segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Fisher Creek DH #3 Williams Creek1 mile324 ft247239494Stanley
2Final DH, accurate start Williams Creek5 miles1,284 ft239238021Stanley
3Williams Creek Williams Creek2,236 ft142 ft162424890Stanley
4Fisher Creek DH #2 Williams Creek3 miles1,150 ft160524435Stanley
5DH3 Williams Creek1 mile326 ft158724291Stanley
6Final DH Williams Creek5 miles1,379 ft156923781Stanley
7Fisher Crk DH 1 Pigtail1 mile529 ft150422333Stanley
8Almost to the top Fisher Creek3,379 ft380 ft147321811Stanley
9Fisher Creek Third Climb Williams Creek1,856 ft116 ft134619691Stanley
10Fisher Creek Second Climb Williams Creek2 miles424 ft134219370Stanley
11Fisher Creek - from SR75 Fisher Creek6 miles1,235 ft130919120Stanley
12Fisher Creek Road Climb CClockwise Fisher Creek7 miles1,311 ft129118842Stanley
13National Forest Development Road 432 Climb Stanley Creek4,549 ft580 ft2483110Stanley
14Potato Mountain Rd Climb Kelly Creek1 mile288 ft2332960Stanley
15Last push DH Little Boulder Creek2 miles1,079 ft1602061Stanley
16National Forest Development Road 210 Climb Grand Mogul5,226 ft648 ft1491690Stanley
17Born Lakes DH to creek xing Warm Springs Creek2 miles1,072 ft1351510Stanley
18Idaho 75 Climb Sunny Gulch4,698 ft282 ft1331450Stanley
19Unnamed Road Climb Little Casino Creek3 miles1,299 ft1311430Stanley
20Ants Basin DH - Born Lakes Warm Springs Creek5 miles1,723 ft1291430Stanley
21Lower Casino Lake DH Big Casino Creek7 miles2,483 ft1271560Stanley
22Little Casino Climb #1 Little Casino Creek3 miles1,357 ft1271370Stanley
23Idaho 75 Climb Sunny Gulch1 mile842 ft1251380Stanley
24Idaho 75 Climb Boundary Creek4,794 ft612 ft1161391Stanley
25Red Fish DH1 Grand Mogul1 mile974 ft1111250Stanley
26Settle in. Grand Mogul4 miles1,011 ft1091230Stanley
27Big Casino DH Big Casino Creek8 miles2,877 ft1091312Stanley
28Redfish DH to campground Grand Mogul1 mile680 ft86940Stanley
29Unnamed Rd Climb Williams Creek1 mile327 ft64710Stanley
30Nfr 701 Rd Climb Grand Mogul2 miles1,051 ft53561Stanley
31Williams climb 2 Williams Creek3 miles1,086 ft48540Stanley
32National Forest Development Road 053 Climb Antz Basin1 mile613 ft43460Stanley
33Williams Creek Full Climb Williams Creek7 miles1,307 ft36400Stanley
34National Forest Development Road 132 Climb Pigtail1 mile303 ft30330Stanley
35Boundry DH Boundary Creek3 miles1,988 ft16170Stanley
36Potato Mountain Road Climb Little Basin Creek1 mile286 ft16160Stanley
37National Forest Development Road 132 Climb Warm Springs Creek1 mile340 ft670Stanley
38Idaho 75 Climb Big Casino Creek4,208 ft476 ft660Stanley
39Boundary Creek TH to Sunny Gulch Tr Boundary Creek4 miles1,996 ft120Stanley
40Unnamed Road Climb Garland Creek3,059 ft367 ft110Stanley
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