood Chicanes Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood1,842 ft14 ft28981448911
50Escape from Bowmont Bowmont Park Pathway1,671 ft49 ft28191638510
51Ogden Path South, 50th Ramp to Millican Road Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood2,351 ft13 ft25821943921
52Pelican Way - Northbound Regional Pathway - Bow River (east side) Higgins park to Glenmore Tr.2,563 ft5 ft2571201706
53Bow River Inglewood Southbound Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood2,697 ft16 ft2570124838
54Pelican Way - Southbound Regional Pathway - Bow River (east side) Higgins park to Glenmore Tr.2,788 ft13 ft2561208076
55Lynnwood Ridge Northbound Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park4,240 ft39 ft2548100336
56The endless open flats of doom Regional Pathway - Bow Valley Ranche to Sue Higgins Park2 miles24 ft25431235729
57Home Road to Bowmont Park Entry East Bowmont to 40 Ave. NW526 ft53 ft25061851910
58But my legs hurt real bad Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park2,649 ft38 ft2443162080
59Ogden Path, Millican Road to 50th Ramp Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood2,197 ft12 ft23611736715
60Lynnwood Ridge Southbound Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park3,557 ft37 ft2358954512
61Lynnwood Mur Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park622 ft51 ft23511113316
62Carburn Park Lakes Southbound Regional Pathway - Bow River (east side) Higgins park to Glenmore Tr.4,929 ft25 ft22631871523
63Ave Se Climb Western Headworks Canal Pathway2,046 ft11 ft2023788312
64Round the Weir Regional Pathway - Edworthy to Inglewood1 mile20 ft190769418
65Home Road Kicker - bike path East Bowmont to 40 Ave. NW1,092 ft68 ft18901500920
66Bow River Pathway: Sue Higgins to Glenmore Trail Regional Pathway - Bow River (east side) Higgins park to Glenmore Tr.1 mile30 ft18811518613
67Sue Higgins Park to Deerfoot Meadows Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park1 mile14 ft1869975110
68Glenmore Trail to Sue Higgins Bridge Regional Pathway - Bow River (east side) Higgins park to Glenmore Tr.1 mile29 ft1858147584
69McKenzie Zig-zag dirt bypass Regional Pathway - Douglasdale and McKenzie301 ft25 ft1793120614
70Canal - 50th to 61st South Western Headworks Canal Pathway1 mile20 ft179074275
71Mountain Park Climb Regional Pathway - Douglasdale and McKenzie318 ft20 ft17641177018
72Canal Pathway - 52nd St to Glenmore, North/West Western Headworks Canal Pathway2 miles13 ft170463107
73Canal Pathway - Glenmore to 52nd St, South/East Western Headworks Canal Pathway2 miles9 ft169464049
74Baseball Diamonds to Douglasdale Bridge Regional Pathway - Douglasdale and McKenzie3,965 ft29 ft167695389
75Canal - 61st to 50th North Western Headworks Canal Pathway1 mile14 ft166068573
76Southland to Heritage Bow Path Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park2 miles20 ft161166132
77Glenmore Bridge Sprint Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park823 ft6 ft159069455
78Inglewood Golf Club Canal Western Headworks Canal Pathway1 mile17 ft155263768
79Bankers Hall Haircut Rabbit379 ft26 ft1549122483
80Stoney Stomper Regioinal Pathway - Bowness to Valley Ridge1,087 ft140 ft1540637923
81Eau Claire River Bow River Trail - Edworthy to Fort Calgary1,991 ft26 ft152151737
82Oakmount Dr climb Regional Pathway - Fish Creek to Glenmore Reservoir3,900 ft62 ft142646366
83Duck and Geese Grease Regional Pathway - McKenzie to Stoney Trail1 mile19 ft1426724212
84Heritage to Southland Bow Path Regional Pathway - Bonnybrook to Sue Higgins Park2 miles20 ft141866455
85Bridge to Golf Course Road Regional Pathway - McKenzie to Stoney Trail1 mile25 ft1333618612
86nose to bow Regional Pathway - West Bowness to 12 Mile3,225 ft115 ft1277899011
87Inglewood Golf to 50th Ave SE - Southbound Western Headworks Canal Pathway1 mile17 ft125048983
88Renfrew Switchback Renfrew Switchbacks685 ft72 ft1015577721
89Gravel Split Road Glennfield Valley Gravel4,289 ft37 ft101334825
90Stank Climb Bowmont Singletrack384 ft36 ft96032130
91Dizzy Lizzy South Regional Pathway - 50th Ave SE Connector1,971 ft40 ft89138032
92Cougar Hollow Loop Pat's Trail (Finger Buster)1,958 ft85 ft876580310
93Twelve Mile Coulee (the downhill) 12 Mile Coulee1,421 ft45 ft84549992
9498th Ave Path to Anderson (South) Regional Pathway - Fish Creek to Glenmore Reservoir1 mile19 ft83319411
95East Nose Hill Parking lot to Peak on Pavement Regional Pathway - Edgemont to Berkley4,791 ft171 ft83235213
96Glennfield Shale Track Eastbound Glennfield Creek Gravel3,757 ft33 ft81524653
97Votier's Flats Riverside Reverse Votier's Flats Riverside2,669 ft24 ft80458007
98Short kick up then follow river to end of river single track (2014 trail) Votier's Flats Riverside1,936 ft69 ft79459604
99Bowmont Canyon Westwards Bowmont Singletrack2,343 ft96 ft765383511
100Votier's Flats Riverside Singletrack Votier's Flats Riverside2,553 ft79 ft760535011
101Tom Campbell Path Climb Tom Campbell's Hill South Access947 ft68 ft749207510
102no name loop Pat's Trail (Finger Buster)2,054 ft83 ft72242491
103Cougar Hollow Loop Pat's Trail (Finger Buster)1,901 ft85 ft719423910
104Gravel Grinder from Path to Path Glennfield Valley Gravel1 mile55 ft70919425
105Terrace to Lights Regional Pathway - Tuscany4,443 ft51 ft70826430
106Fish Creek Fry Up 25% Bridge to Bollard Western Promises685 ft76 ft70022104
107J Hook Paddock1,073 ft78 ft69439014
108Climb to Acadia Dr II Kermits Revenge327 ft18 ft69421922
109Beaumont Canyon eastwards Bowmont Singletrack2,493 ft85 ft62125059
110New little ripper Bowmont Singletrack1,180 ft67 ft59523545
111Fuzzy Groover Descent Fuzzy Groover1,965 ft102 ft57836658
112Spandex Makes Your Junk Look Big Bowmont Singletrack1,526 ft54 ft57326539
113Millrise short and sweet Shawnee752 ft72 ft55812615
114Wasp Hollow In the Pines904 ft9 ft55721171
115Side road Down Right803 ft81 ft55034540
116Nothin' But the Full Gravel Glennfield Valley Gravel1 mile62 ft53612883
117Shave Your Legs. You'll Go Faster. Bowmont Singletrack2,063 ft54 ft51523328
118Bowmont Ride Bowmont Singletrack4,917 ft115 ft51122266
119Home Front Regional Pathway - Ogden to Inglewood2,022 ft11 ft49814660
120Tricky Climb Ridge Run476 ft61 ft48512332
121Steep Grinder Mr. T234 ft12 ft48217450
122Dizzy Lizzy North Regional Pathway - 50th Ave SE Connector2,003 ft37 ft47113680
123The Crackendale Brickburn2,825 ft130 ft47119038
124130th Ave to Anderson Path (North) Regional Pathway - Fish Creek to Glenmore Reservoir1 mile79 ft46310141
125Anderson to 98th Ave Path (North) Regional Pathway - Fish Creek to Glenmore Reservoir1 mile25 ft4469471
12612 Mile Coulee East Side 12 Mile Coulee2 miles244 ft438288821
127Glennfield Shale Track Westbound Glennfield Creek Gravel4,019 ft36 ft43713451
128Little rip up SFD397 ft81 ft43413601
129Bebo Grove Sidewinder The Ridge1,399 ft21 ft42330037
130Sideshow Bob Varsity Entrance Sideshow Bob2,145 ft57 ft42214845
131Bowmont West Flow Bowmont Singletrack1 mile90 ft41914962
132Spokey Dokes Bowmont Singletrack1,308 ft12 ft41615384
133Woodridge Ripper Canyonero1,659 ft117 ft41029967
134Through the Gut Part I Through the Gut907 ft7 ft40415844
13512 Mile Coulee NB 12 Mile Coulee1 mile77 ft393260112
136The Whole Crack Brickburn3,855 ft137 ft39014924
137Safari Planet (barricade to road crossing) Safari Planet2,742 ft227 ft386320714
138upper hawkeye Hawkeye545 ft53 ft37611070
139Look Way Up High Roller584 ft130 ft3707842
140Mr. T Climb Mr. T1,128 ft145 ft36810701
141Gravel North Section 2 The endless dirty flats of doom (southbound)3,938 ft9 ft3506661
142Nose Hill NW Parking Lot Hockey Stick711 ft65 ft3498660
143Parkland Ripper West to East, Up to First Climb Out Kermits Revenge4,177 ft31 ft33917171
144Ascend Run Down227 ft91 ft33413430
145High And Dry Bowmont Singletrack1,099 ft27 ft33414862
146Homestead West Homestead1,338 ft67 ft3309443
147Old Turtle Pond Climb Mr. T1,580 ft199 ft3269161
148Up to Granny and Grandpas Mindapore - Acadia Dr.476 ft21 ft32510974
149EastLands W Singletrack Homestead2,590 ft72 ft32016213
150Moonlight DH Eastbound and Down1,265 ft154 ft3187680
151Tree rip Tree Rip1,959 ft8 ft31713065
152Fish Creek Gravel Grinder Glennfield Valley Gravel1 mile61 ft3166460
153Nose Hill One Way West to East Tree Rip2,061 ft10 ft31313011
154Scottish Cougar Climb Lemon Orchard3,449 ft169 ft31211727
155Spin Sisters Mock Race: Three Sisters Parkway Borderlands1,452 ft28 ft3116520
156Humbuckers The Ridge875 ft20 ft30413671
157Middle Chain Grunt Tiny Soul Crusher545 ft61 ft3029491
158In the trees Tree Rip1,907 ft14 ft3009872
159Easy Nose Hill Climb MacEwan Hollow2,202 ft100 ft30011842
160Cop Shop Hop Secret Policeman's Ball2,045 ft186 ft29710354
161The Bowberg Bypass CMBA Link647 ft28 ft2908930
162I feel like Princess Leia on a Star Wars Speeder Bike Western Marshall1,500 ft39 ft28820666
163Through the Gut Through the Gut1,367 ft13 ft28712283
164Maverick & Goose In the Pines604 ft10 ft2767874
165North Nose HIll Overgrown DH MacEwan DH3,574 ft216 ft2748663
166Buffalo Chicken Wrap Buffalo Chicken Wrap1,594 ft119 ft2618352
167Nose Hill MacEwan to Pathway Climb MacEwan Hollow3,062 ft137 ft25610403
168Smooth and Steady II Bomb the Pond3,267 ft217 ft2527295
169Tuscany climb 12 Mile Coulee580 ft73 ft23815916
170Park Estates Ripper Kermits Revenge1,971 ft18 ft2389703
171max wattage 12 Mile Coulee215 ft78 ft23115510
172Too Steep for CX The Scar1,228 ft161 ft2294665
173Oasis Down Shrubbery881 ft36 ft2287570
174Past the Caves Wandering Willie1,179 ft39 ft2256480
175Parkland Ripper post-flood Kermits Revenge4,243 ft32 ft2218874
176Frosty Plateau to 64th3,282 ft213 ft2126033
177Last Best Push Borderlands1,289 ft46 ft2124424
178Surfing on a Rocket Surfing on a Rocket2,860 ft227 ft2127135
179Parkland Slope Washout Climb Path No More598 ft30 ft1907592
180Paradise Corridor Long North Road1,565 ft184 ft1793673
181Pump and Roll Secret Policeman's Ball2,125 ft184 ft1766451
182Double Drop DH Run Down456 ft52 ft1544811
183Brisebois Due North(ish) Climb Surfing on a Rocket2,881 ft220 ft1532551
184Miss Adventure Eastbound Bushparty1,474 ft39 ft1466281
185Nose Hill Saskatoon Chute ZC-DT2,306 ft235 ft1455334
186Going-down Jungle Run734 ft41 ft1443220
187Miss Adventure Westbound Bushparty1,524 ft43 ft1356352
188CMBA's New Trail CMBA Link1,566 ft52 ft1313350
189Plinko DH Backdoor199 ft9 ft1285550
190east loop clockwise Pat's Trail (Finger Buster)1,809 ft77 ft1182322
191NHDH Roots of all Evil1,452 ft82 ft1143292
192Edworthy west DH track Edworthy dog park / lower car park connector1,322 ft162 ft1105151
193Asteroid Valley MacEwan DH3,180 ft191 ft1083291
194Bomb the Pond Bomb the Pond3,643 ft246 ft1052321
195Diagonally Bushparty772 ft81 ft923083
196Slanted slide show ;) Plateau Hunt1,157 ft145 ft861111
197The Valley Roots of all Evil3,588 ft212 ft802183
198Nose Hill Chute Climb ZC-DT2,333 ft217 ft641020
199Hospice Hill Climb Sait - Riley Park Trail459 ft46 ft621411
200Drop the Wrap Buffalo Chicken Wrap1,705 ft78 ft541100
201Switchbacks to Chaparral Switchbacks to Valley1,516 ft104 ft423430
202Chaparral Singletrack Climb Switchbacks to Valley1,310 ft96 ft423430
203The Arches The Arches4,674 ft46 ft372751
204Wait is this a bike trail? Valley Run2,766 ft165 ft37743
205Carburn Park NB Spin Cycle Carburn Park NB Spin Cycle3,838 ft64 ft321880
206WID Sidehill Singletrack Derrick's Demise3,406 ft46 ft271100
207Double Drop Climb Run Down522 ft97 ft261850
208Blueridge circuit Lasso Trail Loop1 mile66 ft13312
209Beaverdam Flats Riverside Loop Beaverdam Flats Riverside Loop1 mile23 ft2580
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